ATMEN: Post-apocalyptic dance performance. Photo credit: Anja Beutler

ATMEN: Post-apocalyptic dance performance

HAPPENING 21–22 May 2024 | A groundbreaking dance performance delves into a post-apocalyptic vision set in the year 2200. This unique show will transform Rotterdam's Schouwburg into a lush ruin dominated by nature.
Featured photo credit: Anja Beutler

Performance overview

The Schouwburg Rotterdam will be converted into a scene from the distant future for the upcoming performances of 'ATMEN' on the 21st and 22nd of May 2024. This dance performance, created by Nicole Beutler Projects, represents the second instalment in the trilogy 'Rituals of Transformation'. The show explores the aftermath of the climate crisis, depicting a world where humanity has faded and nature reclaims its space.

Artistic elements

The production utilises 3D video projections by Heleen Blanken to transform the familiar red velvet and interiors of the theatre into an overgrown ruin. The atmosphere is further enriched by the electronic music of Gary Shepherd, which echoes the sounds of nature's resurgence, including fungus growth and natural disasters. Dancers and singers portray the survivors of humanity, evolving from mossy figures into beings forging new connections, vaguely recalling the melodies of composer Schubert.

Special features and impact programme

As part of the Rotterdam performances, Nicole Beutler Projects will present a special impact programme. This initiative includes a lecture performance by philosopher and dramaturg Thomas Lamers, who will explore the delicate balance between hope and despair in facing the climate crisis. Additionally, attendees can enjoy a silent disco featuring a podcast about the production and its themes, as well as an activist art exhibition by the collective Sunflower Soup.

ATMEN by Nicole Beutler Projects. Photo credit: Anja BeutlerATMEN by Nicole Beutler Projects. Photo credit: Anja Beutler

Getting to Schouwburg Rotterdam

Schouwburg Rotterdam is easily accessible by public transport, with several tram and bus stops nearby. For those driving, parking is available in the surrounding area. The venue is known for its vibrant cultural scene, located in the heart of the city.

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