Rotterdam primary school recycles and donates proceeds

Rotterdam primary school recycles and donates proceeds

Primary school Kindcentrum De Heijberg collected discarded appliances for recycling and Stichting Jarige Job.

Old appliances have value. That is the message of Wecycle. Over 170 primary schools, including primary school Kindcentrum De Heijberg, participated in the annual Wecycle schools collection campaign for small discarded electrical appliances last autumn. 

Donation to Stichting Jarige Job

On behalf of each school, Wecycle donates birthday gifts via Stichting Jarige Job to children growing up in families that are currently struggling financially. With a donation to Stichting Jarige Job on behalf of the participating schools, the old appliances collected, in addition to providing a reward for the school, literally provide new presents. 

This donation helps Stichting Jarige Job to give even more children from underprivileged families an unforgettable birthday. Huib Lloyd, director of Stichting Jarige Job: “This collaboration shows that the circular and social economy go very well together. Extra support for many families, but also sustainability and education. That's a future-proof combination.”


The Wecycle schools campaign is organised by the OPEN Foundation, responsible for the collection and recycling of discarded electrical appliances and energy-efficient light bulbs in the Netherlands. The Wecycle certificate the school receives therefore mentions the contribution to a better environment and new raw materials, as well as the social contribution to Stichting Jarige Job.

Giving children an unforgettable birthday

The Wecycle schools campaign also involves the distribution of around 90,000 free teaching newspapers every year. Jan Vlak, general director of the OPEN Foundation: “The commitment of schools is great. Children learn how to deal sustainably with their appliances, sometimes recycling them, sometimes giving them a second chance. We call this wecycling. This becomes a normal verb for them.”

Reopening of Dirk supermarket Bentinckplein Rotterdam

Reopening of Dirk supermarket Bentinckplein Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 1 February 2023 – Balloons, music and a queue of customers. Schepenstraat in Rotterdam was privy to the reopening of the revamped Dirk supermarket. Amid loud applause, supermarket manager Fernando Barbaro and his colleagues cut the ribbon and welcomed everyone to the new supermarket. 

The shop underwent a major metamorphosis. First, a whole new section was built behind the old shop, after which the supermarket moved into this new section. Next, the old building was demolished and a completely new one was built. The two new sections together now form the new Dirk, which is three times the size of the old shop.

Familiar low price

“How beautiful and spacious it has become, isn't it?" said supermarket manager Fernando Barbaro. "We were happy to welcome our customers in part of the new shop for several weeks already, but now that the supermarket is completely finished, we hope to make even more customers happy. New additions include self-scan, safepay and a SuperDirck3 liquor store, but what I am personally most happy about is the extra space for fruit and vegetables. And of course everything still at the familiar lowest price.”

Festive opening

During the reopening on Wednesday 1 February, several festivities took place around the supermarket on Schepenstraat. From a food truck, waiting customers were provided with coffee and tea. Children enjoyed lemonade and a healthy Dirk apple. Raffle tickets were handed out that allowed customers to win great prizes before the opening. Furthermore, Dirk bags and flyers were handed out so that everyone is aware of the revamped shop.

Dirk invests

Dirk van den Broeck has the ambition to grow significantly in the coming years. In 2022, the discounter opened no less than five new supermarkets and is also working hard to increase its shop offering in 2023. In addition, Dirk is investing heavily in its existing shops with self-scan and safepay to increase shopping convenience.

Design hotel Motel One opens doors in the heart of Rotterdam

Design hotel Motel One opens doors in the heart of Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 24 January 2023 – Motel One, a successful budget design hotel group from Munich, recently opened the doors of its new location in the heart of Rotterdam.

The new hotel, with 180 rooms, can be found in the centre of the port city on the Hoogstraat, just a stone's throw from well-known attractions such as the Markthal and Laurenskerk. The hotel is characterised by vibrant, colourful details reflected in the wall design, designer furniture and decoration, inspired by the unique architecture of Rotterdam's Markthal. Motel One Rotterdam is now open to guests, with rooms available for as little as €89 per night.

Stefan Lenze, Co-CEO Motel One Group: ''After successfully completing a lease agreement with M&G Real Estate, we are ready to open our first property in Rotterdam. With the new Motel One hotel at yet another prime location on the Hoogstraat, the Munich-based hotel group is expanding its portfolio in the Netherlands. Known to business travellers not only for Europe's largest port, the Dutch city has also gained popularity as a hip and up-and-coming travel destination. The Market Hall, enriched with culinary and architectural delights, is a short walk away and inspired our colourful interior design. We thank our partner M&G for their renewed trust in Motel One and warmly welcome our first guests!''


Colourful get-away in the centre of Rotterdam

In Rotterdam's bustling shopping centre, between the iconic Market Hall and Gothic Laurenskerk, guests can escape the everyday hustle and bustle of the city at the Motel One hotel. Walking into the hotel from the pedestrian area, the hotel's colourful, vibrant interior immediately embraces you. Motel One took inspiration for the hotel's theme from one of Rotterdam's biggest attractions: the Market Hall. This is immediately reflected in the lobby, where a large cupboard, made of steel cables and filled with plants, immediately catches the eye. The design of this cupboard refers to the architectural details of the Markthal's façade. By using coloured surfaces on the wall, the well-known market stalls of the Markthal, among others, have been abstractly incorporated into the hotel.        



Surrounded by design

The hotel's reception area, characterised by beautiful high-quality terrazo counters with coloured speckles, is located on the right-hand side as you enter. Here, too, the walls are painted with the iconic coloured squares, decorated with colourful, hand-blown glass lamps by British brand curiousa&curiousa. A little further on, guests can immerse themselves in the colourful design lounge on the ground floor, where three large Zettel'z lamps, specially designed by Ingo Maurer, steal the show. At the long work table, guests can enjoy Motel One's beautiful interior even while working, with furniture by Moroso and Pulpo, among others.


One Lounge: enjoy the spectacular views 

An absolute eye-catcher of the Rotterdam design hotel is the Cloud One bar, where guests can enjoy stunning views of the city from the fifth floor. Guests can start their day with a delicious organic breakfast, and end the day on the Cloud One bar's rooftop terrace while enjoying a Gin-Tonic. With the famous Eden carpet by Moooi, Fritz Hansen's Egg Chair in a unique floral print and Skygarden lamp by Flos, the special features of the Market Hall are once again brought back into the hotel's interior. Attached to the lamps above the bar table are labels of different types of gin, including key information on different gin varieties. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the bar has a unique view of the city from three sides, making it the perfect place to enjoy a glass of good gin. 



Versatile rooms full of luxury

In the rooms, guests are also assured of the signature Motel One luxury, including a box-spring bed, duvets and pillows by Mühldorfer, and bed linen made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Aspects of the Market Hall can also be found in the rooms, where guests can be inspired by colourful floral details. 


Local entrepreneurs take up fight against vitamin deficiency

Local entrepreneurs take up fight against vitamin deficiency

ROTTERDAM, 16 December 2022 – Rotterdam entrepreneurs open clinic for personalized vitamin infusions through IV Booster Therapy. Infusion Clinics, located on Bergse Dorpsstraat in Rotterdam's Hillegersberg-Schiebroek district, is the first branch to open. The entrepreneurs hope to expand to Amsterdam in 2023. 
More and more people are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We exercise, eat a varied diet, and we are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of consuming alcohol and tobacco. But when it comes to vitamins, people still seem to have difficulty determining the right needs and supplementing them. Vague symptoms such as fatigue, a deteriorated immune system, troubled skin or sudden hair loss can be consequences of vitamin deficiencies.
Rotterdam entrepreneurs Herman de Haas, Robert Logger, Bart Timmers and Kevin van der Hor therefore started Infusion Clinics earlier this year. The infusion specialist works with an innovative approach: personalized vitamin infusions, in which the infusion is formulated based on blood tests according to vitamin needs. Infusion Clinics is part of IDBB group, an organization that focuses on developing concepts and investing in the elderly care, health, and fitness sectors. 

Prevention is the future

The government is committed to the participation society, extended home living, e-health and more self-direction and individual responsibility of citizens in their healthcare needs. It is becoming less natural for citizens to be cared for and for problems to be identified in time. Own responsibility and own contributions are becoming more important. The Rotterdam entrepreneurs behind Infusion Clinics are convinced that the private sector will be making inroads into the healthcare chain. Herman de Haas says: “we mainly believe in a preventive approach. This matches the developments we expect to see in this industry in the near future. Infusion Clinics fits in perfectly with that. After all, we enable clients to take an active role in this themselves.”
Infusion Clinics RotterdamInfusion Clinics Rotterdam

Need for a boost

In a big city like Rotterdam, many people have a busy existence; a demanding job, household, family, extensive social life and many stimuli in the environment. A healthy lifestyle with healthy food and sufficient exercise sometimes falls by the wayside. This then takes its toll and shows itself in the form of fatigue, insomnia and skin or hair problems. Robert Logger says: “the need for people to recharge once in a while is certainly there, but it is not always possible to take time off or keep the agenda free of appointments. IV Booster Therapy, as our treatment is called, is a new solution in the fight against these symptoms and vitamin deficiency in general. The effects of a vitamin infusion are sometimes noticeable the very same day, but above all, we help our clients shape a conscious lifestyle so that they feel better and more energetic in the long term.” 
Infusion Clinics RotterdamInfusion Clinics Rotterdam

More treatment options

Infusion Clinics does not work with health insurance companies, which brings benefits given the enormous pressure on regular care. Where general practitioners get an average of 9 minutes for an intake, doctors at Infusion Clinics take an hour and a half. Robert Logger says: “many people within the regular healthcare system feel not taken seriously or even brushed off, while the complaints remain. We can spend more time with our client and have more opportunities to treat our clients because our way of working is not framed by outside parties. Blood tests are used to determine which treatment is the best approach for the particular complaint. This is never a standard procedure.”
Infusion Clinics Rotterdam provides IV Booster TherapyInfusion Clinics Rotterdam provides IV Booster Therapy

Effect of vitamin infusions

Vitamin infusions work by delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. According to Infusion Clinics, this ensures increased absorption and 100% bioavailability of vitamins and antioxidants after the infusion. Infusion Clinics also claims that with oral supplements, only 20% absorption is achieved after filtering through the digestive system.
The clinic on Bergse Dorpsstraat in Hillegersberg-Rotterdam is the first branch of Infusion Clinics. A second clinic in The Valley in Amsterdam is expected to open in January 2023.
Stadshaven Brouwerij opens terrace at Merwehaven Rotterdam

Stadshaven Brouwerij opens terrace at Merwehaven Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 6 May 2022 - Fancy a freshly tapped beer on the largest terrace in Rotterdam's Merwehaven? The Stadshaven Brouwerij has recently opened its brand-new terrace. Besides the brewery's own craft beer, you can also have a full dining experience. Dishes include vegan options and steak from the charcoal grill. 
Director Harm van Deuren talks about this new Rotterdam addition: "It was time to give the terrace the same allure as the brewery and gastropub. The location on the quay is perfect for this: it is an astonishingly large space, and the view over the water is amazing! The sunsets we see from our terrace are spectacular. Together we rolled up our sleeves and worked very hard to make this terrace the new hotspot on the Rotterdam Maas. Now our guests can enjoy this beautiful outdoor space."

The new hotspot at Rotterdam's Merwehaven

Stadshaven Brouwerij's terrace is located at the Merwehaven, in Rotterdam's famous Makers District. The hustle and bustle of the port means there is always something to see from the terrace. Pilot boats are constantly coming and going, and the water taxi stops right in front of the door. With an ideal south-facing location, guests are provided with sunshine all day long. The terrace covers a whopping 750 square metres and has room for 300 guests. The large, central outdoor bar provides patrons with in-house brewed craft beers. There is an extensive menu for every taste; whether that's vegan creations or steak from the charcoal grill. On the terrace, visitors can also have some fun by playing a game of cornhole (a kind of pétanque without sand).
Stadshaven Brouwerij opens terrace at Merwehaven RotterdamStadshaven Brouwerij opens terrace at Merwehaven Rotterdam

Stadshaven Brouwerij

The Stadshaven Brouwerij is a craft beer brewery of a size that only a few breweries in the Netherlands can match: 2 million litres of beer are brewed and bottled, canned or cask filled every year. This makes the Stadshaven Brewery the second-largest craft beer brewery in the Netherlands. Located in Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H), which is undergoing redevelopment, the Stadshaven Brewery is constantly looking for new ways to contribute to the quality of life, circularity, sustainability and the social dynamics of the area. These include heat recovery in the brewing process, reuse of waste water, solar panels, use of batteries from scrapped scooters and the provision of brewage (residual product of the brewing process) for cows from the nearby floating farm. The craft beers are inspired by the location of the Stadshaven Brewery; the brewery is located in a 100-year-old (fully restored) fruit shed in the former Rotterdam Fruit Port.  Besides guided tours of the brewery, guests can also visit the Stadshaven Gastropub, where all in-house brewed (special) beers, beer cocktails and innovative beer and food combinations are served.

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