Rotterdam focuses on affordability with new Housing Vision

Rotterdam focuses on affordability with new Housing Vision

ROTTERDAM, 25 October 2023 – The city of Rotterdam is taking significant steps to address the needs of residents and housing seekers through its newly approved Housing Vision, aimed at improving affordability, enhancing innovation and quality in new constructions, upgrading existing homes, and establishing a reporting centre for undesirable rental practices.

New housing strategy to meet growing demand

The increasing number of single-person households and rising housing prices in Rotterdam call for a serious approach. Alderman Chantal Zeegers (Climate, Construction, and Housing) emphasized the importance of housing, not just in terms of physical structures but as a communal effort to make the city a proud home for everyone.

Increasing affordability

With high demand across all housing segments, Rotterdam is focusing on expanding the middle segment. The city is encouraging the rapid construction of affordable homes by offering flexible regulatory measures and calling for innovative proposals to make better use of existing housing, such as adding extra floors (optoppen).

Future-proof neighbourhoods

To address issues like overdue maintenance, poor insulation, and foundational problems in many Rotterdam homes, the city plans to collaborate with homeowners' associations (VvE’s) and individual homeowners. Efforts will be directed towards sustainability and making these homes future-proof, as explained by Alderman Zeegers.

Fair housing market

Rotterdam is committed to ensuring a fair distribution of social housing and providing adequate support for those in vulnerable situations. Initiatives like the ‘Eerlijk te huur’ (Fairly for rent) platform are being introduced to maintain an accessible, inclusive, and equitable rental market.

Rotterdam's Construction Law

The introduction of a new Rotterdam Construction Law aims to facilitate the rapid development of affordable housing without compromising on quality or environmental concerns. This initiative is part of a larger plan to create better neighbourhoods and innovative living concepts within a densely populated city.

Key measures in brief

  • Launching the construction of 3,500-4,000 homes annually through new builds and temporary housing.
  • Ensuring 55% of new constructions are affordable until 2026, increasing to 65% thereafter.
  • Introducing a new Rotterdam Construction Law to maintain the momentum of affordable housing development.
  • Creating mixed neighbourhoods with various housing types to cater to all income levels.
  • Implementing innovative living-care concepts and measures to facilitate resident mobility.
  • Establishing a reporting centre for undesirable rental practices and educating tenants and landlords about their rights and responsibilities.

About the Rotterdam Housing Vision

The Rotterdam Housing Vision, developed with input from various stakeholders, outlines a long-term housing strategy up to 2040 and specific measures for the next five years. The Housing Accord, established by the city council in early 2023, forms the foundation of this vision. Further discussions in the city council are expected in March 2024.

For more information on the Rotterdam Housing Vision, visit:

Milestone reached in Rotterdam's Imagine Tower

Milestone reached in Rotterdam's Imagine Tower

ROTTERDAM, 12 October 2023 – A significant milestone has been reached in Rotterdam's Feyenoord City with the completion of the highest point of Imagine, a new residential tower. This marks a pivotal moment in the area's development, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable urban living.

Construction milestone achieved in Feyenoord City

The highest point of Imagine, a new residential tower located on Laan op Zuid in Rotterdam, has been reached. Area developers AM and Heijmans have initiated the ambitious Feyenoord City development with the Imagine building. The structure comprises 295 residences, including 162 for purchase and 133 for rent through Vesteda, along with 120 parking spaces and 1,500 square meters of commercial space. The building is designed with sustainability in mind, featuring energy-efficient apartments, a climate-adaptive structure, and a communal inner garden. Residents will also have access to shared mobility options. The building is expected to be completed by the summer of 2024.

Diverse housing options for a wide audience

Situated at the boundary of Parkstad and Feyenoord City, Imagine consists of two high-rise residential buildings connected at street level by a structure housing commercial and social functions. The flats offer views of the inner garden, the Maas River, the new Feyenoord City, and towards the city centre. Designed by Barcode Architects, the living spaces of the flats for purchase range from 48 to 225 square meters, while Vesteda's rental flats range from 50 to 95 square meters. Currently, 95% of the residences have been sold. Parking is available in the lower levels, which also offer shared mobility options. Ten parking spots are reserved for Amber shared cars, with an additional six spots available for other shared cars.

Official statements

Wethouder for Climate, Building, and Living, Chantal Zeegers, commented, “Imagine is the first project in the development of Feyenoord City. It's wonderful that the first residents can move in next summer. The project offers sustainable residences surrounded by abundant greenery and water.”

Wilco van den Ban, speaking on behalf of the Development Combination OCFC, stated, “With Imagine, we are setting the right tone to create a sustainable urban living environment in this part of Rotterdam. We have a strong collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam and StiGaM, and we appreciate the trust from homebuyers and Vesteda as a property investor and landlord in the Imagine project.”

Construction details

The construction is managed by the building combination of BAM Wonen and Heijmans Woningbouw. Henk Dilweg, representing the building combination, said, “With the realization of Imagine, we are making a positive contribution to future residents in Rotterdam South. The collaboration within the building combination is progressing smoothly, and it motivates our team to work on this significant project in a new sustainable environment.”

Event celebration

On Friday, 13 October, Wethouder Chantal Zeegers, along with involved partners, will perform a celebratory act to mark the achievement of the highest point.

Directions to Imagine

How to get there

Imagine is located on Laan op Zuid in Rotterdam, a bustling area known for its modern architecture and proximity to the city centre. The location is easily accessible by public transport and car.

Rotterdam introduces 'Eerlijk te Huur' for fair housing opportunities

Rotterdam introduces 'Eerlijk te Huur' for fair housing opportunities

ROTTERDAM, 31 August 2023 – A new dawn in the rental market is set as Rotterdam launches 'Eerlijk te Huur,' an innovative housing platform designed to combat discrimination. The platform allows prospective tenants to apply anonymously for rental properties, marking a significant step towards fair housing.

Addressing Housing Discrimination

Housing discrimination (Woondiscriminatie) has been identified as a growing issue. Dutch law prohibits landlords from selecting tenants based on characteristics such as origin, gender, nationality, or religion. However, studies show that applicants with non-Dutch sounding names are 23% less likely to be invited for a viewing.

Alderman Chantal Zegers, responsible for Building and Living, expressed her concerns about the issue. “It's unacceptable,” she said. “No one should be excluded from the housing market based on their background. Equal opportunities in housing are a fundamental right.”

How 'Eerlijk te Huur' Works

The 'Eerlijk te Huur' platform operates simply. Candidates register through a secure vault, creating a personal 'Woonpaspoort' that includes details like income and household composition. The developer then verifies the information to ensure its accuracy. Following this, anyone can anonymously apply for a property.

A Model for Other Cities

The pilot scheme is a crucial step in implementing the Law of Good Landlordship and is being closely monitored by other municipalities and the Ministry of the Interior. If successful, the methodology is expected to be adopted in other locations.

Property Availability

“The pilot has been made possible through a strong collaboration with the Platform of Private Landlords in Rotterdam (PPVR),” Zegers added. The PPVR is providing an initial 200 properties, ensuring a robust start. Notably, about 60% of these properties fall under social housing. Registration is open from 1 September via

Rotterdam's Watertorenweg welcomes new mural by Volkskracht

Rotterdam's Watertorenweg welcomes new mural by Volkskracht

ROTTERDAM, 21 August 2023 – A vibrant mural has been unveiled at Watertorenweg, marking the centenary of Volkskracht, a gesture that adds a touch of artistry to the city's landscape.

Mural details

A line from a poem by Moze Naél, previously revealed at Hofbogen in June, adorns the mural. The artwork, located near Watertorenweg, was crafted by artists Thomas & Jurgen, commissioned by Volkskracht in collaboration with the Opperclaes artists' collective.


An ode to Rotterdam

The poetic line, displayed on the 28-meter-high wall of the Mazesteyn senior complex in the De Esch district, was penned by Moze Naél to commemorate Volkskracht's 100th anniversary. The poem reads:

Waar we altijd voorwaarts,
waar geen weg meer terug.
Wanneer jij weer windje tegen,
wij dat duwtje in je rug.

Which translates to:

Where we always move forward,
where there's no way back.
When you face headwinds,
we give that push to your back.

Collaboration with residents

The mural, designed and executed by Thomas & Jurgen, holds a significant position in De Esch. Linda van der Vleuten from the Opperclaes artists' collective emphasized the importance of community involvement due to the mural's residential location. “We presented the artwork plans to around 25 residents and engaged in discussions with them. Based on the community's feedback, we modified the sketches. The residents appreciated being involved throughout the process.”

A gift to the city

The artwork stands as a welcoming sight for anyone entering the district, whether by foot, bike, or car. Jacqueline Frima, Chairperson of the Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, mentioned that, similar to the poem unveiled at Hofbogen in June, this poetic line serves as a birthday gift to all Rotterdammers.

Realize your dream

In celebration of its centenary, Volkskracht is inviting Rotterdam-based organizations to submit their visionary plans for the city. These submissions could win prizes ranging from one hundred to 250,000 euros. Entries are open until 31 August via their website. An expert jury will shortlist the submissions, and around two weeks later, Volkskracht will invite 75 applicants to pitch their dreams on 22, 23, and 30 September. The grand award ceremony, where cash prizes will be distributed, is scheduled for Wednesday, 4 October.

How to get there

Directions to Watertorenweg Located in the heart of Rotterdam, Watertorenweg is easily accessible by public transport, bike, or on foot. The area is known for its vibrant community and artistic flair.


Got a Rotterdam idea? Pitch it and win funding from Volkskracht

Rotterdam, 4 August 2023 – Volkskracht, Rotterdam's premier wealth fund, marks its centennial this year. In celebration, local organizations have until August 31 to submit their dream projects for a chance to win prizes ranging from a hundred to 250,000 euros. The winners will be announced at the special “100 Years of Volkskracht Awards” ceremony on October 4.

A legacy of supporting local initiatives

Throughout its near-century-long history, Volkskracht has supported a myriad of initiatives in collaboration with the people of Rotterdam. From heavy metal concerts and circus festivals to community gardens for children and renovations of sports clubs and cultural institutions, the fund has been instrumental in bringing dreams to life.

Three million euros up for grabs

The “100 Years of Volkskracht Awards” offers a whopping three million euros in prizes. Submitted projects will be categorized into three areas: Cultural, Future, and Social Rotterdam. The prize money will be distributed among multiple winners, with amounts varying from a hundred to 250,000 euros.

How to participate

Jacqueline Frima, Chairperson of the Foundation for the Promotion of Volkskracht, encourages potential applicants, stating, “Applying is simple. Just share your dream with us. It doesn't have to be a polished proposal; even a video will do. If your idea benefits Rotterdam, you stand a good chance of winning.”

The fund emphasizes the importance of dreaming big. For a project to be considered, it should be something that cannot be realized without financial support. Volkskracht is particularly interested in projects that have lasting impacts, rather than one-off events. Examples include musical instruments for the disabled, dental care for the homeless, a new van for the food bank, a new dance floor for a club, or neighborhood square greening projects.

Registration and pitching details

Those interested in participating should register by August 31 through the official Volkskracht website. An independent jury, chaired by columnist and writer Carrie Jansen, will review all submissions. Volkskracht will then invite 75 applicants to pitch their ideas to the jury on September 22, 23, and 30. The grand award ceremony, an evening event, will be held on October 4 at the Doelen, hosted by Carrie Jansen and Harry-Jan Bus, Director of Theater Walhalla.   

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