Fun and engaging kids book event with Fleur Doornberg-Puglisi

Fun and engaging kids book event with Fleur Doornberg-Puglisi

ROTTERDAM, 17 April 2023 - Dutch author Fleur Doornberg-Puglisi is set to visit Donner bookstore in Rotterdam to share her debut children's book, Nout en ik in de razende ruimte (Nout and I in the Frenzied Space), which celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

Event details

The event will take place on Sunday, 23 April at 12:30 at the Donner bookstore, where the author will read a passage from her book and discuss its themes. Following the reading, attendees will have the opportunity to get their copies signed by Fleur.

Admission to the event is free and no reservations are required.

About the book

Nout en ik in de razende ruimte, illustrated by Aron Dijkstra, follows the adventures of two friends exploring a mysterious place called the Razende Ruimte (Frenzied Space). Through their journey, they discover the importance of diversity and inclusivity in everyday life.

‘Als jij nou hiervan af springt, dan vlieg je zo de Razende Ruimte in,’ zegt Nout. Hij klopt met zijn vlakke hand op de grote rots waarop ik sta.

‘De Razende Ruimte?’ vraag ik.

‘Ja! De Razende Ruimte!’ roept Nout. Hij spreidt zijn armen uit. ‘Daar kan alles, écht alles!’

Fleur Doornberg-Puglisi, a Dutch native, currently lives in Sweden with her husband and child, where she works as a library teacher at an international school. She believes that there is a perfect book for every child and is dedicated to helping them find it.

Publication details

Nout en ik in de razende ruimte | Fleur Doornberg-Puglisi | Illustrator: Aron Dijkstra | ISBN 9789025884116 | €15.99

Location and directions

The event will be held at Theatre Bookstore Donner, located at Coolsingel 129, 3012 AG Rotterdam. The area is well-connected by public transportation and offers various amenities nearby.

Urban Walk Rotterdam - date, registration, info

Urban Walk Rotterdam - date, registration, info

Discover Rotterdam up close and personal this autumn by joining Urban Walk. Various locations in Rotterdam will open their doors to welcome walkers during the walk of about 12 or 20 km. Last year, the route took walkers through Rotterdam's Market Hall, among other places. This year, the organisation is again busy revamping the route, adding unique and special locations.


The Rotterdam edition of Urban Walk will take place on 24 September 2023. You can register via the Urban Walk Rotterdam website.


Participation package

Registration includes the following:

- A unique organised walk through Rotterdam
- Fully mapped out route through various special locations
- The stamp card will be sent before the event
- Refreshments for on the way
- Various music points on the routes
- A unique Urban Walk Rotterdam souvenir
- Medical assistance


Short and long route

You get to choose between a walk of about 12 (short route) or about 20 km (long route). The short route is a great opportunity for novice runners to join in. You pass slightly fewer locations on this route than on the long route. You indicate your choice of distance during registration. This is to give us an indication; you are not stuck with this. During the run, you can change distances at the junction. Please note: always take into account the opening and closing times of the supply points and finish line. Make sure you pass the different points on time.

The same fee is charged for both distances. The start and finish of both routes are at the same point. There is a start in starting blocks.


Urban Walk Rotterdam - date, registration, infoUrban Walk Rotterdam - date, registration, info


Urban Walk Series

During the walking events of the Urban Walk Series, walkers can discover the most beautiful places in the Netherlands on foot. After all, Dutch cities have a lot to offer: from culture and architecture to entertainment and sports. After the walk, all participants receive a unique memento of the beautiful walk. In 2023, the Urban Walk Series consists of six cities.
The Urban Walk Series is a part of "We Are Walking". Walking is the most accessible sport in the world. It is the easiest way to exercise together with family and friends. Whether you prefer walking in the city, the hills or nature. We Are Walking offers something for everyone.


Charity - National MS Fund

This year, the National MS Fund is linked to the Urban Walk Series as a charity. Participants will contribute to creating a future without multiple sclerosis. You can help in 2 ways, namely by making a donation on the registration form or by going to Choose the city that appeals to you and create an action page to raise sponsorship money. If you raise more than €150, the National MS Fund will pay for your starting ticket!
Tip: Sign up as a group and combine conviviality with your commitment to a better life for people with MS. This makes walking even more fun!

Rotterdam unites over food on Liberation Day

Rotterdam unites over food on Liberation Day

ROTTERDAM, 6 April 2023 – The Rotterdam Freedom Meals (Rotterdamse Vrijheidsmaaltijden) event returns this year, with thousands of Rotterdam residents gathering at various locations to reflect on freedom and share their stories about both freedom and unfreedom.

Organisers and participants

In every corner of Rotterdam, from East to West and North to South, Freedom Meals can be found on May 5th. Diverse venues, speakers, caterers, photographers, community teams, musicians, and word artists collaborate and share Freedom Meals and their stories of freedom and confinement. Residents can join a communal meal throughout the city, whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner at a café, care center, theater, or simply with neighbors on the street. Each Freedom Meal features a story about freedom, sometimes subdued and intimate, other times exuberant and grand. For a complete overview of all Rotterdam Freedom Meals, visit the official website.

5 Freedom Meal Highlights in 2023:

1. Brutus proudly presents the Freedom Lunch and an exclusive tour of the exhibition “Through Bone and Marrow,” combining art and culinary indulgence for an enriching and inspiring experience from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. In collaboration with the Mano Foundation.

2. Theater Zuidplein hosts the Rotterdam Freedom Meal and The Freedom Factory in Zaal-Z on May 5th from 4:00 pm. Enjoy tasty soup, engaging stories, and join LOKAAL for an inspiring evening of film, expo, and conversations. Celebrate freedom on this special day full of culture and connection.

3. Visit the Buddhist center Phuntsok Chö Ling for delicious soup and experience a meditation session (optional and free). Drop-in starts at 5:30 pm. Register by May 5th, 12:00 pm, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4. Join LantarenVenster between 5:00 and 7:00 pm for a Freedom Soup at the LV Restaurant. Enjoy live poetry by Keanu Rae (Spraakuhloos) and beautiful trumpet playing by Peter Somuah. Reservations for the soup are not necessary. Afterward, watch the film “No Dogs or Italians Allowed” at 7:30 pm (ticket required).

5. Enjoy special Freedom Dishes at various Rotterdam eateries, such as DUDOK Rotterdam (homemade Freedom Soup), Broodje Q (Freedom Sandwich), or Alfredo's Taqueria (Freedom Margarita).

A new tradition

Over the past three years, the foundation for a new Liberation Day tradition has been established in Rotterdam, centring around freedom and connection. The Rotterdam Freedom Meals event serves as a unifying, citywide festival where residents can get to know one another over a meal and cultural programme. Meals are hosted at various locations throughout the city, including cafés, care centres, theatres, or even neighbours' streets, and are available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Freedom Soup: the symbol of Liberation Day

Each year, a Dutch chef creates a unique recipe for a special Freedom Soup (Vrijheidsoep) to support the Freedom Meals event. The intention is for the soup to become a symbol for Liberation Day, much like oliebollen for New Year's Eve. This year, TV chef London Loy has developed an exceptional corn soup recipe, inspired by his Surinamese roots. “If I can help people think about freedom, I am very happy. Whether it's with soup, another dish, or just a conversation,” says London Loy. Organisers can prepare the Freedom Soup themselves, or it is available in a limited-edition canned version designed by Piet Parra at various Rotterdam shops.

In 2023 TV chef London Loy developed an exceptional corn soup recipe, inspired by his Surinamese roots.In 2023 TV chef London Loy developed an exceptional corn soup recipe, inspired by his Surinamese roots.

The history of Rotterdam Freedom Meals

In 2020, Kelly Leeuwis and Berend van Zanten started the Rotterdam Freedom Meals event as a way to connect Rotterdam residents. The goal is to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and engage with others, discussing what connects them. Today, the Rotterdam Freedom Meals team consists of a dedicated group of young Rotterdam residents striving to make the city a better place. Together, they work to organise hundreds of Freedom Meals throughout Rotterdam, so residents can join a meal and engage in meaningful conversations in every neighbourhood on 5 May.

Joining the Freedom Meals event

The Rotterdam Freedom Meals website provides a comprehensive list of locations hosting a Freedom Meal in Rotterdam. If you're interested in organising your own Freedom Meal, you can sign up through the website. With the Rotterdam Freedom Meals event, residents come together to celebrate freedom and connect with one another, fostering a sense of unity and understanding on an important day in Dutch history.
Weekend of Artistic Printmaking - Chrysalid Gallery & Mesh Club

Weekend of Artistic Printmaking - Chrysalid Gallery & Mesh Club

Art enthusiasts, get ready for an exciting celebration of screen printing at the Weekend of Artistic Printmaking! The event will feature a unique exhibition and free workshops showcasing the works of Miroslav Cukovic and emerging artists. Don't miss the chance to explore contemporary screen printing on April 8th and 9th at Chrysalid Gallery in Rotterdam.


Weekend of Artist Printmaking

Chrysalid Gallery has partnered with Mesh Print Club in Rotterdam to present an exciting event celebrating the art of screen printing and the works of Miroslav Cukovic.

The Weekend of Artistic Printmaking will take place on April 8th and 9th, from 13:00 to 17:00, at Chrysalid Gallery, located at Coolsestraat 142 in Rotterdam.


Workshop by Miroslav Cukovic

The event's main attraction is a screen printing workshop led by Miroslav Cukovic and Mesh Print Club, where attendees can learn about screen printing techniques, participate in artist talks, and create their own unique prints under the guidance of the experts.

Miroslav Cukovic is a renowned Serbian artist and printmaker who has exhibited his work in galleries and museums across Europe and beyond.


Weekend of Artistic Printmaking - Chrysalid Gallery & Mesh ClubWeekend of Artistic Printmaking - Chrysalid Gallery & Mesh Club



In addition to the workshop, the event will feature an exhibition showcasing a range of his stunning prints, as well as a selection of works by Mesh Print Club's emerging screen printmakers. These talented artists are at the forefront of contemporary screen printing, pushing the boundaries of the medium and producing work that is both innovative and visually stunning.


Free event

The Weekend of Artistic Printmaking is free to attend and open to everyone. Whether you're an artist looking to learn new techniques or a fan of Miroslav Cukovic's work, this is an event not to be missed. Join us for an afternoon of creativity, inspiration, and artistic exploration and discover the exciting world of contemporary screen printing.

De Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delight

De Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delight

Every spring, the pop-up restaurant experience De Maaltuin is hosted at Rotterdam's Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum. De Maaltuin is a travelling restaurant that opens at special locations such as castles, palaces, museums or botanical gardens. While dining, visitors are introduced to the stories of these locations through specially prepared culinary dishes.
From April 6th (Easter weekend) until May 7th 2023, visitors can discover idyllic locations while enjoying a unique five-course dinner with pleasant company. The event embraces the season by delving into rituals from various cultures, all of which draw inspiration from nature. Guests will be treated to a culinary journey through different areas of the botanical garden, acquainting themselves with a diverse array of exotic flowers, plants, and trees.

Culinary Stroll through the Gardens

The unique pop-up restaurant The Maaltuin returns this spring for a new edition at Trompenburg Gardens. During this so-called carousel edition, guests will dine at various locations in the Rotterdam botanical garden. The Kapschuur, Perenhof, and Zwanenmeer are all featured on the route. The event is ideal for those who appreciate nature and enjoy exploring amidst thousands of stunning flowers, trees, and plants. Love for nature goes hand in hand with culinary enjoyment, as Chef Paul Oldemenger, formerly of Michelin-starred restaurants, has developed a special menu inspired by the garden's beauty. This broad palette of flavours is further enhanced by a wine or mocktail pairing tailored to the menu. Visitors will learn about fascinating myths and legends, as well as various forms of art, such as Elsbeth van Noppen's stunning photo series, “Nocturnal Garden.”

Discover Inspiring Cultures

This exceptional evening focuses on rituals from diverse cultures. For instance, guests will be introduced to the Japanese Wishing Tree tradition. By hanging coloured wish cards on a tree, the Japanese ask the gods for no rain during their celebration of the Tanabata festival. The Maaltuin will feature its own Wishing Tree, where guests can write their wishes and hang them on the tree. Additionally, a museum piece, the Peyote cactus, will be displayed in a glass case. According to indigenous Mexican tribes, Peyote enables them to connect with the gods of earth and nature.


De Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delightDe Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delight


An Exceptional Night Out

The event promises a memorable evening. Upon arrival, guests will find themselves in an idyllic green oasis. With a refreshing welcome drink in hand, they will explore the gardens, taking in the stunning flowers, trees, and plants in bloom. Through podcasts and creative experiences, guests will learn about the stories behind this beautiful place. The inspiring route through the greenhouse, Perenhof, and Zwanenmeer will also feature dishes served in a walking dinner format, inspired by the garden and prepared with local, sustainable ingredients. Guests will even have the opportunity to taste a piece of the garden itself, as the menu includes wild garlic, an herb that grows abundantly in Trompenburg Gardens.


About De Maaltuin

The Maaltuin offers a unique way to experience special locations through delicious dining, dishes with a story, and live music. Each edition of The Maaltuin is distinctive and provides a surprising experience worth revisiting time and time again.


About Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum

Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum is a beautiful botanical garden with a large collection of trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and tubers. The garden covers 8 hectares and is located in the Kralingen district of Rotterdam, on the edge of the city centre. The garden is open to visitors in every season. The first construction took place about 200 years ago. Trompenburg is of great value in terms of biodiversity and natural history. It has also been a registered museum, a Rotterdam Monument, and is therefore the green museum of Rotterdam.

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