Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen re-evaluates design plans

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen re-evaluates design plans

ROTTERDAM, 6 APRIL 2023 – The Rotterdam municipality is taking an intermediate step in the design process for the renovation of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. This decision, made in consultation with the museum and Mecanoo, comes after the preliminary design was found to be significantly pricier than the initially approved project budget.

Intermediate cost estimates exceed project budget

In November 2022, two external agencies were asked by the municipality to provide cost estimates based on the preliminary design, earlier than usual in the process. These estimates exceeded the project budget of €223 million by €35 to €70 million, with a considerable portion of the costs arising from the restoration and renovation of the oldest part of the building, the Van der Steur national monument, and the creation of a new logistics centre behind the building in the Museumpark.

(Pre) advice from advisory groups, aesthetics commission, and cultural heritage agency

In addition to the preliminary design cost calculations, feedback was sought from an external advisory group, the Commission for Aesthetics and Monuments, and the Cultural Heritage Agency (Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed). Opinions varied, with concerns primarily focused on the entrance area along Museumparkstraat, which is intended to make the museum more accessible to the city and the public. Critics also raised issues regarding the potential impact on the building's monumental value.

Next steps in the design process

The municipality, museum directorate, and architect are engaged in ongoing discussions to determine the necessary adjustments to the renovation design. The city council will be informed of the findings and conclusions before the summer recess. Meanwhile, essential preparations will continue to prevent further deterioration of the building's condition. At present, the extent of any potential delays and the financial implications resulting from the design process interruption are unclear.

The municipality, museum directorate, and architect are working together to develop a widely supported process and design for Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen; one that respects the building's monumental status, its unique international collection, and its significance for the people of Rotterdam and the city.
Rotterdam's business climate recovers post-pandemic

Rotterdam's business climate recovers post-pandemic

ROTTERDAM, 3 April 2023 – Post-pandemic recovery has been observed in Rotterdam's business and tourism sectors, with increases in hotel guests, international businesses, and conferences in 2022.

Economic recovery

The number of hotel guests in Rotterdam in 2022 reached approximately 1.1 million, a positive development after the challenging years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, 45 new international businesses established themselves in the city, with a growing focus on energy transition, digitalisation, and circularity.

Business tourism

Business tourism witnessed an upswing in 2022, with conferences returning and new events successfully launching, such as Breakbulk Europe and the World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition. Rotterdam Partners, responsible for city marketing and acquisition for Rotterdam, attracted 24 new conferences, contributing an estimated 21 million euros to the city.

Alderman Robert Simons (Economy) stated, “Rotterdam is in demand and is being rediscovered by tourists and business visitors. This is also what I hear from hoteliers and see myself when walking through the city. It's good for employment and the cash registers of all those hard-working entrepreneurs with their hotels, restaurants, cafés, entertainment venues, and shops.”

International business climate

The arrival of international businesses remains crucial for Rotterdam's economy and entrepreneurs. The 45 international companies established in 2022 brought over 2.5 million euros in investments to the city, with more than half invested in the energy transition. These businesses also generated around 1,300 new jobs in the logistics, chemical, agri-food, and energy sectors.

Wilbert Lek, director of Rotterdam Partners, said, “We are pleased with these results. With our international marketing and acquisition, Rotterdam Partners contributes to a strong and resilient economy that ensures a good future for Rotterdammers and Rotterdam entrepreneurs in the long term. In doing so, we take into account the city's other challenges on a daily basis, including the increasing scarcity of space, the availability of talent, and the balance between a livable and vibrant city for Rotterdammers that is also attractive to visitors.”

Simons added, “Rotterdam continues to attract international businesses. They are increasingly looking at how they can help our city with developments such as the energy transition. That's what I like to see: the city and entrepreneurs must strengthen each other. That benefits Rotterdammers.”

A New Look for Brasserie Woodz in Rotterdam

A New Look for Brasserie Woodz in Rotterdam

Brasserie Woodz, situated at the edge of Kralingse Bos, has been a popular spot for locals to enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner while taking in the beautiful scenery of the surrounding nature. After 7 years of operation, owners Wilco and Mireille Rosenthal decided it was time for a change, and a new all-day food concept, Woodz 2.0, was born.



The restaurant has undergone a complete transformation with a new, luxurious, yet personal touch. In collaboration with Horeca Sfeermakers, the owners have added several details to the décor to elevate the ambiance while keeping the familiar Brasserie Woodz feel. The restaurant now boasts new seating arrangements with halved rounded sofas, a long central sofa with a view, and cozy window seats.


Dinner menu

Woodz now offers a dinner menu with dishes such as Wagyu Burger, Steak Tartaar and Dry Aged Entrecôte, all served with an extensive drinks menu. To enhance the dining experience, the restaurant has added an authentic Mibrasa charcoal oven for the ultimate BBQ experience. Additionally, the menu receives a seasonal update twice a year, and there are weekly specials to keep the customers coming back. The restaurant caters to vegetarians too, offering an array of options in a typical Bourgondian style.



Brasserie Woodz has four terraces, offering its guests a perfect spot to sit back and relax while enjoying nature's beauty. The restaurant is only a 10-minute bike ride from the bustling city center, making it an ideal location for anyone looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.



Follow King's Day 2023 in Rotterdam via NOS

Follow King's Day 2023 in Rotterdam via NOS

Photo credit: ANP

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and their three daughters will celebrate King's Day in Rotterdam on 27 April. As usual, there will again be a tour where king and queen can get acquainted with the city. Dutch public broadcaster NOS will report on the visit live. 


Variety and colour

Rotterdam wants the one-kilometre walking route to show the city 'in all its variety and colour'. A city where many people have started over and are still starting over. Built up by people from all corners of the world.


The walk starts in Rotterdam-Zuid's Afrikaander neighbourhood. In the Maashaven, the group will take a water taxi onto the Nieuwe Maas. The route by water will include the ss Rotterdam, the former flagship of the Holland America Line. The royal cruise continues past Hotel New York, Wilhelminapier and under the Erasmus Bridge.

In the Leuvenhaven, the royal family disembarks and walks via the Blaak towards the Laurenskerk. Via the Markthal, the end point is reached on the Binnenrotte. 


Watch it on NOS

In the evening, NOS looks back on the day with a live audience. That too will be done live from Rotterdam. The broadcaster will do this with the people who played a role in the visit that day. 

Catch a live stream via, the NOS app, or watch on TV from 10:46 to 13:27 and the evening recap from 19:04 to 19:52.


Radio broadcast

Also on NPO Radio 1, there will be live coverage of King's Day in Rotterdam from 10:30 to 13:30. For the radio show, NOS will follow the royal party's journey through Rotterdam with three reporters and a number of guests in the studio above the Rotterdam public library.

Feyenoord City 2.0: vision for vibrant waterfront district unveiled

Feyenoord City 2.0: vision for vibrant waterfront district unveiled

ROTTERDAM, 29 March 2023 – New urban vision for Feyenoord City 2.0 revealed, featuring a green and water-rich neighbourhood, housing opportunities, diverse amenities, and engaging the community in the development process.


New spatial vision for Feyenoord City 2.0

Since the proposed stadium in Feyenoord City has been officially abandoned, the Danish firm EFFEKT and the Rotterdam firms OMA and LOLA, under the guidance of the Stichting Gebiedsontwikkeling aan de Maas (Stigam) and the municipality, have explored the spatial possibilities of the Waterkant area. Waterkant is the new development for the site on the Nieuwe Maas, where the new stadium and adjacent housing were planned. The consultation document contains the findings of the exploration. It aims to engage the city and its residents in discussions about the opportunities and possibilities for transforming Waterkant into an attractive urban area that contributes to the ambitions of Rotterdam-Zuid.


Potential for attractive green and water-rich district

The exploration reveals that Waterkant's prime location on the river offers significant potential to become an appealing green and water-rich neighborhood with numerous amenities and recreational opportunities. Various examples demonstrate ample room for further development.

Councillor Chantal Zeegers (Climate, Construction and Housing) said, “It's wonderful that these urban planning and architectural firms have quickly showcased the potential of this location in their exploration. Their innovative vision for this special site on the Maas is fantastic. Waterkant will become a beautiful neighbourhood with plenty of housing, diverse amenities, and the Feyenoord Tidal Park. It will create a new hotspot in Rotterdam-Zuid where people will want to live, work, and spend their leisure time. I especially invite Rotterdammers to participate in the upcoming city conversations and come up with refreshing and original ideas.”


Feyenoord 2.0 Impressions by EFFEKT, OMA, and LOLAFeyenoord 2.0 Impressions by EFFEKT, OMA, and LOLA


City conversations

With the results of the firms' exploration, the municipality, in collaboration with Stichting Gebiedsontwikkeling aan de Maas, will engage the city, residents of surrounding neighbourhoods, youth in Zuid, entrepreneurs, and other interested parties in conversations during May and June. The collected ideas will be incorporated into the next phase of exploration (the so-called ambition document) to ensure a broadly supported and embraced new plan. The ambition document will be presented to the city council for decision-making in the autumn.

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