Upstream Rotterdam: gathering of top entrepreneurs & talent

Upstream Festival Rotterdam 📷 Bart HeemskerkUpstream Festival Rotterdam 📷 Bart Heemskerk
From May 31 until June 2, Upstream returns to Rotterdam for the third time in a row. Upstream brings changemakers together to work on a positive social impact and the new economy. Keynote speakers Duncan Stutterheim, André Kuipers and Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau will talk to participants about the new economy with topics like: Capital, Talent and Growth. Rotterdam will be the Mecca of innovative entrepreneurship for three days.

Duncan Stutterheim, André Kuipers and Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau

This year Upstream focuses on the themes Capital, Talent & Growth. Through a variety of workshops, debates and networking opportunities, talent, entrepreneurs, investors and innovations will be linked together. Over 2,500 participants will be able to talk to speakers like Duncan Stutterheim (co-founder of festival giant ID&T), astronaut André Kuipers and tech-innovator Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau. Together, the speakers touch on subjects such as deep tech, sustainability, investing in cultural landmarks and 'galactic entrepreneurship'. 
"The three speakers are among the most inspiring and progressive professionals in the Netherlands and draw a large number of applications from entrepreneurs and top talent. The three-day event is therefore a hotspot of influential entrepreneurs; capital investments are attracted, startups are formed, and valuable connections are made," says Lars Crama, private lead Upstream
Lars Crama at Upstream Festival Rotterdam 📷 Bart HeemskerkLars Crama at Upstream Festival Rotterdam 📷 Bart Heemskerk

40 city events

Besides the main programme, over 40 city events will take place across the city. The initiative - which is made possible by the municipality of Rotterdam, Schiedam, Delft, Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), Rabobank, KPN and ICOS - focuses on the development and improvement of the business climate and the acceleration of innovation in the greater Rijnmond region.

Access to top talent and investors

Besides the energetic atmosphere and inspiring workshops, Upstream also offers its participants access to a network of 90+ investors and a pool of almost 400 top talents. 
"The festival has grown rapidly in the past two years and doesn't seem to be stopping there. With more and more innovative startups setting the course for entrepreneurial Netherlands, there is a need for a centralized event where the Dutch top comes together. That is Upstream in a nutshell" says Lars Crama, private lead Upstream.


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