Join Ferry Corsten on May 3rd at Maassilo for a unique 6-hour concert experience blending past and future sounds in an immersive setting

Ferry Corsten 6-hour set at Maassilo Rotterdam

HAPPENING 3 May 2024 | The Dutch world class artist will perform his relatively new concept ‘What The F’ in a spectacular Open to Close. The 6-hour show promises a blend of past and future sounds from System F and Gouryella to the present and future.

Maassilo to host Ferry Corsten's What The F! audiovisual concert

A special concert has been announced for Rotterdam’s Maassilo, featuring the renowned Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten. Scheduled for 3 May, this event will showcase Ferry Corsten's 'What The F' concept, an audiovisual experience spanning from open to close. This six-hour performance aims to merge the musical journeys of Corsten's various artistic personas, including Gouryella and System F, alongside his main act.

Ferry Corsten's pioneering journey

Ferry Corsten shared his excitement about the concert: “This feels like an absolute highlight of my work. Lots of my older productions examined, reconsidered from a futuristic approach and ultimately remixed,” he explained, emphasizing the transformative nature of this event.

The Rotterdam-based EDM legend, known for his significant contributions to the music industry, will perform an extended set that highlights the evolution of his music. Describing the depth of his repertoire, Ferry said, “It will be a journey through my sound in all its diversity.” He added, “It sounds crazy, but I really became a bit enchanted by the diversity of my music. From house to progressive and from trance to techier productions.”

The official poster for Grotesque presents What The F!The official poster for Grotesque presents What The F!

Event details and directions

Grotesque presents What the F! Ferry Corsten in Concert will take place in the main hall of Rotterdam's Maassilo. Regular tickets and meet & greet ticket packages are available here. Alongside Ferry, this show will include light and laser visuals, several live acts from vocalists, but also tracks from Ferry’s alter egos, some as previously mentioned in new, futuristic versions.

Maassilo, situated on the Maashaven Zuidzijde, is known for its industrial charm and large-scale events. 

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