Global Mercy is visiting Rotterdam and you can hop aboard

Global Mercy is visiting Rotterdam and you can hop aboard

The largest civilian hospital ship in the world, the Global Mercy, will dock in the port of Rotterdam on Saturday, 26 February. This brand new 37,000 grt Mercy Ships hospital vessel will be officially presented to the public and open for tours and events for two weeks before the ship heads towards Africa with volunteers on board to fulfil the mission of making safe surgery accessible in Africa.
The Global Mercy will receive a festive reception in the port of Rotterdam. Here, anybody who is interested will have the opportunity to admire the ship from the outside and the inside. The visit of the Global Mercy is a historic moment, as the last visit of a Mercy Ships hospital ship in Europe is already fifteen years ago. The public is invited to come on board and meet the largest private hospital ship in the world. 
There are several ways for visitors to experience this unique event in Rotterdam. You can book a free tour on the ship, welcome the ship in Rotterdam on 26 February, attend a Sunday church service on the ship or take an online tour. All information regarding the different events, visitor guidelines, tours and tickets can be found on 

Daily tours 

Starting on 28 February, free interactive tours of the ship will be organized every day, offering a fascinating Global Mercy experience. You will be immersed in the world of patients, medical volunteers, life on board and the operations and training that Mercy Ships provides on the hospital ship. You can also 'step on board' online to experience the hospital experience and explore the ship with a virtual tour, accompanied by a guide. Would you like to take a tour on the ship? Via this link you can book a free ticket to visit the ship.   

Arrival ceremony 

The Global Mercy will arrive in Rotterdam on Saturday 26 February. We invite interested parties to welcome the ship between 12.00 and 14.00 hours when she enters the port of Rotterdam for the very first time. The ship will arrive around 13.00 hours, so be there on time! More information about the arrival can be found on the event website. 

Church services on Sundays 

On Sundays 27 February, 6 March and 13 March, visitors can participate in international church services on board. The arrival of the Global Mercy is a special moment in the history of Mercy Ships. We are grateful to God for this milestone and gladly come together to celebrate His faithfulness. The services are accessible on the ship as well as online. Tickets for the services on the ship or online services can be reserved through the website. 

Online activities

In addition, there are several (online) activities that offer medical and maritime professionals the opportunity to learn more about the work that Mercy Ships does in Africa. These activities will be online soon.  

About the Global Mercy

The Global Mercy is Mercy Ships' first ship designed and built specifically as a hospital ship. Previous ships, including the current Africa Mercy, have all been transformed into hospital ships that previously served a different purpose. The ship is 174 metres long and has a gross tonnage of 37,000 tonnes. It has six operating theatres and can accommodate more than 600 volunteers from all over the world representing many disciplines, including surgeons, maritime personnel, cooks, teachers, electricians and more.
"The Global Mercy is a unique ship" says Marianne Havinga, director of Mercy Ships Holland. "It is a complete hospital ship, equipped with modern technology and custom-made instruments. It enables us to offer the highest quality care to the poorest people in the world. At the same time, it offers volunteers an excellent opportunity to use their talents in service and to gain an extraordinary experience."
According to the Lancet Global Surgery 2030 Report, an estimated 16.9 million people die each year due to lack of access to surgical care. More than 93 per cent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa lacks access to safe and timely surgical care. As COVID-19 threatens the stability of already fragile healthcare systems worldwide, the need for basic life-saving care is greater than ever, especially in less fortunate countries. The Global Mercy will provide several African countries with a safe and clean medical environment, with assistance and resources from some of the best-trained doctors in the world. During the expected life span of 50 years, it is estimated that more than 150,000 lives will be changed on board by surgery alone.
The World Around architecture & design summit in Rotterdam

The World Around architecture & design summit in Rotterdam

The third edition of the annual architecture and design conference opens on 5 February in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. The World Around presents groundbreaking architecture and design projects of the past year. 
New York-based architecture and design platform The World Around returns with the third edition of their annual conference on contemporary architecture and design. Together with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam hosts this international event in 2022, presenting dozens of groundbreaking and debate-defining projects from the design world.
The conference starts on 5 February with an online and physical programme from the Guggenheim. The distinguished line-up includes Pritzker Prize winner Tadao Ando, artist Himali Singh Soin, architect Lesley Lokko, artist Amie Siegel, writer Amitav Ghosh, design firm Formafantasma and architecture firm MVRDV. The conference can be watched for free online via a livestream.
From African Futures Initiative ūüď∑ Fred Swart Graphic DesignFrom African Futures Initiative ūüď∑ Fred Swart Graphic Design

Versatile podium for urgent issues

Every year, The World Around offers a podium to designers, artists and architects from all over the world who present their current and future design projects. Urgent international issues such as climate change, racial and social equality, ecology, digital technology and the rights of indigenous peoples are discussed in detail. On 5 February, the speakers will present their projects both physically from the Guggenheim in New York and digitally from around the world. The international programme includes designers from Tokyo, Beijing, Rosario, Brazil, Milan, Zurich and Barcelona.

Three different sessions

The conference at the Guggenheim will be divided into three different sessions focusing on the role of contemporary, spatial, social and digital design in relation to global issues. The first session will look back at projects that have brought about fundamental changes over the past year. The second session will focus on how visualising the networks and processes behind materials can create new planetary imaginaries and generate action and visibility on complex issues. The third and final session explores how attitudes towards ecological conservation and monuments have changed over the past year. Throughout the sessions, both online participants and physical attendees will have ample opportunity to ask questions.
P.S. On 11 June, as part of the Rotterdam Architecture Month, The World Around is organizing a second live conference at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. More information about the programme and speakers for this specific event will follow later this year.
Spectacular floating art studio 'Lorin' moors in Rotterdam

Spectacular floating art studio 'Lorin' moors in Rotterdam

In August 2021, Lorin's Promenade brings special performances to Rotterdam, inspired by illusionists Siegfried and Roy. Visitors can also come aboard the ship and experience concerts as well as view works of art in the floating art studio.
The Swiss, eccentric artist Anmari M√ętsa Yabi Wili sails in August across the waters of Rotterdam with her remarkable culture vessel 'Lorin'. From the deck she will give special live performances and light shows, which can be seen from the quay. When she docks with her motley crew of artists and musicians, you can admire her floating studio and enjoy exhibitions, concerts and art events inspired by the magic and life's work of world-famous illusionists Siegfried and Roy.

A treat for the senses

Pianist, composer, visual artist and performer Anmari Metsa Yabi Wili and her group of talented artists and musicians present spectacles of light, music, sound and magic. After sunset, the audience will be treated to an unforgettable spectacle, visible from the quay. Anmari has transformed the former cargo space of the ship into the 'Cargo Space Gallery', where 'Cargo Space Concerts' are given, with performances by piano duos and artistic, minimalist music with a lot of improvisation. In addition, a sound and visual installation by Anmari and Adrian Laugsch can be admired in the boat. Anmari's music, performances and artworks can normally be seen in cultural centres in Europe, India and North and South America. A number of works can be admired and purchased on the ship during Lorin's Promenade.
Spectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in RotterdamSpectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in Rotterdam

About culture ship 'Lorin

On the ship's deck of the Lorin - a ship of almost 45 metres long - live performances are given during the cruise, which can be seen from the quay. In Rotterdam, the Lorin sails along the Binnenhaven, Nieuwe Maas, Willemsbrug, Erasmus Bridge and Hotel New York. The performance cruise in Amsterdam sails along IJhaven, Jan Schaeferbrug, Eye, NDSM, Houthaven, Stenen Hoofd, IJdok, Central Station, De Ruijterkade and Javakade. Especially composed for the Lorin, there is live music, a soprano, and a narrator. The interplay of light, music, song and story makes the Lorin an impressive living sculpture that slowly makes its way through the dark water. Every year, Anmari puts together a completely new project especially for the Lorin. Her company of drivingsounds & arts with whom she works consists of internationally renowned artists. At the same time, the belly of the Lorin is home to Anmari's floating studio, where she lives, composes, plays the piano and creates art.
Spectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in RotterdamSpectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in Rotterdam

An international line-up

The Lorin's Promenade provides a stage for a special line-up of international artists. Musical talent Adrian Laugsch, a German-Polish composer, artist and sound designer, composed the music especially for the performances. So did Mikael Szafirowski, a Finnish guitarist and composer, and the bass baritone, Robert Koller, who has years of experience in the world of concerts and operas. Pianist Daniel Lorenzo is an avid interpreter of contemporary music and well versed chamber musician, and Anmari's piano duo partner. Charismatic speaker, storyteller, actor and singer Max Waldmann completes the ensemble, and Alice Rossi, an Italian opera singer, provides the magical tones with her enchanting voice.
Spectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in RotterdamSpectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in Rotterdam

Siegfried & Roy

Lorin's Promenade 2021 is a tribute to the legendary German-American illusionist duo Siegfried & Roy. The career of these extraordinary showmen spanned more than 40 years in which they enchanted circus lovers with their charisma and their almost supernatural illusionistic performances. Anmari and her artists use the theatrical magic of Siegfried & Roy as a source of inspiration for their performances.

Programme - Lorin's Promenade 2021

In Rotterdam, the ship will be moored at (opposite of) J.B. Bakemakade 26, 3071 ME. All the events listed below are 100% free of charge. Just hop aboard and enjoy the show. Some events, take place in the cargo hold of the ship while others can be admired from the deck or along the river bank.   
‚ÄĘ 10 August | 14:00 - 18:00 | Cargo Space Gallery & Vernissage | Sound & Visual Installation¬†
‚ÄĘ 10 August | 22:15 - 23:15 |¬†River cruise + Performance¬†|
Route: Binnenhaven, Nieuwe Maas, Willemsbrug, Erasmus Bridge, Hotel New York & Binnenhaven
‚ÄĘ 11 - 12 August | 14:00 - 18:00 | Cargo Space Gallery | Sound & Visual Installation
‚ÄĘ 11 August | 20:00 - 21:00 | Cargo Space Concert | 101 years Bruno Maderna & company with Konstanty Regamey¬†
‚ÄĘ 12 August | 20:00 - 21:00 | Cargo Space Concert | 'Parallel Pathways' & minimal pianoduo¬†
Exhibition about forty years of Baroeg Rotterdam

Exhibition about forty years of Baroeg Rotterdam

The oldest music venue in Rotterdam celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2021. A good reason for an exhibition at gallery & heritage lab DIG IT UP. With countless posters, set lists and lots of archive material, the story of this legendary place is told.
Baroeg is the only Dutch venue that has been offering a structural selection of established, innovative and talented bands within the hard and alternative genres of pop music for decades. Fans of (hard) rock, metal, gothic, emo, hardcore, punk, psychobilly, electro and industrial music will find plenty to enjoy in Baroeg. In addition to these main styles, there are all kinds of sub-genres and crossovers of styles that are also regularly featured on the stage.
Baroeg originated as an institution for youth work in the Lombardijen district of Rotterdam. The current concert venue, with a capacity of 350 visitors, was founded on 6 May 1981 under the name Stichting Open Jongeren Centrum Baroeg. Over the years, especially from the 1990s onwards, the stage function of Baroeg became increasingly important. The youth worker at the time, René Veerkamp, dared to specialise.
40 years of Baroeg Rotterdam ūüď∑ Andr√© ten Brinke40 years of Baroeg Rotterdam ūüď∑ Andr√© ten Brinke

Share your memories

DIG IT UP has made a name for itself as an important treasure trove of Rotterdam's urban culture. Unknown image and sound material is 'dug up' and made accessible forever as unique heritage of the city. An important spearhead is that the contributors to an exhibition are always directly linked to the subject. With Baroeg super-volunteer Leo Minderhoud as curator, this objective has once again been achieved.
The public is also actively involved in this exhibition. Do you recognise yourself on the photos, do you have additional material or do you want to share your memories? Then add your information to the online database or tell your story in the oral history booth. During the exhibition, there will be various activities such as craft afternoons, 'Ask a Baroegian', a Fanzine afternoon, a musical lecture and DJs.

When to visit the Baroeg Exhibition

Gallery & heritage lab DIG IT UP is located in the former Black Widow building at Nieuwe Binnenweg 13b in Rotterdam.
Opening hours: from 4 August - 29 August, from wednesday through sunday, between 12.00-18.00. 
The opening of 'Forty years of Baroeg' can be followed via live-stream on Sunday 1 August between 15.00 and 17.00 hours by visiting For more information on the concept, go to
Submit Fest Rotterdam - location, date, artist line-up

Submit Fest Rotterdam - location, date, artist line-up

Submit Fest is the indoor festival with the best 'up and coming' and 'breaking through' metal acts from regional, national and international soil.
The fourth edition of Submit Fest will take place on Saturday November 27, 2021 in Baroeg in Rotterdam. Tickets are available through the Submit Fest and Baroeg websites.

Submit Fest 2021 announces first names

After having to reschedule several times due to the coronapandemic, Submit Fest 2021 is finally going to happen. The first two names are now known: Tenside (DE) and Another Now (NL). More names will follow in the near future. The fourth edition of Submit Fest will take place on Saturday November 27, 2021 in Baroeg in Rotterdam. Tickets are available here.
Monica Buurmeester (Co-organiser Submit Fest) "Despite changing several line-ups for the festival since the beginning of this pandemic, I'm still happy to see how much cool music is being released by both the artists we already follow and the newcomers. I am therefore very much looking forward to the moment when this new music can be experienced live again by our visitors and when the audience and the artists meet in the hall again. These artists, Tenside, Another Now and the rest of the names that will follow, are all worth seeing again!
"I'm really looking forward to this fourth edition of Submit Fest; from the atmosphere in the venue and being able to enjoy it together, to seeing the cool bands we have on stage this year." Adds Jessica Santiago Lopez (co-organiser Submit Fest). 


Modern metal/metalcore band Tenside is no stranger to history. In 2020 they released their seventh studio album Glamour & Gloom. With powerful songs like As Above So Below and Along With The Gods they managed to strengthen their own sound and it became a strong album that was well received by both press and listeners. From club shows to major festivals, Tenside has played festivals such as Summer Breeze and Wacken Open Air. They've shared the stage with bands like DevilDriver, Skindred, Trivium, Bad Wolves and have also played alongside Killswitch Engage and others in the Netherlands. Now that it's possible again, Tenside comes to Rotterdam to close Submit Fest with a bang!

Another Now (NL)

It's been over 2 years since metalcore band Another Now played on the Submit Fest stage as a talent band. At that time we already found out that Another Now appeals to a broad audience with their unique sound and energetic set. Since then, the band hasn't been sitting still. After several singles like Program, they recently released their debut album OMNI. A rock solid debut of international level with brutal tracks like Parallax, Trojan and Cascade.  Expect a rock-hard set full of thick and technical riffs, merciless and melodic vocals, brutal breakdowns and a metalcore sound with a progressive edge that will surprise you with every song.

About Submit Fest Rotterdam

Submit Fest is Rotterdam's indoor festival with the best 'up and coming' and 'breaking through' metal acts from regional, national and international soil. After three successful editions in 2017, 2018 and 2019 Submit Fest returns again in 2021 with an edition that focuses on progressive metal, metalcore and alternative metal. This festival is organized by a group of women from Rotterdam who have entered into a collaboration with poppodium Baroeg.

Submit Fest 2021 - event details

Date: Saturday 27 November 2021
Location: Baroeg, Rotterdam
Line-up: Tenside (modern metal/metalcore, DE), Another Now (progressive/metalcore) + more t.b.a.
Tickets: Advance sale ‚ā¨19 (incl.), Entrance ‚ā¨20 (incl.)

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