Left of the Dial festival Rotterdam - dates, locations, acts

Left of the Dial festival Rotterdam 📷 Niek HageLeft of the Dial festival Rotterdam 📷 Niek Hage
Left of the Dial festival offers an exciting cross-section of the best (post)punk, garage, shoegaze and noiserock of this moment.

Left of the Dial has been expanding considerably. In 2019, there's Bands on a Boat. You sail on the river for about two hours while bands play on the boat. On Saturday afternoon you can also join Bowling with Bands.

Left of the Dial Line-up 2019

bààn (BE) • Birthday Girl (SE) • Black Leather Jacket (BE) • Blue Crime (NL) • BRONT (BE) • BUDGET TRASH (BE) • Cassels (UK) • Cry (BE) • Dancehall (UK) • Death Hags (USA) • Deeper (US) • Deliluh (CA) • dirk. (BE) • DITZ (UK) • Do Nothing (UK) • Dominic Wolf (UK) • Dumb (CA) • Forbidden Wizards (NL) • Gaygirl (UK) • Global Charming (NL) • Gnoomes (RU) • The Goa Express (UK) • Haze (UK) • HEISA (BE) • Holiday Ghosts (UK) • Hot Flash Heat Wave (US) • Ilgen-Nur (DE) • Imperial Wax (UK) • Japanese Television (UK) • Jealous (DE) • Jelly Boy (UK) • LIFE (UK) • Lumer (UK) • Manisdron (JP) • Micah Erenberg (CA) • Mind Rays (BE) • MOLLY (AT) • The Mystery Lights (US) • One Sentence. Supervisor (CH) • Pabst (DE) • Paracetamøl (NL) • Peeping Drexels (UK) • Pet Shimmers (UK) • The Pier (IT) • Pynch (UK) • Rats on Rafts (NL)  • Sasha and the Shades (UK) • The Shuks (UK) • Sinead O’Brien (IE) • Sleep Eaters (UK) • Slumb Party (UK) • SONNDR (NL) • Stef Chura (US) • The Sweet Release of Death (NL) • TnT Radio • Fuzzy Aad

What Left of the Dial sounds like:

Check out the Spotify playlist below and have a listen.

Left of the Dial event details

Left of the Dial

Various: Rotown, Worm, V2_, Vibes, V11, NSR

Date(s) & Time(s):
18 - 19 October 2019

Cassels (UK), Black Leather Jacket (BE), Stef Chura (US) among others

€35 - €100

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Event type:
Music Festival



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