Construction files 1948-2010 available for digital viewing

Construction files 1948-2010 available for digital viewing

The City Archive of Rotterdam has 3.5 kilometers of paper construction files that are being digitized. To ensure better information provision, Rotterdammers, project developers and other interested parties will soon be able to view the building files with construction drawings of the municipality of Rotterdam for the period 1948-2010 digitally rather than by appointment.


The project is being carried out by employees of Rotterdam Inclusief and will be completed in 2029. This fall, the first building files can already be consulted via the website of the municipality.


Alderman Chantal Zeegers (Climate, Construction and Housing): “Fantastic that this project is starting now. It fits in with our efforts to provide better services. The new service makes it easier for both Rotterdammers who want to build or renovate their homes and builders who want to build and renovate houses. They will soon be able to directly view a construction file completely digitally.”


The construction files contain all the documents associated with an application for a building permit, such as for building an apartment building or installing a dormer. The files contain the application, the authorization, drawings and calculations. When filing a building permit, the applicant often needs original construction drawings. In the future, these drawings will be readily available online.


Stadsarchief Rotterdam manages 3.5 km (that's about 28,000 archive boxes) of paper construction files covering the periods 1852-1903 and 1940-2010. The 1904-1940 period was lost in the bombing. The 1852-1904 and 1940-1947 sections have already been digitized and are available through the City Archives website. After 2010, the files are only available in digital form; they can be requested from the Building and Housing Department.


On the website of the Stadsarchief Rotterdam you can search by street name and house number. For privacy reasons, you cannot search by the name of the occupant or permit applicant. Files of special buildings such as a bank or a prison are not available for inspection. Other rules apply to these.


More information can be found on

The best delivery restaurants in South Holland 2022

The best delivery restaurants in South Holland 2022 Awards 2022 crowns best local delivery restaurants in Zuid-Holland. In Rotterdam, Burgers & Frites took the prize. 

On March 13th 2023, the ten best delivery restaurants of South Holland were announced during the presentation of the Awards 2022. The Rotterdam-based 'Burgers & Frites' was not only elected best delivery restaurant of Rotterdam, but also walked away with the national title.

In The Hague, pizzeria Mevlana can call itself the best delivery restaurant of 2022 for the second time in a row, and in Delft that honor goes to Samara2GO. Folks in Gouda can order the tastiest sushi at Stella Sushi. This Gouda restaurant was named best sushi restaurant in the Netherlands. Vegetarians in Leiden can indulge themselves; Vega Express was voted best veggie restaurant in the Netherlands.


The best delivery restaurants of South Holland.

The awards were given on the basis of public votes. This year a record of over 100,000 votes were cast on restaurants throughout the Netherlands in 53 different categories. With these awards crowns the best rated restaurants on the platform for the ninth year in a row. 


Gijs Weterings, Country Director “These awards show the diversity and quality of the restaurants in the Netherlands. The more than 100,000 votes also confirm the enormous appreciation we and our users have for the dedication of the restaurants featured on throughout the Netherlands.”


The awards for Best Delivery Restaurants of South Holland go to:

• Best Restaurant Delft: Samara2GO
• Best Restaurant The Hague: Mevlana
• Best Restaurant of Dordrecht: Chicken Avrasya
• Best Restaurant of Gouda: Stella Sushi
• Best Restaurant of Leiden: Mano Bowls
• Best Restaurant of Rotterdam: Burgers & Frites
• Best restaurant of Schiedam: Jack's Rippies
• Best restaurant in Zoetermeer: Roti Center Rokkeveen
• Best sushi restaurant: Stella Sushi from Gouda
• Best veggie restaurant: Vega Express from Leiden

Local winners in 40 Dutch cities can be found on the Awards 2022 website.

Rotterdam offensive against youth crime

Rotterdam offensive against youth crime

Prevention with Authority (Preventie met Gezag) is the name of Rotterdam's current offensive against youth crime. Since 2022, Rotterdam receives over €10 million per year from the State to combat youth crime. That amount is intended for Prevention; preventing young people from going onto the criminal path, and for Authority; nipping criminal careers in the bud. About 50 professionals will be added to expand and strengthen Rotterdam's offensive against youth crime in Zuid and Delfshaven.


Most Rotterdam youths are doing well, but between 3 and 4 percent of 12- to 22-year-olds are suspected of a criminal offense. There are about 22,000 vulnerable youth in the city who are struggling at home, not in school or unemployed. Nearly 14,000 of Rotterdam's 84,000 youth grow up in a vulnerable family situation. Almost 17 percent of children (under 18) grow up impoverished, and 9 percent (18-23) say they have been victims of domestic violence. Research conducted by the Rotterdam Court of Audit shows that the socio-emotional health of these Rotterdam youth is worrisome.



Juvenile crime has declined over the past decade, but has become more violent. There is a worrying trend: brutal violence by increasingly younger minors. The proportion of (young) minors, girls and women who engage in criminal activity and use (excessive) violence is increasing. In 2021, 400 young people between the ages of 12 and 26 were suspected of possessing, trafficking and manufacturing drugs. More and more criminal activity is taking place at the port, where drug pickers are also active. There is also a shift to online and cyber crime.

Mayor Aboutaleb: “We are most concerned about young people growing up in poverty and an unsafe home situation. Children who do not get a good example from anyone. With this extra money, we can reach young people and their families even better and help them with their behavioral and parenting problems. Ideally, I would like to place the most vulnerable young people, who also have an intellectual disability or disorder, in a care program with more coercion. They do not overlook the consequences of wrong choices and are an easy target for criminals. We need to protect them from that. I will certainly be discussing that with the minister.”



The City of Rotterdam is already working with all kinds of partners in the criminal justice and care chain to reduce youth crime, with a good balance between repression and prevention. The aforementioned concerns and trends not only require signaling, restricting or punishing, but also making young people resilient and offering them perspective. This starts in elementary school by teaching children social behavior. In secondary school, young people are made resilient against the temptation of (drug) criminals. At Zuid, young people aged 18 and over without a job, diploma or income receive practical training from city stewards to get their lives back on track. Prevention Intervention Teams support vulnerable families with parenting, (mental) health and financial problems.


Multidisciplinary expertise

The Ministry of Justice and Security has structurally made €82 million available for Prevention with Authority, as part of the national program Liveability and Safety. Rotterdam submitted the application together with Police, Public Prosecution, Rotterdam District Court, (youth) probation, youth work, HALT, national program Rotterdam-South, Regional Information and Expertise Center, Safety Alliance Rijnmond Region, Youth Protection Rotterdam-Rijnmond and the Child Protection Council. From their tasks and responsibilities, all partners are mapping the risks of (online) youth and street culture in order to strengthen operational deployment and work more proactively.

Baby starter kit reduces stress for parents with money worries

Baby starter kit reduces stress for parents with money worries

ROTTERDAM, 23 February 2023 – Rotterdam children born into a family affected by poverty will receive a package of baby gear this year to ensure a good start to their new life. Together with the Babyspullen Foundation, Rotterdam is distributing 550 baby starter kits. Alderman Ronald Buijt of Care, Elderly and Youth Care handed the first package to a mother on Wednesday, Feb. 22. The package contains basic items that many families cannot afford.


Baby kit

In Rotterdam, 1 in 5 children are born into poverty. Rotterdam wants babies to grow up safe, healthy and full of opportunities. A solid start in life is decisive. This year, the municipality is funding baby starter kits for expectant and new parents living around the social minimum. A kit consists of 120 to 130 items, such as baby clothes, care products, diapers, jugs and sheets. The Babyspullen Foundation assembles the packages from donated and new items. Together, the items cost about 750 to 1,250 euros in the store. There is a package for the maternity period and a package for children up to about 2 years of age.


Impact of money worries

Money worries in families with young children create a lot of stress. Long-term stress has a major impact on the mental and physical health of children and adults. In the first 1,000 days of life, stress can cause significant problems in brain development, stress hormone development, immune system and metabolism. As a result, children can develop learning and behavioural problems. Highly stressed expectant mothers are at greater risk of having a premature baby or a low birth weight child.


Baby starter kit reduces stress for parents with money worriesBaby starter kit reduces stress for parents with money worries


Solid Start

The baby starter kits match the ambition of the Stevige Start program to give all children born in Rotterdam a solid start in life. Alderman Ronald Buijt: “With such a kit, a child receives solid support in the first phase. This is important because a little help can carry on throughout a whole childhood. In this way, a child gets a better chance for a good future.”

Mary Kearney, general manager of the Babyspullen Foundation, is pleased with the partnership. “Our baby starter kits now only reach a small portion of babies in Rotterdam. Thanks to this cooperation, we can reach even more families in Rotterdam at an early stage and support them with a baby starter kit.”

Alderman Buijt handed the baby starter kit for the period up to 2 years to a mother. She also received a package before the birth of her daughter. “The first kit helped me so much. I had a lot of stress because I didn't know how to get all the baby stuff together. My baby was not growing well as a result. When I got the package, I felt the stress slip away from me. My baby then grew three ounces in one week and was finally born at a healthy weight.”



Caregivers and social workers can apply for a baby start package for parents and their child they are assisting. This can be done starting at 20 weeks of pregnancy. The baby start packages are intended for parents with an income up to 130 percent of the social minimum and/or parents without a social network. Babyspullen Foundation does not do an income test, but relies on the integrity of the applicant.
Pregnant women who need extra support with pregnancy and preparation for parenthood can contact the Application Point of Mothers of Rotterdam. The Admissions Office can also arrange financial support.

For more information on financial support, also visit

Flink groceries now available to order via Uber Eats in Rotterdam

Flink groceries now available to order via Uber Eats in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 27 January – Groceries from fast food delivery company Flink can now also be ordered via Uber Eats in Rotterdam. 
According to Robin Kiesler, Flink's Benelux director, the cooperation is a win-win situation: “Uber Eats customers can now also order Flink's large range of more than 2,000 products via the Uber app. For Flink, the cooperation with the popular Uber Eats means a further expansion of its already growing customer base. This contributes to strengthening our position as the market leader in the Netherlands for fast grocery delivery.”
Aukeline Tolman, managing director at Uber Eats, calls the new partnership a “considerable enrichment for Uber Eats users”, adding, “In addition to the existing large range of healthy meals and tasty dishes, thanks to the partnership with Flink, daily groceries can also be ordered just as quickly and easily via Uber Eats. We are continuously providing Eats app users with new opportunities to enjoy the best produce and meals, wherever and whenever they want. From fresh fruit to make a healthy smoothie bowl after exercise to Aperol for an impromptu Spritz with friends.”

How it works

The option to order groceries from Flink has been added to the Uber Eats app. Flink can be found under the 'Message' button. As is the case with restaurants, for example, for meals, you can add the groceries to the basket and have them delivered to the desired address.

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