Rotterdam unveils Climate Action Plan to tackle climate change

Rotterdam unveils Climate Action Plan to tackle climate change

ROTTERDAM, 21 April 2023 - Rotterdam introduces Climate Action Plan to tackle climate change's impact on the city, aiming to improve the living conditions of residents and make the city more sustainable.

Rotterdam presents the Climate Action Plan

The Municipal Executive Board, consisting of the Mayor and Aldermen, is accelerating its climate approach and has presented the Climate Action Plan Rotterdam (Klimaat Actieplan Rotterdam). The plan aims to address the city's increasing health issues due to air pollution, rising energy costs, and the urban heat island effect.

Deputy Mayor Chantal Zeegers (Climate, Building, and Living) stated, "I feel a great responsibility to make our city resilient for the future. We are already moving in the right direction, but we need to take bigger steps to make Rotterdam future-proof. With the Climate Action Plan, we have mapped out what is needed to protect our city from climate change. I find it important to work together with residents and organisations. Climate affects everyone, and we need everyone's involvement."

Collaborating with and for the people of Rotterdam

The first version of the Climate Action Plan Rotterdam outlines the objectives for the current governing term. The city aims to become a leader in solar energy, with a goal of installing 3.2 km² (1,778,000) solar panels by 2026. Additionally, the harbour agreement includes generating at least 300 megawatts of wind energy. Moreover, the city plans to make 10,000 homes gas-free, in addition to the 8,000 homes already cooking and heating without natural gas.

Transparent, fair, and just

The Climate Action Plan Rotterdam (KAR) is honest and transparent about the challenges that lie ahead. It outlines key steps that need to be taken in collaboration with residents, businesses, and partners to create a healthy and beautiful city for current and future generations. One example is the Action Plan for housing insulation and future-proof Homeowners' Associations (Verenigingen voor Eigenaren or VvEs). Approximately 40% of Rotterdam's homes are part of a VvE, where owners collectively make decisions on building maintenance and improvements. The action plan will offer assistance to homeowners and landlords in implementing better insulation measures, while also helping tenants with low-cost energy-saving measures.

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