Baroeg's event for people with disabilities

Baroeg's event for people with disabilities

HAPPENING ON 20 April 2024 – A notable gathering is set to take place at Baroeg under the 'Everyone Rocks' event, aimed at integrating individuals with disabilities into the vibrant local culture scene. This initiative offers an inclusive day of music, dance, and communal activities.

Everyone Rocks event to unite community

Baroeg, a key cultural hub in Rotterdam's Lombardijen district, is hosting the second edition of the 'Everyone Rocks' event. The initiative is designed to foster inclusion for people with disabilities, alongside local music and dance enthusiasts. The day is set to feature performances that highlight both the talent and inclusiveness of the community.

The event will kick off with a performance titled 'Iconic World' by the Rotterdam dance company Misiconi, which is known for its inclusive lineup of dancers with and without disabilities. This marks the first collaboration between Baroeg and Misiconi, enhancing the cultural fabric of Lombardijen.

Musical highlights and activities

The musical programme for the day includes a variety of pop and rock covers performed by the Niemand Minder Sessieband, consisting of clients from Pameijer, a local support organization for individuals with disabilities. Attendees can expect renditions of classics from bands like KISS, Queen, Johnny Cash, Golden Earring, and CCR.

Additionally, the event will feature karaoke, music lessons provided by SKVR, and a barbecue. The day will conclude with a performance by Scream Tonight, covering hits from rock legends such as AC/DC, Motörhead, ZZ Top, and Twisted Sister.

Everyone Rocks is Baroeg's event for people with disabilities. Photo credit: Martijn Berlage @ Baroeg Open Air festivalEveryone Rocks is Baroeg's event for people with disabilities. Photo credit: Martijn Berlage @ Baroeg Open Air festival

Future plans for Baroeg

This event is among the last to be held at the current Baroeg venue before its scheduled demolition in summer 2024. The new venue is expected to open in autumn 2025. In the interim, Baroeg will host performances at various locations across the city, including V11, Maassilo, Podium Grounds, Rotown, SoundVille, and the annual Baroeg Open Air festival in Zuiderpark.

Event information

 The event will take place at Baroeg, located at Spinozaweg 300, 3076 ET Rotterdam. The venue is easily accessible by public transport.

Learning Circus in Hoek van Holland

Learning Circus in Hoek van Holland

The Travelling Learning Circus offers a creative oasis in Hoek van Holland. Brinkplein is set to become a stage for community tales and artistic ventures.

‘Travelling learning circus’ engages Hoek van Holland

The Travelling Learning Circus (Reizend LeerCircus) will set up its inaugural space for community and cultural engagement in Hoek van Holland, at Brinkplein from 16 to 21 April 2024. Orchestrated by Stichting Wijkcollectie, the initiative is designed as a meeting place where residents and artists share experiences through stories, art, music, and theatre.

The initiative aims to enhance community bonds and cultural exchange. In this edition, the theme of 'new neighbours' is explored, which has emerged as a recurrent narrative among the local residents. Nicole van Dijk, director of Stichting Wijkcollectie, has highlighted the complexity of welcoming new neighbours into the community.

Art and dialogue in Hoek van Holland

Throughout the week, Brinkplein will host a multitude of activities, including workshops, theatrical performances, and musical events, all centred around the distinctive circular open-air tent installation by artist Frans van der Horst. These programmes encourage community members to engage with each other and reflect on the shared stories of their environment.

Kick-off and week-long programme

The official launch on 18 April 2024 will feature local narratives, culinary delights from the area, and cultural performances, providing a vibrant start to the week's festivities. The full programme can be found here.

The Travelling Learning Circus continues its journey

Following its time in Hoek van Holland, the Travelling Learning Circus will move on to other Rotterdam neighbourhoods including Oosterflank and Oude Noorden, creating platforms for community engagement and collective reflection in each new location.


Finding your way to Brinkplein, Hoek van Holland

Brinkplein, located at the centre of Hoek van Holland, is readily accessible for attendees of the Travelling Learning Circus.

King's Day in Rotterdam - Festivals, parties, chillout areas

King's Day in Rotterdam - Festivals, parties, chillout areas

HAPPENING 26 April 2025 - The vibrant spirit of King's Day (Koningsdag) comes to life in Rotterdam. The historic celebration of the Dutch monarch's birthday is marked by a range of exciting events, including a royal walking route, performances, and activities throughout the city.

When is King's Day celebrated?

Since 2014, King's Day has been celebrated on the birthday of King Willem-Alexander, April 27, unless this date falls on a Sunday. In that case, King's Day is moved forward to Saturday, April 26. This is why in 2025, King's Day is celebrated on the 26th April. The evening before King's Day is called King's Night (Koningsnacht) and is generally an opportunity for a good night of clubbing and bar-hopping.

The party is happening everywhere

On King's Day, you can party everywhere in the city. Every bar and club will be open and offer a nice day or evening filled with activities and live performances. In other words, you don't need to go to a major festival, as the atmosphere is best experienced in the city streets and its brown bars. Moreover, every town square and shopping street will be transformed into flea markets, where anybody can set up a table with goods for sale. Be sure to arrive early if you want to find vintage gems.

However, if you are looking for a proper, large music / EDM festival with a solid line-up, then look no further. We have listed the most popular parties for you right here. 

King's Day festivals taking place: 

Note that the information below is from 2024 and yet to be updated for 2025. However, all the main festivals tend to return every year, so check out their websites for up-to-date information. 

If you're an expat or tourist, these festivals could be more fun, as the artist line-ups and musical genres (EDM, Hip Hop etc.) are more mainstream, rather than the traditional Dutch folk music.

Kingsland Festival

Kingsland Festival in Rotterdam is set to be a spectacular celebration of Koningsdag, the national holiday in honor of the King's birthday. Held in the expansive greenery of Het Zuiderpark, this festival is renowned as the largest of its kind in the Netherlands, drawing massive crowds and featuring some of the country's most prominent artists.

For 2024, Kingsland Festival has prepared an extensive lineup that promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. The roster includes a diverse array of performers such as Benny Rodrigues, Broederliefde, Flemming, and Oliver Heldens, ensuring that there's something for every musical taste.

Festival-goers have various ticket options to choose from, with prices ranging depending on the time of purchase—Early Bird tickets start at €49,50, Regular tickets at €54,50, and Late Bird options go up to €59,50. Group tickets are also available for those attending in parties of five or more. Adding to the convenience, Kingsland Rotterdam operates with e-lockers, which use a digital code eliminating the need for keys or a deposit.

Transportation to the festival is well-organized, with recommendations to park at Ahoy if driving, or to use the train and metro systems with Rotterdam Centraal as the central hub. Keep in mind that on Koningsdag, special transport regulations apply, including an adjusted train schedule and restrictions on alcohol consumption in transit areas.

The festival upholds strict house rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all. These include mandatory ID checks (as the event is 18+), a ban on smoking in enclosed spaces, and a zero-tolerance policy for drugs.

Kingsland Festival in Rotterdam is truly an occasion that brings the spirit of Koningsdag to life, providing a day filled with music, celebration, and unity under the banner “Samen zijn wij oranje” — together we are orange. For more information, you can check the festival's line-up, tickets, and general info​. 

Kralingse Bos Festival (KBF)

Kralingse Bos Festival, now known simply as KBF, is ready to turn heads with its Royal edition on King's Day in 2024. It promises to be a day of non-stop festivities that are quintessentially Rotterdam—less talk, more celebration. The event will take place on April 27th from 13:00 to 23:00, turning the Kralingse Bos into a kingdom of entertainment.

The festival's line-up is an eclectic mix of genres aimed at energizing and captivating attendees with performances from urban to house music. Noteworthy acts such as Fake Tits, Joy Heart, and Josylvio are set to take the stage, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. Other artists like Rowan Pierot, Sluwe Ollie, Team Rush Hour, The Partysquad, Wessel S, Young Ellens, and MC Joreno add to the diverse musical offering, with the promise of more to be announced.

Access to the festival is restricted to those 18 and over, with ID checks at the entrance. KBF is well-connected to public transport, advising against car travel due to safety and parking considerations. It's recommended to use the metro, tram, or e-scooters, with the festival providing clear guidance on the best routes from various starting points, including nearby cities.

Attendees can expect a plethora of food stands and bars catering to various dietary requirements, although personal food and drinks are not permitted on-site. To ensure a smooth experience, the festival is a 'pin only' event, making transactions quicker and more environmentally friendly. For added convenience, lockers will be available to store personal items safely.

For those looking to capture the royal festivities of KBF, you're advised to arrive early, especially if you have an Early Entrance Ticket which requires entry before 16:00 to avoid additional charges. Keep in mind that once you're in, there's no re-entry, so make sure to bring everything you need to enjoy the festival to the fullest​.

Oranjebitter Rotterdam

Oranjebitter Rotterdam takes the celebration of King's Day to the next level with an electrifying event set to take place at Roel Langerakpark. Scheduled for April 27th, the festival offers an immersive experience with three stages delivering a diverse range of electronic music genres. Partygoers can expect a sonic journey through euphoric rave, pounding techno, and high-energy hypersonic house sounds, all under the banner “The Future Is Orange”.

A noteworthy line-up includes the collaborative magic of Chris Stussy x Locklead, the enthralling beats of DJ Gigola, and the vibrant rhythms of Philou Louzolo & Cincity, amongst others. Each artist brings their unique flair, set to captivate attendees in what promises to be a full-throttle celebration of the national holiday.

The festival's ethos is steeped in inclusivity and enjoyment, making it an essential destination for music enthusiasts on this Dutch national holiday. For more information on tickets, the line-up, and general FAQs, visitors can explore Oranjebitter's official website.

Other King's Day festivals taking place in Rotterdam:


Kroonjuweel Festival at the Merwe-Vierhavens invites you to celebrate King's Day with a mix of techno, uplifting house, and blazing hard-techno rave. With artists like David Vunk, Fafi Abdel Nour, OG Karin, and Subfiction spinning the decks, the party promises to be an unforgettable experience. Tickets are in their final phase, starting at 39,50 euros excluding service costs.

De Oranjetuin

King's Day welcomes a new player, De Oranjetuin. This block party kicks off the opening of De Kerktuin, a pop-up terrace next to the Arminius Church. Expect a casual vibe with dancing, beer, and good company. While the lineup remains a surprise, it's exclusively women behind the decks. A 'Vlugge Willy' entry card is a steal at 15 euros.

Royal Republic

Royal Republic offers a free celebration at Garden of Bird, showcasing a mix of hip-hop, r&b, afro, dancehall, and more. With talents like Phil Peoples, Acquisition, Ray Escobar, and Cijntje, the day is sure to be vibrant. Plus, there's no shortage of drinks and wood-oven pizza to enjoy in the picturesque setting.

Radio Tornado

Radio Tornado serves a diverse musical feast, from Italo disco to Chicago house and Caribbean to African tunes. On King's Day, they bring their eclectic blend to a block party at Mono with local DJs like Marsman, Jeff Solo, All Hans on Deck, and Alix Dyon. Tickets are a bargain at 15 euros, with early bird options already sold out.

Koningsdag op het Stadhuisplein

Stadhuisplein is once again decking out in orange for King's Day. Celebrate with old and new friends over beers and cheers. The party starts early with tickets available at 11,50 euros for early birds, and regular tickets at 16,50 euros.

Koningsdag festival Baroeg

The annual King's Day festival at Baroeg is back with seven energetic bands ready to rock through the national holiday. The event is free, so gather your crew and head over to the Spinozaweg. And for Baroeg regulars, there's exciting news: a brand-new venue is set to replace the current one.

Sweet Kingsday Festival

The Sweet Kingsday Festival in Lombardijen is a family affair, offering a full day of bands, live acts, and DJs in the Spinozapark. Children can enjoy playground amenities, and with plenty of food and drink options, you can settle in for the long haul. The festivities run from 10:00 to 21:00.

Rotterdam Marathon - dates, registration and current records

Rotterdam Marathon - dates, registration and current records

The Rotterdam Marathon is one of the largest sporting events in the Netherlands, and has been ranked by Runner's World magazine as one of the top 10 marathons in the world. The event has been held annually since 1981.

What you need to know about NN Rotterdam Marathon

The next Rotterdam Marathon will take place on 13 & 14 April 2024.

About Rotterdam Marathon

The very first Rotterdam Marathon took place in 1981 and saw 200 runners gather for the start. Today, the Rotterdam Marathon draws top runners from all over the world and has been growing steadily every year. More than 950,000 spectators show up to witness the event. In 2018, there were 13,997 finishers for the full marathon.

Rotterdam Marathon programme 

In 2024, the programme for the 43rd edition of the Rotterdam Marathon probably consists of the following races:
Saturday, 13 April 2024

City Run Rotterdam (4.2K)
NN Kids Runs (1K and 2.5K)
The Marathon Rotterdam Walk (5K, 10K, or 15K) 
Your Marathon Challenge (1K)
Schools and Clubs (1K and 2.5K)

Sunday, 14 April 2024

1/4 Marathon Rotterdam (10k)
NN Marathon Rotterdam (42k)
TBI Business Runs


Rotterdam Marathon aftermovie


Register for the NN Rotterdam Marathon

You can register on the official Rotterdam Marathon website. Credit cards are accepted!

Rotterdam Marathon course records

So you think you can run? Speed is actually guaranteed. The Rotterdam Marathon is one of the fastest courses in the world. It's a course where world records have been broken many times before.
The men's record currently stands at 2:03.36 (Bashir Abdi, 2021).
The women's record stands at 2:18:58 (Tiki Gelana, 2012).
Tell you what. Break one of these records and coffee is on us!

Rotterdam Marathon Route

This year, the Rotterdam Marathon starts at the Erasmus bridge and ends on the Coolsingel.
Rotterdam Marathon route for 2022Rotterdam Marathon route for 2022

Watch the Rotterdam Marathon on television

If you can't make it to the marathon, that's fine. The Rotterdam Marathon is always broadcast on Dutch public broadcaster NPO as well as in various countries abroad.
Meet Bing and Flop at Rotterdam Zoo

Meet Bing and Flop at Rotterdam Zoo

Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam Zoo) welcomes beloved characters Bing and Flop in a special event tailored for young children this spring. Explore a unique route, engage in storytelling sessions, and meet the characters face-to-face.

Bing and Flop visit Diergaarde Blijdorp

From 3 April to 12 May 2024, Diergaarde Blijdorp will host an interactive experience featuring Bing and Flop, characters well-known among toddlers and preschoolers. The event is designed to provide an educational and enjoyable day out for the youngest zoo visitors.

The zoo will set up a Bing-themed route where special boards are placed at six different animal exhibits, including bison and prairie dogs. These boards will offer fun facts and engaging questions about the animals, helping children learn about nature and wildlife. The route culminates in a photo opportunity with characters from the popular children's series.

Educational activities and character meet

The newly opened NatuurPodium, featuring outdoor seating, will serve as the venue for storytelling sessions held on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Bing and Flop will share stories about their favourite zoo animals, such as lions, flamingos, and snakes. The sessions are interactive, encouraging children to mimic animal movements and sounds.

Following the storytelling, children will have the opportunity to meet Bing and Flop and take photos with them. To make the visit memorable, children will receive a Bing and Flop souvenir, and there will also be exclusive merchandise available for purchase.

Promoting a love for nature

Through this event, Diergaarde Blijdorp aims to introduce children aged 1 to 5 to the animal kingdom and instil a love for nature from an early age. The activities are included with zoo admission, although reservations are required for the storytelling and meet-and-greet sessions.

Directions to Diergaarde Blijdorp

Diergaarde Blijdorp is located in the heart of Rotterdam, easily accessible by public transport or car. For visitors travelling by tram, line 12 leads directly to the zoo entrance. The area around the zoo is well-signposted and features several amenities, including cafes and picnic areas.

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