Frietboutique opens in Lusthofstraat Rotterdam, offering unique flavours

New Frietboutique opens in Lusthofstraat Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 7 April 2023 - Discover the latest Frietboutique opening in Rotterdam's Lusthofstraat, providing both French fries and ice cream with unique flavours, made from fresh, local ingredients.


The new Frietboutique Kralingen location opened its doors in the bustling Lusthofstraat on 7 April. The establishment is known for its unique flavours of both fries and ice cream. Frietboutique's fries have gained fame, as their 3D-printed sour meat fries even won the award for the Best Loaded Fries in the Netherlands this year.

Co-owner Pebbles van Noorden expressed her excitement: “We are incredibly proud to open our fourth location in Lusthofstraat. Having grown up in this part of Rotterdam, it feels like coming home,” says van Noorden. “To now supply my old neighbourhood with our fries is like the mayonnaise on the cone for me.”


Champagne ice cream and neighbourhood connections

Frietboutique offers surprising flavours for both fries and ice cream. One noteworthy option is champagne ice cream, made from genuine champagne. The stewed meat for their traditional fries comes from local butcher and neighbour Van Linschoten. Co-owner Sammy Berendsen emphasised their aim to fulfil a community role, providing a place where locals of all ages can enjoy fries and ice cream made from fresh, local products.


Space for guests and a young manager at the helm

The Lusthofstraat location can accommodate over 30 guests indoors and features a child-friendly play area, making it an ideal spot for children's parties. During the summer, the sunny terrace will be expanded to 40 seats with two terrace platforms. Rio Tjon-A-Tsien, who previously worked at the Witte de With location for two years, will manage the new Frietboutique.


About Frietboutique

With two other locations in Rotterdam (Witte de Withstraat and Bergse Dorpstraat), Frietboutique is a well-known establishment in the city. It functions as a 2-in-1 shop, allowing customers to enjoy Ijsboutique's scoop ice cream alongside their fries. Fresh ingredients for the ice cream are sourced from local suppliers for a rich taste experience. Frietboutique's fries are hand-cut from sustainably grown Dutch Agria potatoes, which are purchased directly from farmers before being cleaned, cut, and fried in 100% vegetable oil for optimal results. The fries and ice cream are also supplied to various hospitality establishments throughout the country.



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