Kaapse Anniversary Beer Festival - date, activities, location

Kaapse Anniversary Beer Festival - date, activities, location

HAPPENING 18 May 2024 | A decade of craft brewing excellence will be celebrated at the Kaapse Anniversary Beer Festival '24, bringing together enthusiasts for a unique event in Rotterdam's Keile District.

Celebrating 10 years of craft brewing

On Saturday 18 May, the Keilepand in Rotterdam's Keile District will host the 10th anniversary edition of the Kaapse Anniversary Beer Festival. This festival, organised by Kaapse Brouwers, marks a significant milestone celebrating a decade of craft brewing achievements. It promises a full day of fine beers, local and international flavours, and engaging activities.

A global gathering of brewers

The festival will feature an impressive selection of beers from around the world, including exclusive brews from international breweries such as Cantina Errante (Italy), Rascals (Ireland), To Øl (Denmark), La Pirata (Spain), Fyne Ales Brewery (Scotland), Brussels Beer Project (Belgium), Stigbergets Bryggeri (Sweden), Sleeping Village Brewing (Norway), DOK Brewing Company (Belgium), and Kemker Kultuur (Germany). A special 'Rotterdam Beer Bar' will also highlight local brewing talent, showcasing nearly all Rotterdam brewers.

Educational opportunities and entertainment

Attendees can enhance their brewing knowledge through various masterclasses and workshops. These sessions will offer insights into the brewing process and different beer styles. Additionally, the festival atmosphere will be enriched with music from several DJs and a selection of food stands catering to all tastes.

Exclusive afterparty

For those wishing to extend their experience, Kaapse Brouwers, in collaboration with Cult=us, will host an exclusive afterparty. The event, limited to 150 guests, will continue from 23:00 to 03:00, featuring a selection of unique brews.

Directions to the venue

Rotterdam Rooftop Days - dates, locations, information

Rotterdam Rooftop Days - dates, locations, information

HAPPENING 24-26 May 2024 | The Rotterdam Rooftop Days, better known in Dutch as 'Rotterdamse Dakendagen,' is an annual event that takes place on the first weekend of June. Reach new heights and stand tall among the skyscrapers as they open their roofs to the public.
Rotterdam Rooftop Days are part of Rotterdam Architecture Month. The Rotterdam Rooftop Days encourage exploration and enjoyment of the city's upper levels. Activities are grouped into three main categories:

  1. Open Rooftops: Accessible on 25 and 26 May from 11:00 to 17:00, these rooftops offer a blend of experiences including exhibitions, performances, and refreshments. A Dakpas (rooftop pass), priced at €9.50, grants entry to all open rooftops for one day.

  2. Guided Tours: These tours, available on the same days as the Open Rooftops, provide a more structured experience with guided visits to rooftops that have a significant story or unique features. The tours are primarily in Dutch and cater to those looking to delve deeper into the city’s architectural and cultural layers.

  3. Specials: Spanning from 24 to 26 May, these events include a diverse array of rooftop happenings, from theatre productions and film

If you're worried about language, that's not a problem. A list has been made with all the rooftop events that are language independent (or English). Check it out here

About Rotterdam Rooftop Days

The annual Rooftop Days weekend consists of around 60 roofs open for visitors, often accompanied by a guide or featuring music, theatre, or visual arts.  During the Rotterdam Rooftop Days, you can visit all these varied roofs throughout the city. As a visitor, you will access lofty spots, where you would normally only find air installations and solar panels, or locations (as on most roofs) where, usually, nothing is happening at all. The rooftop festival programme focuses on creative ways to use these spaces, as the city becomes increasingly crowded and congested. Artists and designers will demonstrate the potential of rooftops to make the city more enjoyable, sustainable, and sociable. Highlights of this edition include various theatre performances, specially created for the rooftop as a stage, with the skyline as a backdrop.

New in 2024: 'Over de Bogen' - a walking concert

One of the festival’s highlights is "Over de Bogen", a collaborative project between O. Festival for Opera, Music, Theatre, and the Dakendagen. From 17 to 26 May, participants can embark on a two-kilometer walking concert across the Hofbogen roof, offering a unique musical journey through various city districts. This event marks the first and last opportunity to experience this route before the area undergoes significant changes.

Tickets to Rotterdam Rooftop Days

For ticket sales and routes, visit rotterdamsedakendagen.nl.

Rotterdamse Dakendagen 📷 Frank HanswijkRotterdamse Dakendagen 📷 Frank Hanswijk

Rotterdamse Dakendagen 📷 Frank HanswijkRotterdamse Dakendagen 📷 Frank Hanswijk
Rotterdamse Dakendagen 📷 Frank HanswijkRotterdamse Dakendagen 📷 Frank Hanswijk
Upstream Rotterdam: gathering of top entrepreneurs & talent

Upstream Rotterdam: gathering of top entrepreneurs & talent

HAPPENING 28–29 May 2024 | At Upstream, the Rotterdam Metropolitan area transforms into a place where startups, scale-ups, investors, corporates, policymakers, and students come together to make a positive impact on the world. Upstream aims to enable innovations that will drive the transition to the next economy; an economy that is digital, carbon-neutral, circular and inclusive.

What is Upstream Rotterdam?

Upstream is a three-day event, co-created with over 40 partners dedicated to supporting the growth of companies committed to accelerating the transition to a future-proof economy that is digital, carbon-neutral, circular, and inclusive. The festival gives its attendees access to an international ecosystem of talent, funding, markets, and exposure opportunities. As changemakers from different backgrounds and industries come together to leverage their innovations, they highlight the position of the Greater Rotterdam Metropolitan Area as a fast-evolving tech environment for businesses to grow.

3 days, 40 co-creators, and countless reasons to join

Every year, Upstream invites the Dutch innovation community, as well as international corporations and investors, resulting in over 45 different events happening throughout the festival. Past editions attracted over 2000 attendees. Every edition of Upstream Festival continues the tradition of aligning its core events around three themes: talent, capital, and growth.
The festival's program is rich with opportunities for networking and learning, featuring a variety of formats such as roundtables, workshops, and keynote speeches. Side events will also play a crucial role, with over 20 different gatherings planned across Rotterdam and neighbouring cities. These events are designed to enhance collaboration and feature discussions on critical topics like capital access, market expansion, and talent acquisition.
Lars Crama at Upstream Festival Rotterdam 📷 Bart HeemskerkLars Crama at Upstream Festival Rotterdam 📷 Bart Heemskerk

Upstream 2024 details

This year's event focuses on driving sustainable growth and innovation within the digital, carbon-neutral, circular, and inclusive economy sectors. It will feature more than 25 speakers, including influential founders, thought leaders, and corporate change-makers from various European startup communities. The program includes a mix of fireside chats, panel discussions, and networking events designed to facilitate deep connections and collaborations.

Significantly, the festival will extend beyond the main event days with over 20 side events across multiple cities, enhancing the opportunity for attendees to engage in more personalized and targeted interactions. These side events are co-created with various partners and focus on essential themes such as access to capital, market expansion, and talent acquisition, crucial for startup and scale-up growth.

For those interested in attending, tickets and further details about the specific events, speakers, and agenda updates are available on the festival's official website.

ATMEN: Post-apocalyptic dance performance

ATMEN: Post-apocalyptic dance performance

HAPPENING 21–22 May 2024 | A groundbreaking dance performance delves into a post-apocalyptic vision set in the year 2200. This unique show will transform Rotterdam's Schouwburg into a lush ruin dominated by nature.
Featured photo credit: Anja Beutler

Performance overview

The Schouwburg Rotterdam will be converted into a scene from the distant future for the upcoming performances of 'ATMEN' on the 21st and 22nd of May 2024. This dance performance, created by Nicole Beutler Projects, represents the second instalment in the trilogy 'Rituals of Transformation'. The show explores the aftermath of the climate crisis, depicting a world where humanity has faded and nature reclaims its space.

Artistic elements

The production utilises 3D video projections by Heleen Blanken to transform the familiar red velvet and interiors of the theatre into an overgrown ruin. The atmosphere is further enriched by the electronic music of Gary Shepherd, which echoes the sounds of nature's resurgence, including fungus growth and natural disasters. Dancers and singers portray the survivors of humanity, evolving from mossy figures into beings forging new connections, vaguely recalling the melodies of composer Schubert.

Special features and impact programme

As part of the Rotterdam performances, Nicole Beutler Projects will present a special impact programme. This initiative includes a lecture performance by philosopher and dramaturg Thomas Lamers, who will explore the delicate balance between hope and despair in facing the climate crisis. Additionally, attendees can enjoy a silent disco featuring a podcast about the production and its themes, as well as an activist art exhibition by the collective Sunflower Soup.

ATMEN by Nicole Beutler Projects. Photo credit: Anja BeutlerATMEN by Nicole Beutler Projects. Photo credit: Anja Beutler

Getting to Schouwburg Rotterdam

Schouwburg Rotterdam is easily accessible by public transport, with several tram and bus stops nearby. For those driving, parking is available in the surrounding area. The venue is known for its vibrant cultural scene, located in the heart of the city.

Ferry Corsten 6-hour set at Maassilo Rotterdam

Ferry Corsten 6-hour set at Maassilo Rotterdam

HAPPENING 3 May 2024 | The Dutch world class artist will perform his relatively new concept ‘What The F’ in a spectacular Open to Close. The 6-hour show promises a blend of past and future sounds from System F and Gouryella to the present and future.

Maassilo to host Ferry Corsten's What The F! audiovisual concert

A special concert has been announced for Rotterdam’s Maassilo, featuring the renowned Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten. Scheduled for 3 May, this event will showcase Ferry Corsten's 'What The F' concept, an audiovisual experience spanning from open to close. This six-hour performance aims to merge the musical journeys of Corsten's various artistic personas, including Gouryella and System F, alongside his main act.

Ferry Corsten's pioneering journey

Ferry Corsten shared his excitement about the concert: “This feels like an absolute highlight of my work. Lots of my older productions examined, reconsidered from a futuristic approach and ultimately remixed,” he explained, emphasizing the transformative nature of this event.

The Rotterdam-based EDM legend, known for his significant contributions to the music industry, will perform an extended set that highlights the evolution of his music. Describing the depth of his repertoire, Ferry said, “It will be a journey through my sound in all its diversity.” He added, “It sounds crazy, but I really became a bit enchanted by the diversity of my music. From house to progressive and from trance to techier productions.”

The official poster for Grotesque presents What The F!The official poster for Grotesque presents What The F!

Event details and directions

Grotesque presents What the F! Ferry Corsten in Concert will take place in the main hall of Rotterdam's Maassilo. Regular tickets and meet & greet ticket packages are available here. Alongside Ferry, this show will include light and laser visuals, several live acts from vocalists, but also tracks from Ferry’s alter egos, some as previously mentioned in new, futuristic versions.

Maassilo, situated on the Maashaven Zuidzijde, is known for its industrial charm and large-scale events. 

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