Top Dutch wedding photographer hails from Rotterdam

Top Dutch wedding photographer hails from Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 7 December 2023 – In a significant achievement for the city's artistic community, Rotterdam's own Isabelle Hattink has been named the best wedding photographer in the Netherlands at the international This is Reportage competition.

Rotterdam photographer earns national acclaim

On 7 December 2023, Isabelle Hattink, a Rotterdam-based wedding photographer, was honoured with the top national title at the This is Reportage contest. This international competition, known for its emphasis on journalistic integrity and authenticity, saw Hattink triumph over intense competition, placing her not only at the pinnacle in the Netherlands but also fifth worldwide.

The jury lauded Hattink for her ability to capture genuine emotions without compromising on reality. Her bold approach and consistent victories throughout the year's rounds culminated in this prestigious recognition.

Top Dutch wedding photographer hails from RotterdamTop Dutch wedding photographer hails from Rotterdam

Unique approach to wedding photography

Hattink's style, characterised by capturing spontaneous, real-life moments, was highlighted as both exceptional and impressive. The contest, which prohibits posed photographs, aligns with Hattink's preference for documenting real emotions and the minute details that tell a unique story.

Top Dutch wedding photographer hails from RotterdamTop Dutch wedding photographer hails from Rotterdam

A career of dedication and achievement

Hattink, who has over 22 years of experience and has captured more than 800 weddings, sees this accolade as not just a personal triumph but as a testament to her dedication to a distinctive approach to wedding photography. Her work goes beyond mere imagery, delving into the dynamics of relationships and the human emotional spectrum.

Top Dutch wedding photographer hails from RotterdamTop Dutch wedding photographer hails from Rotterdam

Global recognition and future prospects

This achievement marks a significant milestone in Hattink's career, leading to opportunities as an international speaker and workshop instructor. She acknowledges the award as a statement on the value of wedding photography and its power to capture authentic human emotions.

Dutch Youth Skating Days begin in Rotterdam

Dutch Youth Skating Days begin in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, 30 November 2023 – A significant initiative to introduce 10,000 primary school children to the joys of skating was launched today at the Rotterdam ice rink, as part of the Dutch Youth Skating Days.

Largest social skating project in the Netherlands launched

In a noteworthy development for Rotterdam, the Dutch Youth Skating Days have commenced at the local ice rink. This project, unparalleled in its social impact within the Netherlands, is designed to introduce primary school children, particularly from schools where skating is not a common activity, to the sport. The initiative is spearheaded by the Sven Kramer Academy, Unox, and Jumbo Supermarkets, offering 11 memorable skating days this winter.

Introducing 800 Rotterdam children to ice skating

Today marked a special occasion for approximately 800 primary school students from schools including K.C. De Wijngaard, the Imeldaschool, and De Krullevaar, who had the unique opportunity to skate and meet renowned champion Sven Kramer. The event featured a range of activities, including free skating on the 400-metre track, the interactive 11-Cities Battle with live scores, and fun-filled moments on the fun track. Sven Kramer expressed delight at the event's success in showcasing the importance and enjoyment of this sporting facility.

Ice skating initiative kicks off in RotterdamIce skating initiative kicks off in Rotterdam

Reviving a fading tradition

Jan van den Berg from Unox emphasized the decreasing trend of children learning to skate at a young age, citing less frequent harsh winters and varying family practices. The Youth Skating Days aim to give these children a chance to experience the joy of winter sports on ice. The Sven Kramer Academy’s mission aligns with this, striving to ensure every child under 12 experiences the thrill of skating.

Fostering future skating talent

Jumbo Supermarkets’ Rogier Riemersma highlighted the importance of early exposure to sports for maintaining future successful skating teams. As a supermarket deeply integrated into the community, Jumbo supports this initiative, recognizing the value of such opportunities for children and their connection to nurturing future talent.

10,000 kids to skate in Rotterdam project"10,000 kids to skate in Rotterdam project"

Support wildlife research with Blijdorp lottery

Support wildlife research with Blijdorp lottery

ROTTERDAM, 27 November 2023 – Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam Zoo), a renowned name in wildlife conservation, has announced its winter lottery, an initiative dedicated to supporting crucial wildlife research.

Rotterdam Zoo's annual winter lottery

This winter, Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam Zoo) continues its tradition of hosting an online lottery, with proceeds directly aiding essential research projects. The zoo, a steadfast advocate for species conservation and habitat restoration, emphasizes the critical role of scientific research in these efforts. This year's lottery focuses on generating funds for important studies, including research on the DNA of the critically endangered Asian elephant.

Prizes to support conservation

The lottery not only serves a noble cause but also offers entrants the chance to win unique prizes. The grand prize – an overnight stay within the zoo premises – promises an unforgettable experience, complete with the sounds of nature. Additional prizes include a day with zookeepers and a surprise dinner overlooking the elephant enclosure.

Commitment to species preservation

Diergaarde Blijdorp's dedication to animal welfare extends beyond the lottery. The zoo has recently published a list of ten animal and plant species it aims to protect from extinction. Such conservation initiatives require significant funding, which the zoo hopes to gather through the lottery. Tickets, priced at €2.50, are available on the Diergaarde Blijdorp website, with the draw scheduled for 12 January 2024.

About Diergaarde Blijdorp

The Stichting Koninklijke Rotterdamse Diergaarde (Royal Rotterdam Zoo Foundation), popularly known as Diergaarde Blijdorp, stands as one of Europe's premier zoos. Celebrating 166 years of operation, it's not only the most visited zoo in the Netherlands but also a cherished destination offering close encounters with diverse wildlife. Diergaarde Blijdorp is easily accessible for visitors. Located in Rotterdam, the zoo is well-connected by public transport and offers ample parking for those travelling by car. 


Van Hogendorp statue returns to WTC Rotterdam

Van Hogendorp statue returns to WTC Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 8 November 2023 – A historic statue of Dutch statesman Gijsbert Karel van Hogendorp returns to grace the World Trade Center Rotterdam, marking a momentous occasion for the city's heritage.

Photo credit: Gerrit Vermeulen

Historic statue returns to WTC Rotterdam

The statue of Dutch statesman Gijsbert Karel van Hogendorp (1762-1834), a significant figure in the drafting of the Netherlands' 1814 Constitution, has returned to the World Trade Center (WTC) Rotterdam. Created by Belgian sculptor Jozef Geefs in 1867, the statue underwent extensive restoration before its reinstatement. To commemorate this occasion, BKOR published a book titled “Het beeld, de man en het beeld Gijsbert Karel van Hogendorp” by Frank van Dijl.

The four-meter-tall bronze statue has been a familiar sight for Rotterdam residents, standing for nearly four decades at the WTC Rotterdam steps. It portrays Van Hogendorp holding the 1814 Constitution, acknowledging his pivotal role in its creation and his advocacy for free trade, aligning with the site's former use as a trading exchange.


Restoration and new placement

The 2,500-kilogram statue was carefully restored by Binder Art, a bronze foundry, with extensive work on both its interior and exterior. In collaboration with BKOR and the Municipality of Rotterdam, a new spot was selected for the statue on a low Norwegian granite pedestal at the WTC Rotterdam terrace.

Eveline Steenbergen, Managing Director of WTC Rotterdam and WTC The Hague, stated: “We are pleased to welcome back this beautifully restored statue to Rotterdam. It has become an integral part of our building's entrance, and we are proud to reinstate it in its rightful place.”

Directions to WTC Rotterdam

To visit the statue, have a look at the map below:

Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023

Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023

ROTTERDAM, 13 November 2023 – The Rotterdamse Popweek, held from 3 to 12 November, once again illuminated the city's vibrant music scene, featuring a diverse array of performances and events across various venues.

Overview of the Rotterdamse Popweek

The 11th edition of the Rotterdamse Popweek (Rotterdam Pop Week) showcased an array of musical events, spanning from live performances to knowledge sessions and music documentaries. Over ten days, the festival saw approximately 840 acts performing across 255 events in 115 locations. An estimated 67,000 visitors attended various performances, reflecting the event's broad appeal and success in engaging the local community.

Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023

Musical highlights and diverse genres

Originating in 2013 by the Popunie, the Rotterdamse Popweek has been a testament to the city's flourishing pop scene. This year's edition featured a mix of established and emerging talents, covering a wide range of genres and niches. Key highlights included Popronde, BIRDfest, Dutch Doom Days, Historische Herrie, D’Ω, 30 years of Rotterdam Terror Corps x Laurenskerk, Korsakov Weekender, Samodiva II: Wishing Well, Planet Füzz, and Pure Love x Dutch R&B Vibes.

Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023

Notable performances included Wolfheart at Baroeg, Bohren & Der Club of Gore at Arminius, Contour at Rotown, and Leela Rosa at Café Dox. The sold-out concerts, such as Macy Gray at Annabel and Dawn Brothers at Rotown, demonstrated the festival's wide-ranging appeal and the city's robust music scene.

Programme and community involvement

A significant portion of the events were organized by local musicians and enthusiasts, showcasing the strong do-it-yourself ethos prevalent in Rotterdam. The Popunie also organized several specials, including the opening night with the Rotterdamse Popquiz at Baroeg and various knowledge sessions at MONO.

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