South Holland has highest burial costs in the Netherlands

South Holland has highest burial costs in the Netherlands

ROTTERDAM, 25 April 2023 – A recent study by Monuta reveals significant local variations in burial and cremation costs in the Netherlands, with an average of €4,503 paid for a single private grave in South Holland, the highest among all Dutch provinces.

Study shows local differences in funeral costs

The annual research conducted by Monuta covers 1,701 cemeteries and 112 crematoria across the country. It found that South Holland has the highest average cost for a single private grave at €4,503, while the average cost of a cremation with the use of an aula is €1,542. The average costs for a grave and cremation across the Netherlands are €3,209 and €1,575, respectively.

Lack of knowledge on financial implications

Quinten Fraai, CEO of Monuta, emphasises the importance of being transparent about the costs associated with funerals. He believes that many people are unaware of the financial implications of their choice of burial or cremation, and the location of their final resting place.

Cremation gains popularity

According to Dr. Martin Hoondert, University Lecturer in 'Music, Religion & Ritual' at Tilburg University, cremation has only been officially permitted in the Netherlands since 1955. The popularity of cremation has grown significantly since then, with two-thirds of Dutch people now opting for this option.

Wide range of prices and local differences

Prices for burials and cremations vary significantly between locations. South Holland has the most expensive average grave cost, while the province of Overijssel has the most expensive average cremation cost at €1,828.

Prices determined locally

Funeral costs are determined by local municipalities, cemeteries, and crematoria, with different services included in the price depending on the location. People are encouraged to research and compare services before making their final decision.

About the burial and cremation cost study 2023

The Monuta study analysed the grave costs of 1,701 municipal and private cemeteries in the Netherlands, mapping the costs of grave rights and burial fees. The total cost of a grave is determined by the grave rights, maintenance and burial fees. In addition, the costs of a silent cremation with and without the use of an aula were examined for 112 crematoria in the Netherlands.  

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