Metropolis Festival Rotterdam - location, dates, line-up

Metropolis Festival Rotterdam - location, dates, line-up

The Metropolis Festival (Het Metropolis Festival), a unique one-day event, offers a platform for emerging bands and performers, attracting an average of around 30,000 visitors annually on the first Sunday of July. The festival is held in the Zuiderpark, located on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas river in Rotterdam​.

About Metropolis Festival

The Metropolis Festival is known for its forward-thinking programming, showcasing acts that have subsequently gained widespread recognition. Both local and international talents have graced its stages, solidifying the festival's reputation as a must-visit destination for original pop music enthusiasts​.

The festival not only showcases talented acts, but also scouts and supports them from the grassroots level. It also collaborates with various educational institutions, suggesting a broadening of focus towards other disciplines in the future​.

At the festival grounds, visitors can indulge in a variety of food and drink options, with transactions being carried out using tokens. The festival has a strict policy against bringing glass or cans into the festival grounds for safety and environmental reasons​.

Pets are not explicitly forbidden at the festival, but attendees are strongly advised to leave their pets at home or in someone else's care to avoid causing discomfort to other visitors​.

Metropolis Festival 2014Metropolis Festival 2014


The best bands you've never heard of

The festival aims to showcase established performers and works diligently to scout unheard-of acts and give them a chance to develop their talents further on stage. The festival has helped launch the careers of many now-established artists, and is regarded as a significant part of festival offerings within the city, having earned a national reputation as an essential stage for up-and-coming music talent​.

Now famous performers such as Smashing Pumpkins, Prodigy, The Killers, The XX and The Black Keys all took the stage at Metropolis in Rotterdam before becoming household names worldwide.

The festival also collaborates with various educational institutions, suggesting a broadening of focus towards other disciplines in the future​.

Twenty One Pilots @ Metropolis Festival 2014Twenty One Pilots @ Metropolis Festival 2014


Metropolis Festival line-up 2023

For the 2023 edition, new acts from both Ghana and Rotterdam have been announced. These include Florence Adooni, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley & His Sekondi Band, Brintex Collective, Library Card, and Ruwhel & De Bigi Blues Band​.

Another feature of the festival is the market hosted by Swan Market, where festival-goers can shop for various items including jewellery, clothes, vinyl, sunglasses, and phone accessories​.

The festival also features three stages, namely Metroville, New Garden, and Future Stage, where acts like Deijuvhs, Kymara, MIKE, Militarie Gun, Nusantara Beat, and PUP will perform​.

You can find the official festival line-up on the Metropolis website.


What Metropolis Festival sounds like

Check out the Spotify playlist below and have a listen.


Location: Zuiderpark

Please note that Zuiderpark is huge, so be sure to enter the park near the Rotterdam Ahoy parking lot. That's where you'll find the entrance to the festival. Be sure to check out the directions to Zuiderpark.

Parking at Metropolis Festival Rotterdam

There are parking options available nearby at Ahoy (P2), which costs €15 for the entire day, and at the parking garages of Zuidplein. In the past, the parking lot was open from 12:00 in the afternoon, and you were able to drive out at any time.

You can also make use of the parking garages in Zuidplein. Note: space is limited. Luckily, Rotterdam has Park and Ride facilities (parking in combination with public transport) at 15 metro stations, such as P+R Alexander, P+R Slinge and P+R Kralingse Zoom.

Baroeg Open Air festival Rotterdam - date, location, lineup

Baroeg Open Air festival Rotterdam - date, location, lineup

Fan of rock, metal, punk or drum & bass? Baroeg Open Air is an annual festival that is organized by pop venue Baroeg. The festival is characterized by broad, underground programming and a very relaxed atmosphere.

The next Baroeg Open Air festival takes place on Saturday, 14 September 2024 in the Zuiderpark Rotterdam. This will be 15th edition of the popular festival.

At BOA, you'll find various stages and tents. The Main Stage, located in the first tent, is reserved for the biggest names in punk, metal or rock. The Talent Stage presents young and talented bands in the afternoon, after which the stage is converted to the Electronic Stage. Here you'll find underground electronic music such as drum and bass, industrial or breakcore.

Baroeg Open Air lineup 2023

The programme included headliners Katatonia (Main Stage) and Infected Mushroom (Electronic Stage), and the Belgian sensation Brutus, who has already wowed at festivals such as Roadburn and Paaspop. She Past Away and NanowaR of Steel both sold out the Baroeg pop venue this year and will also be at the festival.

There was also a collaboration with the Popunie presenting Rotterdam bands Iguana Death Cult and Smudged at the festival. Twenty-seven acts can be heard and seen on five different stages. Other stages such as the Talent Stage, Puppi’s Plee Sessies and Stroomstoot will return. The organization plans to set up the festival with over 250 volunteers.

New this edition was the Voltmeester contest, with the main prize being a spot on the Stroomstoot stage at Baroeg Open Air. This mini-stage near the Electronic Stage is a cosy and intimate sound system. The eventual winner and the very first Voltmeester of Baroeg Open Air is Divain.

Managing Director / programmer Leon van Rijnsbergen: “Our ambition this year is to beat last year's visitor count. Last year our festival attracted as many as 8500 visitors. This year we have invested extra in the programme and have set up a line-up that is as diverse as possible. We are also very proud that the site was so clean afterwards, and we want to match that again this year.”

Full line-up 2023

Main Stage:
Katatonia (SE progressive rock / gothic / doom metal)
Brutus (BE post-hardcore)
Demented Are Go (EU psychobilly)
NanowaR Of Steel (IT parody metal)
Ploegendienst (NL punk)
Iguana Death Cult (NL garagerock - Popunie Live)
Bark (BE death ‘n roll / groove metal)

Electronic Stage:
Infected Mushroom (IL psychedelic trance; DJ set)
Russian Village Boys (RU hardbass)
She Past Away (TR post-punk) Pythius (NL drum ‘n bass)
Ultra Sunn (BE coldwave / EBM) Henge (UK space rock)

Talent Stage:
Smudged (NL electro / fuzz / krautrock - Popunie Live)
Baardvader (NL fuzzrock / stoner)
Loyalty Ends Here (NL metalcore; winner Metal Battle)

Puppi’s Plee Sessies:
Skapiche?! (NL ska)
Buried (NL death metal)
Asbest Boys (NL punk)
From The Heart (NL hardcore)
Ivyvox (NL powerpop / emo)

DJ Scotch Egg (JP/DE breakcore / 8bit)
20 years PRSPCT: Thrashmachine (Deathmachine vs Thrasher) & MC Dart (UK/NL drum ‘n bass / crossbreed / industrial hardcore; 20 Years PRSPCT set)
Legion (UK/NL psy-trance) Staatseinde (NL robo-punk)
Divain (NL techno; winner Voltmeester)
Alina Valentina (NL EBM / electro / post-punk)


Last year, the organization left the festival grounds as the most tidy spot in Rotterdam. Baroeg Open Air is striving for this again this year. The catering works again with recyclable PET plastic. When visitors hand in one meter of cups at the cup return point, they receive a consumption token that can be handed in at the catering tents. This way, the site is kept clean. In the context of sustainability, Baroeg Open Air has also chosen to sell merchandise made from environmentally friendly materials this year.

You can find more event details as well as the official festival line-up on the
Baroeg Open Air festival website


Location: Zuiderpark Rotterdam

Check out our directions to Zuiderpark for a more detailed description of the location and how to get there.

Roffa Mon Amour film festival - dates, locations, screenings

Roffa Mon Amour film festival - dates, locations, screenings

For twelve enchanting nights, from August 16th to 27th, Rotterdam welcomes back the Roffa Mon Amour film festival. This open-air festival, taking place in the Brutus sculpture garden (Beeldentuin Brutus) in Rotterdam West, Keilestraat 10, is set to celebrate cinematic talent from around the globe​.

Diving into a world of cinema

Roffa Mon Amour, founded in 2012 by Charlotte van Zanten and Lisa Smith, presents a selection of bold, vibrant films from emerging and established filmmakers​. Attendees can expect to engage in live Cinema Concerts, film introductions, and Q&A sessions. Additionally, a unique initiative called the “New Jury” is set to take place, giving Rotterdam film lovers the chance to decide which filmmaker will receive the “New Amour Award”​.

When the stars align

The films start when darkness falls, between 21.15 and 21.30, depending on the programme. All films will be available with English subtitles, ensuring a truly international experience for all attendees​.

Accommodations and facilities

In line with the government's regulations, the event is slated to end by 11pm each night. During the event, attendees will be able to order drinks at a bar that opens at 8pm, although they are asked not to bring their own drinks to the venue. Additionally, while popcorn will be available, the festival encourages attendees to explore local eateries around the festival, such as Keilecafe, Weelde, Restaurant Bitter, EAUX POSSE, and Shaami Huis​.

A festival for all

Roffa Mon Amour extends a warm welcome to all film lovers, including the four-legged ones. As a festival that aims to engage and inspire, it's an inclusive event that embraces diversity in cinema and its audience alike​.

How to reach the venue

Brutus, the sculpture garden located in Rotterdam West, Keilestraat 10, is the host for this year's festival. The area is known for its artistic and cultural vibrancy, adding to the unique charm of the event. Attendees are advised to plan their journey in advance to ensure a smooth arrival.

Rotterdam Pride week - general information, locations, dates

Rotterdam Pride week - general information, locations, dates

During Rotterdam Pride Week, the streets of Rotterdam transform into all colours of the rainbow in a celebration of sexual freedom, gender, gender identity and cultural diversity. Rotterdam Pride week boasts a diverse and colourful programme brimful of art, culture, talk shows, debates, entertainment and of course, more than 130 parties and events for all ages.

Rotterdam Pride Week is not just a celebration but a symbol of progress, unity, and inclusivity. It serves as a reminder that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves love, acceptance, and equality. In 2023 Rotterdam Pride Week takes place from 1 - 11 June. This year, the event marks its 10th anniversary, offering a broad program full of pride talks, parties, and meet-ups​ dedicated to LGBTQIA+ emancipation, equality, and acceptance​.

Key Highlights

These are the key highlights of Rotterdam Pride Week:

The Official Kick-Off

Rotterdam Pride Week 2023 commences with an official opening dubbed "Pride is a Protest," symbolizing the roots of Pride in protest and advocacy for LGBTQIA+ rights​. The event will be held at Kunsthal Rotterdam from 19:00 on June 1st to 01:00 on June 2nd.

The night will be filled with various activities, including drinks, spoken word performances by Luis Bracamontes of Unwanted Words, and a pride talk about Queer masculinity featuring Giovanni Maisto Ferreira. The event will end with a ballroom showcase and an afterparty named ‘Under My Umbrella’, hosted by members of the Dutch ballroom scene.

During the pride talk on queer masculinity, the discussion will focus on how to adopt and spread a healthy form of masculinity, the effects of toxic masculinity on the Queer community, and strategies for breaking social patterns as a Queer person. Giovanni Maisto Ferreira will also screen their film "Touch'M", which is about their personal journey towards understanding the power of healthy masculinity.

The event will be conducted in Dutch, and the venue is fully accessible​​.

Pride March 2023

The Pride March 2023 event in Rotterdam Pride is set to take place on the evening of June 2nd. This peaceful march aims to make a statement for equal rights and increased acceptance of the LGBTIQA+ community both in the Netherlands and worldwide. The event is a response to recent incidents in Rotterdam and across the globe, highlighting the ongoing need for improvement in inclusivity and acceptance. Participants are encouraged to bring their friends, family, and allies, and to express their support with banners, flags, and music.

The march is scheduled to start at 7:00 pm at Kruisplein, in front of Rotterdam Central Station. The route, which is wheelchair-friendly and spans a maximum of 3 km, will pass through Rotterdam and end at Schouwburgplein at 9:00 pm.

The route of the march has been designed to reflect the history and future of the LGBTQIA+ community. Participants will walk along a path filled with symbols and memorials of heroes who have value for the LGBTQIA+ community and who have fought for their emancipation, not only in Rotterdam but also internationally.

The Pride March is organized by Pride010, COC Rotterdam, and Out in Rotterdam, in collaboration with LGBTQIA+ clubs and bars in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Pride Festival 2023

The Rotterdam Pride Festival 2023 is set to take place on June 3rd, celebrating 10 years of Rotterdam Pride. The festival will be held under the iconic Erasmus Bridge at Willemsplein. The event promises a full day of exciting performances, featuring various artists, sound systems, and stands.

The details of the line-up and other exciting activities will be announced soon. The festival is free to attend and is expected to be an event not to be missed. Attendees are encouraged to mark the event in their calendars, ensuring their presence on June 3rd.

The event will be held from 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM at Willemsplein, 3016 DR Rotterdam, Netherlands.

As the sun sets, the festivities continue into the night with "The afterparty MY iD x BLUSH" at CULTUURPODIUM PERRON, offering attendees an unforgettable night of celebration​​.

Inclusive Activities

Rotterdam Pride Week also includes activities promoting inclusivity and community, like the "Drag Brunch + Catwalk Lesson for Pink Elderly" and the "Board Game Night for Status Holders (asylum seekers)," ensuring everyone feels seen, heard, and celebrated​​.

Pride Walk in Rotterdam. Photo credit: Alexander SuerPride Walk in Rotterdam. Photo credit: Alexander Suer

Engaging Discussions: Pride Talks and Town Hall Meetings

Pride Talks are a crucial part of Rotterdam Pride Week, offering insightful discussions on LGBTQIA+ issues. If you missed the previous talks, you can catch them on YouTube, where they're available with English subtitles​.

The Pride Week also incorporates Town Hall Meetings, which focus on various topics related to the LGBTQIA+ community. The 2023 program and events were discussed in the third Town Hall Meeting, highlighting the planning and preparation that goes into making this week a success​​.

For the full Rotterdam Pride programme and timetable, be sure to check out the Rotterdam Pride website.

North Sea Round Town Rotterdam - locations, dates, artists

North Sea Round Town Rotterdam - locations, dates, artists

North Sea Round Town is the North Sea Jazz Festival's fringe festival. Expect poetry, dance and jazzy musical performances at Rotterdam's famous jazz hotspots, as well as unexpected pop-up events at often surprising locations.

The next edition of North Sea Round Town takes place from 22 June to 9 July 2023. The heart of Rotterdam will pulse with music with the official fringe festival of NN North Sea Jazz, marking its beginning with the public access festival inJazz. The festival will present more than 350 concert programmes across 125-plus venues until 9 July, culminating in a lively culmination, the Stoelendans with live music.

The North Sea Round Town is introducing a new feature this edition - the North Sea Round Town passe-partout. With this pass, you can visit unique concerts during the opening weekend, and with the North Sea Round Town Plus passe-partout, you can additionally board The Jazzschip.

Event schedule in 2023

Here are a couple of special events taking place during this year's edition of North Sea Round Town. For a full schedule, have a look at the North Sea Round Town website.

Opening concert YOURAN at De Kaai

North Sea Round Town kicks off on 22 June with YOURAN: an exclusive concert under the direction of clarinettist/saxophonist Joachim Badenhorst at De Kaai, a new creative hotspot on the banks of the Maas. This concert will mark the opening of creative experiments at this former margarine factory, with musicians from all over Europe coming together for the first time for this project. In a world where everything is transient and snappy, this will be a moment to relax and immerse yourself in acoustic and electronic sounds.

Sanem Kalfa: Invisible Columns
On 23 June, vocalist Sanem Kalfa (Artist in Focus 2023) and North Sea Round Town will premiere Invisible Columns at the Van Nelle Fabriek. Through music, dance, and visual art, Kalfa tells a personal story, with samples and soundscapes by mastermind Jan Bang (NO), piano and Hammond sounds by Kit Downes (GB/DE), and poetic storytelling by trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire (US, Blue Note Records), who is coming to Rotterdam specifically for this project. The dance is performed by Alice de Maio (Rotterdam/Italy), and texts by Kalfa's mentor and guide Gozde Turkmen can be heard.

Midnight Mess
Midnight Mess, the dream project of guitarist Teis Semey (Artist in Focus 2022), blends Scandinavian folk music, indie, and jazz improvisation. The album presentation is on 24 June in the Oude Kerk in Charlois.

InJazz and The Jazzschip
On 22 and 23 June, jazz enthusiasts can discover the latest in contemporary jazz at the free showcase festival inJazz. Following this, on 24 June, audiences will step aboard The Jazzschip again and set sail under the accompaniment of live music to a hidden location along the Maas where the audience will be treated to a unique concert.

More adventurous music tours
From 30 June to 2 July, the second weekend of North Sea Round Town, the Dudok Jazz Tour takes place, featuring live jazz from Tallulah Rose Trio among others. On 2 July, embark on a bicycle tour to explore surprising urban locations which are once-off the stage for contemporary jazz, including a concert by Artist in Focus Sanem Kalfa and George Dumitriu.

Music on the streets
During North Sea Round Town, there is ample music in public spaces, and the festival spreads throughout the city. Performances by local talents will be held at the NSRT Central Station Stage during the first two weekends of July. Boy Edgarprijs winner Ronald Snijders is a guest at the neighbourhood concerts this year. From 7 to 9 July, the music caravan NSRT x RET: Metro Melodies will accompany the public in the metro towards Zuidplein to ensure that visitors of NN North Sea Jazz Festival arrive in the right mood at Ahoy.

City tours to look out for in 2023

North Sea Round Town grants an opportunity to explore Rotterdam through a musical lens. The festival offers several tour routes that participants can follow via cycling, public transportation, or on foot to various neighbourhood concerts.

1. Jazz on the river Maas

On 24 June, the Jazzschip sails out, offering a musical journey through the Rotterdam port. During the trip, the city's picturesque view can be enjoyed along with performances by Nabou Claerhout, Reinier Baas and Jamie Peet, Kit Downes and Fuensanta, and KOFFIE, a jazzy afrobeat-band.

2. Discovering secrets on wheels
On 2 July, Jazzfietsen offers a cycle tour to explore the hidden gems of Dutch jazz. Starting from LantarenVenster, participants cycle towards Arboretum Trompenburg to enjoy a concert by Yanna Pelser and her trio. The tour is concluded with a surprise act at Skateland.

3. A fusion of culinary and musical
The Dudok Jazz Tour, running from 30 June through 2 July, combines gastronomy and live music at three Dudok locations. Performances include Marta Arpini, Lilian Vieira, and Marcelo Godoy Trio.

4. Exploring the city's art scene
The Gallery Tour immerses visitors in contemporary art at various galleries, accompanied by live music. The tour features the Rabo Kunstcollectie at Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, Frank Taal Galerie, Huidenclub, Roof-A, BRUTUS, and Neck of the Woods.

5. A musical walk to the South
On 22 June, participants can enjoy the two-day showcase festival inJazz, featuring numerous Dutch jazz artists at LantarenVenster, Nederlandse Fotovakschool and MOOD. The day concludes with YOURAN, an improvisation concert under the leadership of Joachim Badenhorst at De Kaai.

6. Public transportation music immersion
From 30 June to 9 July, live music will be enjoyed in public transportation. Bands will perform at NSRT’s Central Station Stage, and metro riders will experience live music en route to Ahoy.

7. Neighbourhood concerts and outdoor festivals
From 20 June to 15 July, accessible neighbourhood concerts will be held at various locations, including performances by Boy Edgarprijs winner Ronald Snijders. The festival ends on 15 July with the Stoelendans on live music, marking the start of summer holiday.

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