New vision for Feyenoord City development

New vision for Feyenoord City development

ROTTERDAM, 17 April 2024 – Bold new urban developments are reshaping Rotterdam's skyline and enhancing the city's green spaces. Feyenoord City unveils revised plans promising a harmonious blend of residential, commercial, and leisure spaces.


Revised vision for Feyenoord City presented to council

The Rotterdam council has been presented with updated plans for the Feyenoord City project, following the revision of the previous 2018 Stadionpark Area Vision ('Gebiedsvisie Stadionpark') and the 2019 Masterplan Feyenoord City. Adjustments were necessitated after the Council of State nullified the initial zoning plan at the end of 2022, coupled with the suspension of new stadium plans. The revised proposal is scheduled for council deliberation in May.


Urban integration and amenities

According to the new blueprint, De Kuip will maintain its status as a football stadium, augmented by the addition of a new city bridge and the Stadionpark train station ('treinstation Stadionpark'). Feyenoord City is designated to feature between 7,000 and 9,500 new residences, with approximately 350,000 square metres allocated for businesses, education, social facilities, recreation, and sports. An ambitious Waterfront Ambition Document ('ambitiedocument Waterkant') has been drafted for the area initially reserved for a new stadium. The realization of these plans is set to forge a vibrant centre in South Rotterdam, offering an inviting riverside for the enjoyment of the entire city.

Artist's impression of Feyenoord City 2.0 and the Waterfront. A new centre in the city. Concept by OMA and LOLAArtist's impression of Feyenoord City 2.0 and the Waterfront. A new centre in the city. Concept by OMA and LOLA

Green urban landscapes

 The project plans reveal the emergence of a verdant area along the river. The introduction of a tidal park and a new river promenade is poised to establish a fresh destination for recreation and water sports in Rotterdam. The 'Rondje Stadionpark', a pathway connecting various locales, will enable activities such as walking, skating, and running. New connections over the railway lines are planned to enhance accessibility between Feyenoord City and neighbouring districts, significantly improving Hillesluis's linkage to the river.

Alderman Zeegers, the municipal executive of climate, construction, and housing, stated: “This plan ensures that Feyenoord City becomes an agreeable location for all Rotterdammers, with residents of adjacent neighbourhoods primarily benefiting from the new developments.”

 The tidal park will be a place of tranquility for everyone in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Concept by the Municipality of Rotterdam. The tidal park will be a place of tranquility for everyone in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Concept by the Municipality of Rotterdam.

Community collaboration

In devising the master plan and Waterfront Ambition Document, extensive consultation took place with residents and business owners from Hillesluis, Feijenoord, and Afrikaanderwijk. Design bureaus EFFEKT, OMA, LOLA, the Stigam foundation, and municipal specialists have integrated the community discussions into the planning framework.


Construction and housing development

The Waterfront is poised to accommodate approximately 4,000 homes, underground parking facilities, numerous amenities, and robust transport links. An additional 4,000 to 5,000 dwellings are anticipated across the Veranda, Stadion Triangle ('Stadiondriehoek'), and the Hillesluis Station Environs ('Stationsomgeving Hillesluis'), with space for diverse functions. Stakeholders will continue to be engaged in the development processes.

Social impact and partnerships

Beyond construction, the Feyenoord City 2.0 initiative emphasises social functionality. Community suggestions have shaped aspects such as talent development, urban culture, casual meeting spots, and employment opportunities. Spaces are allocated for enterprises focusing on youth education and development, as well as facilities for daily activities and localized care services.

The Stigam foundation and associated developers, fully supporting the project, are spearheading the initial phase of residential development within Feyenoord City, using the updated plans as a basis for private land development and financing.


Initial construction phases

The administration is requesting the council to establish several specific zoning plans by the summer, aiming to commence the Tidal Park Feyenoord ('Getijdenpark Feyenoord') construction in 2025. Subsequent phases of Feyenoord City will unfold over ten years, with the Waterfront construction starting around 2027. Timeframes for the Veranda and Stadion Triangle remain undetermined. In Hillesluis, the removal of railway yards must precede any new construction, with investigations into relocation ongoing. This also influences the potential construction of the new Stadionpark station, not expected before 2030, along with decisions regarding the precise location of the new city bridge.

First Rotterdam citizens' assembly on climate launched

First Rotterdam citizens' assembly on climate launched

ROTTERDAM, 4 April 2024 – The first Rotterdam Citizens' Assembly on Climate has officially been established, involving 117 citizens through a random selection process to shape the city's climate initiatives.

In a pioneering move for civic engagement, Rotterdam has inaugurated its first Citizens' Assembly on Climate, engaging 117 locals to deliberate and decide on the city's approach to climate challenges. The assembly represents a balanced mix of genders, age groups, educational levels, and residents from various neighbourhoods. These participants will commence their deliberations on solutions for climate issues starting 16 April, with an advisory report to be presented to the city council this autumn.

Diverse representation

The assembly members predominantly range between 26 and 45 years old, but all age groups from 16 to over 66 are included, mirroring the demographic diversity of Rotterdam. The educational backgrounds of the members vary significantly, ensuring a broad spectrum of perspectives in the discussions.

Ideation and collaboration

Throughout six sessions from April to September, the assembly members will deepen their understanding of climate issues and collaborate on potential solutions. No prior expertise is required, as the assembly encourages input based on the members' experiences as residents. They will also have opportunities to consult experts and participate in city excursions. All residents of Rotterdam are invited to contribute their ideas and suggest sites for the assembly to visit through the city's portal until 9 April.

Recommendations to the city council

The assembly will independently determine necessary measures to counter climate change, potentially advocating for increased water retention, energy conservation, or urban greenery. The city council has expressed its intent to seriously consider the assembly's recommendations, which are anticipated in the coming autumn.

Selection process

To ensure a diverse group, two rounds of lottery were conducted. Initially, 10,000 residents were randomly selected from the population registry in February, receiving invitations to apply. From 358 respondents, 117 were chosen, with attention paid to a balanced representation across various demographic factors.

Climate goals

By 2030, Rotterdam aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 55% from 1990 levels, with the ultimate goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. The Citizens' Assembly on Climate is a strategic step to harness local ingenuity and creativity in meeting these ambitious objectives.

Young voices rise in Pitch Parade 2024

Young voices rise in Pitch Parade 2024

ROTTERDAM, 4 April 2024 – A new initiative, Pitch Parade, has been launched to empower the youth of Zuid-Holland to bring their cultural and social visions to life. Funding and support are available for young individuals aiming to make a difference in their communities.

Pitch parade: empowering young voices

The Kunstgebouw and the VSBfonds have collaborated to create the Pitch Parade, a platform aimed at supporting youth between the ages of 15 and 27 from small to medium-sized municipalities in Zuid-Holland. The initiative offers financial support and guidance to help young people execute their cultural and societal projects. Initially launched in Vlaardingen, the programme is set to expand to six additional municipalities in 2024.

Opportunities for youth

Participants in the Pitch Parade can engage in a variety of projects, from organizing festivals to starting community gardens or reading clubs. The initiative helps to realize these ideas and contributes to the personal development of the participants and their community engagement. Winners of the pitch receive up to €2,500 per project, with each municipality allocating a total of €5,000 for multiple projects. This financial support is complemented by professional guidance from Kunstgebouw and local cultural centres.

Benefits and learning outcomes

By participating in the Pitch Parade, young people gain valuable experience in pitching ideas and applying for grants, thereby enhancing their skills and expanding their networks. This opportunity allows them to actively contribute to their communities, achieving personal growth and societal impact.

Upcoming events and participation

The next Pitch Parade event is scheduled for 17 April 2024 at the Centrum voor de Kunsten in Spijkenisse. The event begins at 19:00. Those interested in participating or seeking more information can visit Future events are planned for Capelle aan den IJssel, Rijswijk, Schiedam, Zoetermeer, and Zwijndrecht throughout 2024.

Directions to the Centrum voor de Kunsten

The Centrum voor de Kunsten in Spijkenisse is located centrally, easily accessible by public transport and car. 

3D Feyenoord shirt puzzle at Hoogvliet supermarkets

3D Feyenoord shirt puzzle at Hoogvliet supermarkets

ROTTERDAM, 2 April 2024 — From 3 April, patrons at Hoogvliet supermarkets will have the opportunity to collect stamps to purchase a 3D puzzle, replicating the Feyenoord home shirt. This item can be acquired for €7.99 upon the completion of a savings card with 11 stamps.

Shoppers will earn one stamp for every €10 spent on groceries from 3 April until 7 May, 2024. The shirt, a faithful representation of Feyenoord's actual home shirt, is designed to be assembled into a 3D puzzle by individuals aged seven and above, comprising 59 pieces. This initiative is a result of the Official Partnership between Hoogvliet supermarkets and Feyenoord.

Promotional competition details

In conjunction with the puzzle purchase, using a completed savings card, customers will also receive a lottery ticket offering the chance to win exclusive Feyenoord-themed prizes, including:

  • A clinic with players from Feyenoord Women’s team 1 (for children)
  • Autographed Feyenoord shirts
  • Tickets to the Feyenoord vs PEC Zwolle match
  • Official Feyenoord footballs

Further details about the savings campaign and associated competition can be found on Hoogvliet’s official website.

Rotterdam project backs anti-poverty champions

Rotterdam project backs anti-poverty champions

ROTTERDAM, 26 March 2024 – A new project recognises efforts to combat poverty and debt in Rotterdam. Alderman Mohamed-Hoesein awarded the first cheque to a Rozenburg entrepreneur.

Rotterdam unites against poverty and debt

The Municipality of Rotterdam has joined forces with its citizens to address poverty within the city. The initiative 'Samen sterk tegen armoede en schulden' (Strong together against poverty and debts) celebrates community members who have organised neighbourhood initiatives to assist Rotterdam residents affected by poverty. On Tuesday, 26 March 2024, the Alderman for Poverty Reduction, Debt Assistance and Language, Mohamed-Hoesein, surprised the first nominee with a cheque.

Local entrepreneur rewarded for anti-poverty efforts

Entrepreneur Anna van Rossen, owner of the thrift shop Anna’s Markthal in Rozenburg, is the first to be acknowledged. Recognised for her commitment to aiding those with limited financial means, she was presented with a €250 cheque. Van Rossen's mission is to help as many people as possible through affordable items and often provides goods for free. Her shop serves as a vital social hub where locals not only shop but also share their stories over coffee.

Encouraging community initiatives

The municipality acknowledges that tackling poverty requires collaboration beyond governmental efforts. Alderman Mohamed-Hoesein stated, "By joining forces, we hope to support as many residents as possible and to inspire other citizens to launch similar initiatives. It's essential to recognize and thank those making a difference in the lives of residents living in poverty." Residents are encouraged to nominate notable anti-poverty initiatives in their neighbourhoods by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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