Cargoroo expands e-cargo bike sharing to Rotterdam

Cargoroo expands e-cargo bike sharing to Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 12 April 2023 – Dutch cargo bike-sharing platform Cargoroo expands to Rotterdam, meeting the increasing demand for sustainable and convenient urban transport solutions from municipalities and users.

Cargoroo launches in Rotterdam

Starting 24 April 2023, the e-cargo bike provider will launch in Rotterdam, with 100 electric cargo bikes placed in various locations throughout the port city, such as Nieuwe Westen, Oude Noorden, Kralingen, and Zuid. With this launch, the shared mobility provider has expanded its services to all G5 cities, making Rotterdam an even more liveable and sustainable city.

Growing demand for shared cargo bikes

The demand for shared cargo bikes (deelbakfietsen) is growing in the Netherlands and Europe. Unlike other forms of shared mobility, there is no sign of slowing down. In Amsterdam, at least 750 shared cargo bikes will be added by the summer of 2024, with a possibility to expand to 1,250. In The Hague, Cargoroo received official confirmation last week that the number of shared cargo bikes on the streets can increase from 200 to 500.

Expansion in Europe

Cargoroo is not only expanding in the Netherlands, but also in other European cities, such as Berlin and Lyon. The shared cargo bike concept contributes to reduced emissions and more public space for everyone, making cities more sustainable and liveable.

Cargoroo CEO Erik de Winter says, “We are very proud of what we have achieved so far as founders. Everyone in our company has contributed to this growth. We see that many municipalities embrace our vision: the shared cargo bike for everyone in the city, which is necessary on a large scale to make a significant impact. It is very satisfying and contributes to our mission to make a positive contribution to a liveable city for everyone. This also paves the way for a shared cargo bike on every street.”

Expansion due to financing

To realize these expansion plans, Cargoroo recently held a financing round, raising €10 million. Last week, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to accelerate the expansion, allowing anyone to become a shareholder of Cargoroo. So far, more than €290,000 has been raised. In addition to the crowdfunding campaign, financing has also been provided by Rabobank, which further supports the company's mission.   

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