Have coffee with a cop at this McDonald's in Rotterdam Zuid

Have coffee with a cop at this McDonald's in Rotterdam Zuid

McDonald's restaurant Rotterdam Groene Hilledijk introduces Coffee with a Cop. Every second Monday of the month, neighbourhood policemen enter into casual conversations with guests and local residents, with no strings attached.
Rotterdam, 15 February 2022 - For guests and local residents, McDonald's restaurant Rotterdam Groene Hilledijk will from now on organize a casual contact moment with local police officers on the second Monday of the month. The restaurant chain is doing this under the title Koffie met een Cop (Coffee with a Cop), an initiative to bring the neighbourhood closer together. Everyone is welcome. While enjoying a cup of coffee, officers talk to local residents about what is going on in the neighbourhood. 
Groene Hilledijk is the first Rotterdam McDonald's restaurant to offer Coffee with a Cop. This originally American idea was first introduced in the Netherlands in 2016, by McDonald's Dordrecht. The accessibility of McDonald's to all walks of life makes a conversation between cops and citizens low-key. Because the agents hear first-hand what is going on in the neighbourhood, they are better able to respond to the needs of residents. The Groene Hilledijk restaurant is one of the dozens of McDonald's restaurants in the Netherlands that offer this service. 
Ben Franken, Franchisee of McDonald's Rotterdam Groene Hillendijk: "As a good neighbour, we want to connect and help society move forward. I care about this neighbourhood and with my restaurant I like to fulfil the bridging function between citizens and police in order to keep the neighbourhood liveable and pleasant. It's only a small effort for us to make our restaurant available at set times so that guests and the police can have a casual conversation over a cup of coffee that we offer." 
Witte de Withstraat safer after speed reduction to 30 km/h

Witte de Withstraat safer after speed reduction to 30 km/h

ROTTERDAM, 10 February 2022 - As of today, Witte de Withstraat is a 30 km/h street for cars and trucks. The famous Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam is the first street in the city's '30 km/h approach' that starts this year. By reducing the speed, traffic in the street is safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Road markings on the street

Extra lineation on Witte de Withstraat reserves space for cyclists and ensures that car traffic can travel slower. In order to meet the legal requirements for a 30 km/h street, speed bumps will be installed at the intersections from April onwards. Alderwoman Judith Bokhove of Mobility, Youth and Language unveiled the 30 km/h signs. "The changes to turn this street into a 30 km/h zone are large and expensive. In order to be able to introduce 30 km/h in many more streets, we are asking the national government to relax the standards for 30 km/h streets. Then we can introduce and enforce the lower speed faster and cheaper" says Bokhove.

30 km/h becomes standard in Rotterdam

Rotterdam wants to introduce a maximum speed of 30 km/h in the city for cars and freight. This reduction in the speed limit to 30 km/h ensures a safe and attractive city. It is expected that the number of car journeys in the city will fall by 78,000 as people opt for a bicycle or public transport. In addition, the lower speed helps make traffic clearer and safer.
Since 80% of the accidents take place on roads with a 50 km/h speed limit, lowering this speed limit is an effective means to increase traffic safety in the city. Moreover, the impact of a traffic accident at 30 km/h is much less, and pedestrians and cyclists even have a 90% higher chance of surviving the accident when colliding with a car.

Follow-up to 18 streets

This year, the municipality started lowering the speed limit in 18 streets in Rotterdam. Witte de Withstraat is the first street where 30 km/h is the standard. The other streets are: Willem Buijtewechstraat, Claes de Vrieselaan, Mathenesserlaan, Van Aerssenlaan, Bentincklaan, Walenburgerweg, Bergweg, Bergselaan, Rodenrijselaan, Zaagmolenstraat, Benthuizerstraat, Hofplein, Jonker Fransstraat, Haagseveer, Gedempte Zalmhaven, Lange Hilleweg and Willemsbrug.
Motel Mozaïque Festival announces MOMO Art Motel, new names

Motel Mozaïque Festival announces MOMO Art Motel, new names

Motel Mozaïque Festival announces MOMO Art Motel and more new names. During the 20th edition of MOMO Festival, from 21 to 23 April 2022, visitors will discover new tastemakers in music, performance, dance and visual art.
ROTTERDAM, 1 February 2022 - The Rotterdam festival Motel Mozaïque (MOMO) offers a unique sleeping experience with the project MOMO Art Motel. This Art Motel takes place during the 20th edition of MOMO Festival at OASE, a sustainable-social breeding ground and event space right on the banks of the river Maas. At this inspiring location, performance collective Grande Loge will perform on 22 and 23 April 2022.
MOMO Festival also expands its international music line-up with six new names: London formation caroline is Artist in Residence during MOMO Festival, young British DJ SHERELLE who is rocketing to the top of the bass scene, American neo-soul singer Yaya Bey, Irish post-punk band Enola Gay, British singer-songwriter Keeley Forsyth who is known for her hypnotic vocals and minimalist electronica and Mandy, Indiana, a band from Manchester who frames French songs with energetic rave beats and industrial post-punk.
In addition, the performance programme will include “Motus Sonus (working title)”. This is an unlikely interaction between composer-musician Max Frimout and choreographer-dancer Alesya Dobysh.

MOMO Art Motel

Those who stay at the MOMO Art Motel can count on an unforgettable sleeping experience. From the first edition, Motel Mozaïque offers the possibility to stay overnight at remarkable locations in Rotterdam, where performers often provide the framework and an honest breakfast. During previous editions of MOMO Festival, visitors could for example sleep in specially designed artworks, shop windows, churches or on roofs. 
The Art Motel of MOMO Festival 2022 takes place at OASE, a sustainable-social breeding ground and event space right on the banks of the river Maas. In this inspiring place, performance collective Grande Loge initiates a nightly sky storming under the direction of David Christelle. 

Artist in Residence: caroline

During MOMO Festival 2022, the London formation caroline will be Artist in Residence for three days. What exactly this special project entails will be announced in the run-up to the festival. 
On each of her handful of singles, caroline builds a hypnotic soundscape step by step, with influences from Midwestern emo, Appalachian folk and classical minimalism. Nothing too rushed, careful improvisation. In 2019, the eight-piece had only played about five live shows when they were noticed by the illustrious Rough Trade founder Geoff Travis. The label will release their debut album on 25 February 2022, but according to NME and Stereogum, among others, Caroline are already one of the bands to keep an eye on next year. 

Previously announced

Thirty acts have already been announced for the programme of the Rotterdam festival; 
Amenti Theatre Company, Balimaya Project, Benjamin Kahn, Billy Nomates, Blak Saagan, Broadside Hacks, Famous, Finn Ronsdorf, Gino-Cochise, Gita Buhari, Hand Habits, INNERWOUD, Jean-Michel Blais, Jockstrap, Katy J. Pearson, Mathieu Charles, MC Yallah & Debmaster, Meskerem Mees, Mirjam Manusama, Mysie, Real Lies, S10, Sad Night Dynamite, Soccer96, Spacey Jane, Nitrogen, Sylvie Kreusch, Talk Show, Voetvolk and Working Men's Club.
MOMO Festival will announce more music acts, performers, artists, discovery routes and special projects in the near future.
Heerenhuyskamer concerts in Het Park every Sunday morning

Heerenhuyskamer concerts in Het Park every Sunday morning

ROTTERDAM, 30 January 2021 - On Sunday, 30 January, a double celebration was held for the Heerenhuyskamer Concerts in Het Park: the 10,000th visitor was welcomed to the first concert to take place after the lockdown. All visitors were treated to a festive cake by Dudok Patisserie and enjoyed a tango morning with 'Trio del Puerto'. 

Popular tradition restored

Since 2018, live music has been performed in Het Park (also known as Euromast Park) every Sunday morning at the Heerenhuys. Het Park in Rotterdam has been a national monument since 2011 and has a long history with music; in the 19th century, concerts in the Heerensociëteit could regularly be heard in Het Park. With the Heerenhuys concerts at Dudok in Het Park, the manager of the Heerenhuys, a popular tradition has been restored to its former glory. 

Safe and atmospheric

The atmospheric rooms of Dudok In Het Park have been set up to be pleasant and, above all, safe. In the appropriately named 'Parkzaal', the musicians play at a safe distance from the visitors. Every Sunday morning, you can visit a surprising concert featuring musicians who are always linked to Rotterdam. From pop to world music, and from jazz to classical.
Heerenhuys - Dudok In Het Park 📷 Hielke GrootendorstHeerenhuys - Dudok In Het Park 📷 Hielke Grootendorst

A full schedule

On 13 February, the first batch of international talents selected for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra's Academy will take the stage. On 27 March, the adventurous jazzmen of the Artvark Saxophone Quartet will present their new album 'Mother of Thousand'. Music from around the world is also on the programme, including flamenco singer Raquel Kurpershoek on 6 March and fado singer Magda Mendes on 20 March. 
To give as many people as possible the chance to attend a concert, there are two concerts on one Sunday during the current measures. The starting times are 11.30 a.m. and 12.45 p.m., with a maximum of 30 visitors each time. The complete agenda can be found on www.heerenhuyskamerconcerten.nl, tickets can be purchased for €7.50.
Rotterdam gets 320 extra GO Sharing electric shared bikes

Rotterdam gets 320 extra GO Sharing electric shared bikes

ROTTERDAM, 6 January 2022 - Shared transport company GO Sharing has announced the placement of 320 extra electric shared bikes in Rotterdam, in addition to the 240 e-bikes that are already available. The e-bikes will be offered alongside electric shared scooters and electric cars and are intended for the active, shorter journey from A to B, or as the last means of transport to the final destination of a longer trip.  
GO Sharing starts today with the placement of e-bikes and will introduce 50 to 80 shared bikes per placement. The last placement will take place in mid-February. The e-bikes can be found and reserved via the GO Sharing app. The user pays from €0.18 per minute, €0.15 per minute to park the e-bike and a starting rate of €0.25. The e-bikes of GO Sharing have a range of up to 60 kilometres. The batteries are replaced by GO Sharing employees as soon as they are in danger of running out.
Rotterdam gets 320 extra GO Sharing electric shared bikesRotterdam gets 320 extra GO Sharing electric shared bikes

Shared transport instead of your own vehicle

The electric shared bicycles are part of the multimodal offer with which GO Sharing wants to support door-to-door travel, also between regions, with shared transport. The company wants to reduce CO2 emissions from traffic and the need for parking spaces in cities.
GO Sharing CEO Raymon Pouwels explains: "In our mission to replace vehicle ownership with shared mobility, supporting the journey from door to door is crucial. Even when you travel to another city you want the same convenience as having your own vehicle. With GO Sharing, you can take a shared scooter or e-bike within a three-minute walk to an electric shared car, and use the shared car to travel to another city, where you can take a shared scooter or e-bike to your final destination. All via one app and at a competitive rate."
Rotterdam gets 320 extra GO Sharing electric shared bikesRotterdam gets 320 extra GO Sharing electric shared bikesRotterdam gets 320 extra GO Sharing electric shared bikesRotterdam gets 320 extra GO Sharing electric shared bikes

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