Rotterdam unveils Climate Action Plan to tackle climate change

Rotterdam unveils Climate Action Plan to tackle climate change

ROTTERDAM, 21 April 2023 - Rotterdam introduces Climate Action Plan to tackle climate change's impact on the city, aiming to improve the living conditions of residents and make the city more sustainable.

Rotterdam presents the Climate Action Plan

The Municipal Executive Board, consisting of the Mayor and Aldermen, is accelerating its climate approach and has presented the Climate Action Plan Rotterdam (Klimaat Actieplan Rotterdam). The plan aims to address the city's increasing health issues due to air pollution, rising energy costs, and the urban heat island effect.

Deputy Mayor Chantal Zeegers (Climate, Building, and Living) stated, "I feel a great responsibility to make our city resilient for the future. We are already moving in the right direction, but we need to take bigger steps to make Rotterdam future-proof. With the Climate Action Plan, we have mapped out what is needed to protect our city from climate change. I find it important to work together with residents and organisations. Climate affects everyone, and we need everyone's involvement."

Collaborating with and for the people of Rotterdam

The first version of the Climate Action Plan Rotterdam outlines the objectives for the current governing term. The city aims to become a leader in solar energy, with a goal of installing 3.2 km² (1,778,000) solar panels by 2026. Additionally, the harbour agreement includes generating at least 300 megawatts of wind energy. Moreover, the city plans to make 10,000 homes gas-free, in addition to the 8,000 homes already cooking and heating without natural gas.

Transparent, fair, and just

The Climate Action Plan Rotterdam (KAR) is honest and transparent about the challenges that lie ahead. It outlines key steps that need to be taken in collaboration with residents, businesses, and partners to create a healthy and beautiful city for current and future generations. One example is the Action Plan for housing insulation and future-proof Homeowners' Associations (Verenigingen voor Eigenaren or VvEs). Approximately 40% of Rotterdam's homes are part of a VvE, where owners collectively make decisions on building maintenance and improvements. The action plan will offer assistance to homeowners and landlords in implementing better insulation measures, while also helping tenants with low-cost energy-saving measures.

Finalists for Rotterdam Entrepreneurs Award 2023 Revealed

Finalists for Rotterdam Entrepreneurs Award 2023 Revealed

ROTTERDAM, 19 April 2023 – A thrilling contest unfolds as three innovative frontrunners are announced as finalists for the 38th edition of the Rotterdamse Ondernemersprijs (Rotterdam Entrepreneurs Award). Alphatron Medical, Hell's Kitchen, and Houweling International are the three nominees vying for the prestigious award.

Finalists announced for the 38th Rotterdam Entrepreneurs Award

Alphatron Medical, Hell's Kitchen, and Houweling International have been officially named as the three nominees for the Rotterdamse Ondernemersprijs 2023 during a lunch event at the Rotterdam City Hall. Alderman Simons received the three nominated companies and the nominees for the Nieuwe Heldenprijs (New Heroes Award). The awards ceremony will take place on 6 June during a festive evening at CarPort Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Entrepreneurs Award: a testament to exceptional entrepreneurship

The Rotterdamse Ondernemersprijs is the premier accolade for entrepreneurship in the Rotterdam metropolitan area. In 2022, Van Gelder Groente & Fruit claimed the prestigious prize. "This year again, it will be captivating to see who will win the award. The contenders come from various industries and distinguish themselves in their own unique way. They make a societal impact, are people-oriented, and have the courage to take risks," says Ellen van Dam, Chairperson of the Rotterdamse Ondernemersprijs.

Introducing the nominees

Alphatron Medical: revolutionising healthcare through innovation
Alphatron Medical develops cutting-edge products and services to enhance healthcare. The 25-year-old family business leads the market in the Netherlands. Employing master technology and ICT, the company streamlines healthcare processes, such as the ingenious care station AMiS, which optimises the workflow for nurses, and their latest product, Alviscan, enabling patients to measure their blood pressure and heart rate independently. Alphatron Medical organises the data and makes it exchangeable for healthcare providers.

Hell's Kitchen: pioneering the hospitality industry with a Local Hero strategy
Hell's Kitchen is a hospitality group operating 12 establishments in prime locations, employing around 600 people. The company's strength lies in its Local Hero strategy, only choosing the best locations after extensive research. The venues integrate seamlessly into their surroundings, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner to foster stability and stronger customer connections. Hell's Kitchen leads the industry in professionalisation and invested in a community to bolster employee engagement last year. The organisation significantly contributes to the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

Houweling International: leading the charge in sustainability
Houweling International is a sustainability trailblazer. The nearly 100-year-old family business has branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, and Canada. It supplies packaging for products and crops, as well as workwear to protect staff on the work floor. The term 'waste' has long been obsolete for this organisation, as they develop and sell circular products, contributing to preserving valuable resources, reducing fossil fuel consumption, and minimising waste. Houweling uniquely produces its jerry cans and watering cans from 100% recycled plastic.

New Heroes Award nominees

On 6 June, the Nieuwe Heldenprijs (New Heroes Award) will also be presented, an initiative by VNO-NCW Rotterdam. New Heroes are the accelerators and innovators of our time. The three nominees for the Nieuwe Heldenprijs 2023 are Hardt Hyperloop, Reefy, and iKapitein from Rotterdam, all distinguished by their lofty ambitions.

Finalists Nieuwe Heldenprijs (New Heroes Award)Finalists Nieuwe Heldenprijs (New Heroes Award)

Hardt B.V.: reimagining transportation with hyperloop technology
Hardt B.V. aims to revolutionize transportation by developing and testing hyperloop technology, with the goal of establishing an initial route. A hyperloop is a transport system in which a train travels through a vacuum tube, making transportation more sustainable, safer, and faster.

Reefy: designing nature-inclusive, sustainable solutions
Reefy designs and produces nature-inclusive and sustainable solutions for ports, breakwaters, shoreline protection, and offshore wind parks. The organization combines civil engineering and biology to safeguard both people and nature in a changing climate.

iKapitein: shaping the future of water recreation in Rotterdam
iKapitein is one of the largest providers of water recreation in Rotterdam, offering next-level boating, (water)cycling, dining, and stand-up paddleboarding experiences. The organization has a significant societal impact and leads the way in sustainability and innovation. Every year, 17,000 visitors explore Rotterdam via its waterways, bringing the city's residents together in a unique way and raising awareness among young people about their environment and opportunities.


Celebrating top companies

The Rotterdamse Ondernemersprijs will be presented for the 38th time this year. Previous winners include renowned companies such as Hello Print, Tchai International, Coolblue, Schmidt Zeevis, and Quooker.

The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship compiles an annual list of the top 50 growth companies in the Rotterdam metropolitan area on behalf of the Rotterdamse Ondernemersprijs. Companies on this list are automatically nominated for the award. Additionally, Rotterdam entrepreneurs, residents, and other stakeholders can nominate themselves or another company for the prize.

Submissions are evaluated by the jury of the Rotterdamse Ondernemersprijs, consisting of the board and the previous year's winner.

Cargoroo expands e-cargo bike sharing to Rotterdam

Cargoroo expands e-cargo bike sharing to Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 12 April 2023 – Dutch cargo bike-sharing platform Cargoroo expands to Rotterdam, meeting the increasing demand for sustainable and convenient urban transport solutions from municipalities and users.

Cargoroo launches in Rotterdam

Starting 24 April 2023, the e-cargo bike provider will launch in Rotterdam, with 100 electric cargo bikes placed in various locations throughout the port city, such as Nieuwe Westen, Oude Noorden, Kralingen, and Zuid. With this launch, the shared mobility provider has expanded its services to all G5 cities, making Rotterdam an even more liveable and sustainable city.

Growing demand for shared cargo bikes

The demand for shared cargo bikes (deelbakfietsen) is growing in the Netherlands and Europe. Unlike other forms of shared mobility, there is no sign of slowing down. In Amsterdam, at least 750 shared cargo bikes will be added by the summer of 2024, with a possibility to expand to 1,250. In The Hague, Cargoroo received official confirmation last week that the number of shared cargo bikes on the streets can increase from 200 to 500.

Expansion in Europe

Cargoroo is not only expanding in the Netherlands, but also in other European cities, such as Berlin and Lyon. The shared cargo bike concept contributes to reduced emissions and more public space for everyone, making cities more sustainable and liveable.

Cargoroo CEO Erik de Winter says, “We are very proud of what we have achieved so far as founders. Everyone in our company has contributed to this growth. We see that many municipalities embrace our vision: the shared cargo bike for everyone in the city, which is necessary on a large scale to make a significant impact. It is very satisfying and contributes to our mission to make a positive contribution to a liveable city for everyone. This also paves the way for a shared cargo bike on every street.”

Expansion due to financing

To realize these expansion plans, Cargoroo recently held a financing round, raising €10 million. Last week, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to accelerate the expansion, allowing anyone to become a shareholder of Cargoroo. So far, more than €290,000 has been raised. In addition to the crowdfunding campaign, financing has also been provided by Rabobank, which further supports the company's mission.   

New Frietboutique opens in Lusthofstraat Rotterdam

New Frietboutique opens in Lusthofstraat Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 7 April 2023 - Discover the latest Frietboutique opening in Rotterdam's Lusthofstraat, providing both French fries and ice cream with unique flavours, made from fresh, local ingredients.


The new Frietboutique Kralingen location opened its doors in the bustling Lusthofstraat on 7 April. The establishment is known for its unique flavours of both fries and ice cream. Frietboutique's fries have gained fame, as their 3D-printed sour meat fries even won the award for the Best Loaded Fries in the Netherlands this year.

Co-owner Pebbles van Noorden expressed her excitement: “We are incredibly proud to open our fourth location in Lusthofstraat. Having grown up in this part of Rotterdam, it feels like coming home,” says van Noorden. “To now supply my old neighbourhood with our fries is like the mayonnaise on the cone for me.”


Champagne ice cream and neighbourhood connections

Frietboutique offers surprising flavours for both fries and ice cream. One noteworthy option is champagne ice cream, made from genuine champagne. The stewed meat for their traditional fries comes from local butcher and neighbour Van Linschoten. Co-owner Sammy Berendsen emphasised their aim to fulfil a community role, providing a place where locals of all ages can enjoy fries and ice cream made from fresh, local products.


Space for guests and a young manager at the helm

The Lusthofstraat location can accommodate over 30 guests indoors and features a child-friendly play area, making it an ideal spot for children's parties. During the summer, the sunny terrace will be expanded to 40 seats with two terrace platforms. Rio Tjon-A-Tsien, who previously worked at the Witte de With location for two years, will manage the new Frietboutique.


About Frietboutique

With two other locations in Rotterdam (Witte de Withstraat and Bergse Dorpstraat), Frietboutique is a well-known establishment in the city. It functions as a 2-in-1 shop, allowing customers to enjoy Ijsboutique's scoop ice cream alongside their fries. Fresh ingredients for the ice cream are sourced from local suppliers for a rich taste experience. Frietboutique's fries are hand-cut from sustainably grown Dutch Agria potatoes, which are purchased directly from farmers before being cleaned, cut, and fried in 100% vegetable oil for optimal results. The fries and ice cream are also supplied to various hospitality establishments throughout the country.



Alexanderknoop: transforming Rotterdam's East into a lively hub

Alexanderknoop: transforming Rotterdam's East into a lively hub

ROTTERDAM, 6 April 2023 – The future of Rotterdam's Alexanderknoop (Alexander Hub) is set to become the greenest, healthiest, and one of the best-connected centres in the Netherlands. The plan combines the best of urban life and peaceful green suburbs, with proposals to transform the area into a vibrant city centre featuring varied housing, energy-efficient and sustainable offices, more green spaces and water features, an attractive cultural programme, and ample community facilities.

A vibrant city centre for Rotterdam East

The city council has established an area vision for the Alexanderknoop, which aims to create a lively urban centre. Councillor Zeegers (Climate, Building, and Housing) said, “The area is currently grey and inaccessible, but that will change dramatically. There will be ample space for living, working, shopping, and recreation in a green and climate-resilient environment.”

The Alexanderknoop could accommodate 7,500 to 14,000 additional homes for various target groups, catering to starters, young couples with and without children, singles, and seniors.

A mix of housing, shops, businesses, and amenities

The Alexanderknoop will offer something for everyone, with housing, businesses, shops, cultural attractions, and various amenities within walking distance. The Stadshart, around the Rotterdam Alexander public transport hub, will become the beating heart of Rotterdam East.

More space for greenery and water

The Alexanderknoop, one of the lowest inhabited points in the Netherlands, will have at least a quarter of its area dedicated to unsealed surfaces for climate resilience. Councillor Zeegers explained, “Our ambition is to reuse water as much as possible and prevent waterlogging during heavy rainfall by implementing green roofs, green inner courtyards, water storage in buildings, rain and facade gardens, and permeable pavement.”

The Alexanderknoop will also feature diverse, climate-resilient, and recreational green spaces, promoting biodiversity through the planting of native shrubs and plants.

Better accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians

The Alexanderknoop's accessibility will improve for pedestrians and cyclists, with new bike racks, bike paths, and better road crossings. The area will remain well-connected by car, with future parking concentrated in strategic and central locations.

Collaborating with stakeholders

The city has worked with market parties, cultural and social organisations, and residents to create a widely-supported plan for the Alexanderknoop. Local knowledge, ideas, and advice have been incorporated into the area vision, which will be developed further in consultation with all involved parties.

Directions and location

The Alexanderknoop is situated around the Rotterdam Alexander public transport hub. This area is easily accessible by public transport, car, cycling, and on foot.

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