Meet dinosaurs at Jurassic Encounter in Beatrixpark Schiedam

Meet dinosaurs at Jurassic Encounter in Beatrixpark Schiedam

ROTTERDAM, 21 April 2022 – Always wanted to meet lifelike dinosaurs? This summer you'll have your chance in the Beatrixpark in Schiedam. The travelling dinosaur exhibition Jurassic Encounter brings, an interactive installation of fifty life-sized moving dinosaurs from the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods.
Visitors follow a 'dangerous route' through grasslands and forests, coming face to face with growling, roaring and hissing dinosaurs. The entertaining and educational event can be visited during the summer holidays from 28 July to 14 August 2022 and is a perfect day out for the whole family.

Spectacular day out for the whole family

This summer, you will travel back in time more than 65 million years in the Beatrixpark in Schiedam and meet life-size dinosaurs. With fifty moving dinosaurs including waving tails and roaring sounds, Jurassic Encounter offers a spectacular day out for the whole family. Step back into an era when dinosaurs roamed the earth and meet the impressive giants of prehistoric times. As you explore the park, watch out for the dinosaurs at every turn along the route. They hide in the bushes, graze in the treetops and tower over your head. The roaring, growling and hissing sound effects and moving body parts make a visit to Jurassic Encounter an exciting, realistic and enjoyable experience.
Jurassic Encounter comes to the Beatriixpark in Schiedam 📷 Martin ShieldsJurassic Encounter comes to the Beatriixpark in Schiedam 📷 Martin Shields

Complete Jurassic Encounter experience

The dinosaurs in the park are equipped with information panels with interesting facts about each species, making a visit to Jurassic Encounter both educational and exciting. Visitors are also invited to the cinema, where great documentaries are shown about the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. In addition, dinosaur fans can take part in an exciting virtual reality experience: fight a 'real' dinosaur or take a ride on the virtual dino roller coaster! Along the route, refreshing drinks and tasty snacks are available, such as traditional Spanish churros, steak sandwiches, hamburgers, crêpes & waffles, noodles and other pop-up snacks. To make sure you never forget a visit to Jurassic Encounter, there is fun merchandise for sale to take home as a souvenir.

About Jurassic Encounter

The successful travelling exhibition Jurassic Encounter: Where dinosaurs come to life originated in England and began its European tour on 2 April at Cassiobury Park in London. Jurassic Encounter will then travel on to Buxton, Edinburgh, Schiedam and Bristol this year. Naz Kabir, spokesperson for Jurassic Encounter, says: "In 2018, thousands of visitors in both the UK and the Netherlands enjoyed an exciting day out, and we are excited to return for another tour in 2022. This time we have new dinosaurs, even more interactive exhibits including a VR experience and an educational cinema where families can learn more about these incredible creatures." 
Euromast Rotterdam opens new coffee bar and concept store

Euromast Rotterdam opens new coffee bar and concept store

With the grand opening of a brand-new coffee bar and gift shop, the Euromast offers a place for city visitors and locals to spontaneously grab a coffee and shop for Rotterdam-themed items.
The Euromast has opened a new concept store and coffee bar inside the iconic tower. The Euromast is well known to everyone, the Rotterdam landmark is a popular (tourist) attraction that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. With a height of 185 metres, you have a spectacular view over the city. The Euromast is also a nice place to visit for lunch, drinks or dinner. 

Coffees, sweets, paninis and gifts

Visitors to the Euromast can now enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack at the completely renovated coffee bar. They offer various coffees, sweets from Dudok and tasty paninis. It is also possible to take something to go with you from the coffee bar, so that you can enjoy it in the adjacent park. In the concept store, you will find typical Rotterdam products from Kaapse Brouwers, Brouwerij Noord, Icon 010, Studio Raskov, Maasstroompjes, Rotterdamse Koffie and limited edition items such as Heksenvuur. In addition, the Euromast gives Rotterdam artists a place to exhibit and sell their work in the concept store. The interior of the venue has a sleek design, with atmospheric tones and warm colours.
Euromast Rotterdam opens concept store and coffee barEuromast Rotterdam opens concept store and coffee bar
Euromast Rotterdam opens concept store and coffee barEuromast Rotterdam opens concept store and coffee bar
Euromast Rotterdam opens concept store and coffee barEuromast Rotterdam opens concept store and coffee bar

About the Euromast

This year, the Euromast is celebrating its 62nd anniversary. The Euromast has been an internationally renowned icon in Rotterdam since 1960. With a height of 185 metres, it is one of the highest buildings in the city and offers a unique 360-degree view. The Euroscope, which takes you all the way to the top, is currently under renovation, but will be reopened in July 2022. Between May and September, real daredevils can abseil down 100 metres from the balustrade on the viewing platform. 
Female leadership improves Rotterdam entrepreneurial climate

Female leadership improves Rotterdam entrepreneurial climate

ROTTERDAM, 13 April 2022 - Five years ago, Melissa Ablett-Jordaan (36), who is American by birth, launched the American Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Rotterdam. With her experience in building innovation communities in Boston, Miami and Philadelphia, Melissa saw an opportunity to open CIC's first international branch in Rotterdam. She later handed over the reigns to general manager Joyce Kornet-Vreugdenhil (35) who has made inclusion and diversity a top priority.

Female Leadership: Melissa Ablett-Jordaan

To put Rotterdam on the map as an innovation hub, there were significant challenges. The experience she gained in America has helped Melissa put CIC and Rotterdam on the map as an innovation hub. When Melissa successfully completed her assignment, it turned out that the community consisted mainly of men. 
"We came to Rotterdam to support and accelerate the building of the regional innovation ecosystem. That it consisted mainly of men, was a given. For my successor Joyce the challenge was to become more inclusive and diverse in the broadest sense of the words", says Melissa Ablett-Jordaan, former General Manager CIC Rotterdam. 

More than 20% women in 2025

In 2019, Joyce took over the position of General Manager. The challenge to make the business climate more inclusive and diverse took shape. CIC signed a contract from the Social and Economic Council (SER) that set the goal of housing more than 20% women entrepreneurs in its community by 2025. CIC also signed the charter of Diversity in Business, which outlines a detailed diversity plan.
"In Rotterdam, if you mention a woman's first name, everyone knows which company she heads. Women are scarce at the top and that has to change. Our partnerships with parties such as Diversity in Business of the SER, Female Ventures and Voice of All Women must change this. By literally and figuratively giving room to inspirational female-led start-ups, we are contributing to an inclusive Rotterdam ecosystem", says Joyce Kornet-Vreugdenhil.

A better reflection of the city of Rotterdam

Under Joyce's leadership, CIC works on diversity and stimulates inclusive entrepreneurship based on gender, ethnicity and background. The community, which still consists of over 85% male entrepreneurs, focuses on inclusive role models and wants to become an accurate reflection of the city of Rotterdam. Joyce hopes that CIC will become a role model in the field of diversity.
You can now rent high fashion from Bijenkorf in Rotterdam

You can now rent high fashion from Bijenkorf in Rotterdam

Style is for rent. Bijenkorf has introduced a new sustainable service in its Rotterdam store under the name Stijlstudio. Fans of high fashion can now rent items for special occasions like weddings, galas or important business meetings.  
Bijenkorf Stijlstudio is located on the first floor of Bijenkorf Rotterdam. Here, a carefully selected collection of brands such as Ted Baker, Maje and L.K. Bennett can be rented in multiple sizes, alongside unique designer dresses from brands such as REDValentino, Alexander McQueen and Balmain, and bags from Coach, Chloé and Jacquemus. Bijenkorf says it may expand this new sustainable service in Rotterdam with other clothing, accessories, shops and options in the course of the year. 

Easy and sustainable 

Try before buy? Bijenkorf Stijlstudio describes itself as a great place to start if you are looking for something for a special occasion, but also if you simply want to try something different without having to buy something new straight away. Prices range from €45 to €500 for a standard four-day rental, including cleaning and return.  
"With the Stijlstudio, we want customers to feel special, in a sustainable way. The challenges in the field of sustainability are huge and only through creative solutions can we, together with our customers and brands, make the fashion industry more sustainable" said Marjolijn Meynen, Director Customer, Creativity and Communication at Bijenkorf.

The future is green 

Last year, as part of its sustainability strategy The Future is Green, Bijenkorf already introduced a number of green services, including crockery rental, vintage fashion sales, fashion repair and refillable packaging. With the rental of clothing, the department store wants to further contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. 

Open seven days a week 

All information and an impression of the range can be found on the Bijenkorf website. The Bijenkorf Stijlstudio in the ladies fashion department on the 1st floor of Bijenkorf Rotterdam is open every day during normal shopping hours. A beauty expert is present from Thursday to Saturday for free advice and touch-ups.
56% of South Hollanders want coffee and cake at funeral

56% of South Hollanders want coffee and cake at funeral

ROTTERDAM, 7 April 2022 - The inspiration and possibilities around the last farewell are almost endless. Yet 78% of people in South Holland still choose a 'normal, standard' or 'small and intimate' farewell. Even 56% of those questioned choose coffee and cake for guests at their funeral. Only 9% see the farewell as their 'last party'. This and more emerges from research among 1,500 adult Dutch people commissioned by Monuta.
"In life, sometimes it cannot be bigger or more exuberant at the birth of a child or a wedding. At the last farewell, we are modest and a bit conservative. With small things, we make a farewell very personal. Like music, sharing memories and photos. What the Dutch find especially important is that next of kin are not left with questions about the farewell. It gives them more space to process the grief instead of uncertainty about the choices. This is also shown by research conducted by SIRE. If next of kin know how someone would have wanted to say goodbye, they are not left with regrets or the feeling that they were not able to say goodbye properly. People find thinking and talking about their own mortality complicated and confronting. Yet they know it is right. It gives them clarity. For themselves and their loved ones," says Corné Mulders, director of funeral services at Monuta.

Preferably not in black 

In recent decades, saying goodbye has become increasingly personal. In both execution and rituals. Whereas in the past someone's faith was the determining factor in what a farewell should look like, this is now less self-evident and there are many more options. Think of the location; in a funeral home, stadium, or in a restaurant. Or the catering; from coffee and cake, an Italian drink to sushi. Besides coffee and cake, coming dressed in black is also a tradition. People from South Holland no longer find this customary (86%). 

Older people discuss farewells rather than salaries

Almost half of the Dutch population is not afraid of death. Yet four in ten people do not discuss their own farewell with their loved ones. Certainly, more than two thirds would rather discuss their own farewell than their salary, sex life or weight. There is a clear difference between young and old (66+ years). Young people prefer to discuss their salary or sex life than their farewell. With older people, it is the other way around. 57% of people from South Holland think it is important to discuss their own farewell. And even 78% think it is important to discuss their loved one's farewell. Yet only 32% of people from South Holland have recorded their parting wishes. 

Regional differences

There are differences per province as to what people want at their farewell and whether they discuss it. People from Limburg in particular want coffee and cake for their guests at a funeral (66% as opposed to 56% nationally). In South Holland, most people (28%) are afraid of death and least like to talk about it (50%). For residents of Overijssel, talking about farewell wishes is most important and they do so (76%). 

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