New rent control measures in Carnisse neighbourhood

New rent control measures in Carnisse neighbourhood

ROTTERDAM, 17 May 2023 – In a bid to combat exorbitant rents, the city of Rotterdam is implementing a rental prohibition in the Carnisse neighbourhood, effective from 1 July 2023. This move, aimed at regulating the rental market, particularly targets the district's significant private rental stock and prevalent issues. Carnisse, home to the majority of EU labour migrants in the city, has seen rampant exploitation with workers often housed in substandard conditions at inflated rental prices.

City's initiative to regulate rents

The rental prohibition in Carnisse means that letting properties will only be permissible with a permit, granted under the condition that excessive rents are not charged. The city is working hand in glove with the housing corporation Woonbron to ensure the success of this pilot program.

Chantal Zeegers, Councillor for Climate, Construction and Living, affirms the significance of the Good Landlordship Act (Wet goed verhuurschap): “We are very pleased as a city to finally have something at our disposal to structurally address issues in the housing market. We are going to work with rental permits in Carnisse to put a stop to excessive rents. We want to better protect tenants from rogue landlords.”

Residential Rental Permit

The Residential Rental Permit (Verhuurvergunning Woonruimte) empowers the city to impose conditions on the way landlords operate in vulnerable areas. Besides, landlords are required to maintain a plan and adhere to a maximum rental price. Those found guilty of charging excessive rents risk fines up to €90,000. The specifics of information provision and enforcement will be developed during the Carnisse neighbourhood pilot.

Collaboration with Woonbron

The city is closely collaborating with the housing corporation Woonbron in this pilot. Woonbron is providing support to the city in finding alternative accommodation for existing tenants if needed.

Wouter Beekers, Director of Woonbron, expresses his commitment, “The majority of tenants in this private stock are the tenants for whom we, as a corporation, were created and for whom we work with full passion. We are therefore happy to contribute to addressing the existing issues in the private social rental sector so that the interests of the tenant are put first again.”

Carnisse was chosen for this pilot due to its high number of private rental homes and widespread issues among vulnerable tenants, including labour migrants.

Reporting undesirable landlord behaviour

Rotterdam City is setting up a reporting point for undesirable behaviour where tenants and house hunters can report issues and complaints about landlords or rental intermediaries. This reporting point supplements the existing Good Renting and Leasing counter and the anti-discrimination reporting point. The distinction from these existing points is that the city can now also proceed with enforcement.

Directions to Carnisse

Carnisse is located in the southern part of Rotterdam, known for its diverse population and bustling neighbourhood shops. Easily accessible via public transport, the district is served by bus and tram lines. For those traveling by car, the district is just a short drive from the city centre.

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