Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix live in Rotterdam

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix live in Rotterdam

Harry Potter and music lovers rejoice! In January 2020, fans will be able to relive the magic of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in real life. The musical spectacle features live accompaniment by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Order of the Phoenix in Concert

Order of the Phoenix is the fifth film in the classic saga by author J.K. Rowling. At the concert, the film will be projected as in a film theatre, while the musical score, originally composed and arranged by Nicholas Hooper will be performed live by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.


Expect an evening in which enchanting and 100% live musical performances will take you on an epic journey through Harry Potters' adventures during his fifth year at school. A year in which the sorcerer's apprentice, ominously threatened by Voldemort, was attacked by dementors and plagued by ink-black dreams.

The film will be screened in its original English version, with Dutch subtitles.

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra distinguishes itself worldwide as a top orchestra known for cutting edge performances in which sparks (almost literally) fly. Every year, more than 100,000 concertgoers in the Netherlands and abroad experience how classical music, in capable hands, becomes an inspiring evening. The orchestra is known for not shying away from modern productions. An example of this is their participation in the live performance of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1918. Under the direction of Eduard Flipse in the 1930s, the orchestra developed into one of the most prominent Dutch orchestras. With Jean Fournet and Edo de Waart, the orchestra continued to build on its international reputation in the 1970s. Valery Gergiev's appointment heralded a new heyday, which was continued since 2008 with Yannick Nézet-Séguin. He has been an honorary conductor with the orchestra since 2018. Since the 2018-2019 season, Lahav Shani has been chief conductor of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra 📷 Rotterdams PhilharmonischRotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra 📷 Rotterdams Philharmonisch

Tickets to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in Rotterdam

For tickets and more information on the event, visit the official Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra website.
Are you a frequent visitor of De Doelen? Do note that the seating plan for this concert has been adapted to allow you to view the film from all angles. You can see the new floor plan during the ordering process.

Event details

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix In Concert

De Doelen
Schouwburgplein 50, 3012 CL Rotterdam

Date(s) & Time(s):
Thursday, 16 January 2020 | 19:30
Friday, 17 January 2020 | 19:30
Saturday, 18 January 2020 | 19:30
Sunday, 19 January 2020 | 13:30

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Varies: €33 - €69
Purchase tickets

Event type:
Live Film & Music Concert


Location: De Doelen Rotterdam

The event takes place in the large auditorium at De Doelen, Rotterdam's premiere concert hall. It's a seven-minute (550m) walk from Rotterdam Central Station.

Dossier Indië & Merdeka exhibitions - Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

Dossier Indië & Merdeka exhibitions - Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

On 1 October, the Wereldmuseum will open three new exhibitions: Dossier Indië, Merdeka and Remix Rotterdam.  Two of these exhibitions, Dossier Indië and Merdeka, showcase a unique collection of images showing the history of colonial Indonesia up until 1949 and the colonial legacy of Indonesia and the Netherlands today.

The photographs and images shown in Dossier Indië have been selected by guest curator Thom Hoffman. In the Merdeka exhibition, photographic works are shown by Rotterdam photographer Stacii Samidin.

Dossier Indië in cooperation with guest curator Thom Hoffman

The Wereldmuseum asked Thom Hoffman to be guest curator for the exhibition Dossier Indië. The well-known actor, photographer and documentary filmmaker has been immersing himself in the history of the Dutch East Indies for more than 25 years. For the BBNI Image Bank, Hoffman is working on opening up thousands of photographs and film fragments. Moreover, as guest professor at TU Delft and Tilburg University, he researched this historical period with students.

Dossier Indië shows the history of colonized Indonesia. The exhibition shows how nineteenth-century photographers consciously and unconsciously created a mythical image of the colony. The earliest photographs sketch a dream image of a beautiful India. But gradually the character of the photographs changes and a sharper picture of social relations emerges. The perspective shifts from the Dutch colonials to the colonized Indonesians.

Hoffman: "For me photography is a window on history. Each photo describes a relationship. And every Indian photograph for me describes the relationship between the Dutch and the Indonesians, with whom we share an emotional past."

Merdeka by the Rotterdam photographer Stacii Samidin

The Rotterdam photographer Stacii Samidin (1987) made a name for himself with Societies, a photo series about subcultures, including youth groups and infamous gangs. For the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, in 2018, he created the photo exhibition Document Nederland about cafés and their patrons, guests and bartenders.

Samidin has his roots in Indonesia and was commissioned by the museum to make the photo series Merdeka, for which he travelled to Indonesia. Samidin's new photo exhibition at the Wereldmuseum looks beyond the year 1949.
Merdeka, which means freedom/independence, is a personal reflection on the colonial heritage that he finds in Indonesia and the Netherlands today. His photographs show images that can also be found in the exhibition Dossier Indië, such as the island of Onrust, which back then had a totally different meaning than now.
On Sunday 6 October, the Wereldmuseum will organize an intimate meet and greet with the photographer at which he will tell about his journey.

Location: Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

Oyster Opening World Cup in Rotterdam - location, date, info

Oyster Opening World Cup in Rotterdam - location, date, info

The Oyster Opening World Cup 2019 will go down right here in Rotterdam during the 'Gastvrij Rotterdam' hospitality trade fair. Participants from 24 different countries will participate at the event.

On Monday 23 September 2019, the Oyster Opening World Cup will be held during the Gastvrij Rotterdam 2019 hospitality trade fair in Ahoy. On this day, 24 countries will compete for the coveted title. An expert jury will judge the participants on speed and presentation and will determine the winner of the Oyster Opening World Cup 2019. The presentation of the spectacular finale in Ahoy is in the hands of oyster man Barend Havenaar and winegrower Barbara Verbeek of the Wijntheater.

The rules

During the Oyster Opening World Cup 2019, 24 participants from 24 countries will compete with each other. Each participant will receive thirty flat oysters from Zeeland and a wooden competition plate measuring 50 by 70 cm. The aim is to open the oysters as professionally as possible in the shortest possible time. Speed and presentation are taken into account in the assessment, which takes place via a points system. For example, it is checked whether the meat has not been cut to pieces, whether the opened oyster is free of grit and whether the oyster meat has been cut loose from the shell. The individual with the fewest penalties, the best presentation points and the fastest time can call him- or herself the best oyster opener in the world. Currently, the world record of 2 minutes and 11 seconds is in the name of Anti Lepik from Estonia.

The jury

An expert jury will determine who becomes the world champion. This group of professionals consists of Felix Wilbrink (culinary journalist from De Telegraaf), Wil van Merkensteijn (education and communication specialist from Schmidt Zeevis), Hasse Johannesson (Sweden, Oyster Opening World Cup 2019) and Stephen Nolan (Ireland, multiple world champion oyster opening). The rules that are used are drawn up by the World Oyster Opening Association.

Arrival of participants in Rotterdam

On Sunday, September 22 at 17:00 hours, the 24 flag-bearing international participants will arrive at Hotel New York's docks by boat. There, they will be welcomed with oysters from the Oesterij and oyster beer from the Scheldebrouwerij.

For more information on the Oyster Opening World Cup 2019, visit the Wijntheater website.

Event details

Oyster Opening World Cup 2019

Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam

Date & Time:
23 September 2019 | 15:00 - 18:00

World class Oyster Openers


Event type:
Hospitality trade fair


Location: Ahoy Rotterdam

Music on the Rotte 2019 - location, dates, artist line-up

Music on the Rotte 2019 - location, dates, artist line-up

Love jazz, classical and music from around the world? Then Muziek op de Rotte (Music on the Rotte) is an event you are gonna want to check out. Entrance is free and the music is lovely. 

Music on the Rotte is a three-day musical carousel in which compelling classical music, gritty crossovers, irresistible jazz, enchanting vocals, quirky Balkan blues and dazzling percussion effortlessly go hand in hand.

Music on the Rotte 2019

In 2019, Music on the Rotte takes place on 13, 14 and 15 September. This year, the festival welcomes Benjamin Herman & the Robin Nolan Trio, North Sea String Quartet, Spijkers and Artvark & Drums United, among others. The line-up:

• Mainport Barbershop Singers (MBS)
• Rotterdam Chamber Music Society (RCMS)
• Sami Dalmis w/ Tansiyon
• Jansouz Ensemble
• North Sea String Quartet
• Benjamin Herman & the Robert Nolan Trio
• Koninklijke Rotterdamse Post Harmonie
• Samira's Blues
• RYSK (Rotterdam Yurttan Sesler Korosu)
• Sarava'n feat. Magda Mendes
• Isabel Bermejo w/ "The Impact"
• Boven de Sterren
• Red Herring
• Spijkers
• Conjunto Papa Una
• Yorleine
• Winston Scholsberg's Multi Jam
• Vocalsz: Thierry & Djeliviah
• Artvark & Drums United
• Vocalsz: Jeremy Garcia & Band
• Son de Aqui

On Friday 13 September (18:00-23:00)
Classical, Avant-Garde, Gipsy Jazz and Persian tones, it all happens on the first night of Music on the Rotte. The evening ends with jazz icon Benjamin Herman and master guitarist Robin Nolan. They bring irresistible gipsy jazz to Muziek op de Rotte.

On Saturday 14 September (13:00-23:00)
On Saturday, the programme starts with the Dutch-language Balkan Blues by Spijkers. There's also Venezuelan band Conjunto Papa Upa. They perform Venezuelan rhythms fused with sixties surf rock, samba and guagancó. Also, stick around for the beautiful Turkish choir RYSK, the magnetizing spirituals of Samira's Blues, Surinamese Kaseko by Boven de Sterren and many more acts.

On Sunday 15 September (12:00-19:00)
Sunday starts quietly with meditative Ta Chi exercises (free to join), but do not underestimate this day. There's Multi jam by Winston Scholsberg, saxophone quartet Artvark together with Drums United as well as modern cumbia music by Son de Aqui.

Event details

Music on the Rotte 2019

Zaagmolenkade / Noordplein

Date(s) & Time(s):
13 - 15 September 2019

Benjamin Herman & the Robin Nolan Trio, Son de Aqui and more...

100% Free

Event type:
Music Festival

You can find additional information as well as the official festival line-up on the Muziek op de Rotte website


Location: Noordplein

The event takes place on the shore (Noordplein) as well as on the docks (Zaagmolenkade). For extra help getting there, check out our directions to Noordplein.
Devendra Banhart live in Rotterdam - location, date, tickets

Devendra Banhart live in Rotterdam - location, date, tickets

If you're a fan of folk music, you're going to love this. Devendra Banhart, the nicknamed "high priest of L.A. Freak Folk" will perform at Annabel in Rotterdam on 1 February 2020.

L.A. Freak Folk

Devendra Banhart will come to Rotterdam on Saturday 1 February 2020. The peculiar standard-bearer for 'Freak Folk' will give a concert in Annabel. Devendra Banhart, once named the 'High Priest of L.A. Freak Folk', writes music that can only be described as a whirlwind mystical folk, raga spirituals and Latin-American rock. Banhart has the unique ability to illuminate that sweet spot between absurdity and melancholy. He can be described as a sensitive soul, a poet, performer, activist as well as a visual artist and musician.

Devendra Banhart's new album 'Ma'

Banhart's new album 'Ma' will be released on 13 September.  The simply titled 'Ma' is Devendra Banhart's third for the American label Nonesuch. In a deceptively cunning way, Banhart delves into the nature of unconditional motherly love: passing on wisdom and cherishing that wisdom, the relationship from mother to child and what happens when that special bond is broken.

Tickets cost €27 (including service costs) and are available from Friday 6 September at 10:00 a.m. via Ticketmaster, Rotown, Motel Mozaique and LantarenVenster.

Event details

Devendra Banhart (2019)
& support act

Annabel Rotterdam
Schiestraat 20, 3013 AH Rotterdam

Date(s) & Time(s):
1 February 2020 | 19:30 (doors open 18:30)

Devendra Banhart and a support act

Regular: €27

Event type:
Music Concert


Location: Annabel Rotterdam

This concert is standing room only.

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