Feyenoord show off new sustainable designer threads by OGER

Feyenoord show off new sustainable designer threads by OGER

On Friday 26 July 2019, Oger Corporate Fashion Statements (OCFS) officially delivered its brand new, sustainable, tailored suits to players, staff and management of Feyenoord. The event took place in de Kuip (Feyenoord Stadium). 

OGER is a luxury fashion brand for men founded in 1989 by the brothers Rob, Martin and Oger Lusink with shops in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Haarlem and Antwerp. It is the twelfth year that the clothing company has given the Rotterdam club a new look via their OCFS corporate fashion label. 

While the emphasis last season was on 'casual chic,' this year's suits are 'fashion and design.' OCFS Managing Director Patrick Lusink: "The new season starts. After years of an informal and sporty club outfit, it became time again for a super sleek, more serious style."

'Our relationship goes beyond purely business.'

According to OGER, one of the main reasons why this relationship has endured is the fact that almost every year, Esquire declares Feyenoord to be the best-dressed team off the pitch. Patrick Lusink on the collaboration between Feyenoord and OCFS: "we are proud of the close relationship we have with Feyenoord. This goes further than just business. We love Rotterdam and are committed to Feyenoord and its city. Feyenoord's players and staff are very familiar with our store in Rotterdam."

Feyenoord Rotterdam show off new suits designed by OGERs OCFS labelFeyenoord Rotterdam show off new suits designed by OGERs OCFS label

The French style

"Oger's management is closely involved in every new Feyenoord creation. Martijn Lusink still makes the design personally", says Patrick Lusink. "After that, the entire clothing package is personally measured by our custom-made specialists and made to measure for each player. For the 2019/2020 season, we were inspired by the young Parisian designer style with narrow lapel, tie and a small collar, also called "The French style".

The tailor-made suit is dark grey and made of a stretch material which makes it extra comfortable. Grey is the trend colour for the autumn and completes the young design." The message the suit had to convey was "no words, but deeds, a real power suit", according to Martijn Lusink. "The tailor-made suit is combined with a white cotton shirt. The design of the tie is derived from the Feyenoord competition shirt. This means that there is a reflection right through the middle of the tie, only in two shades of grey. The Feyenoord logo is subtly woven on the tie in light grey."

Social responsibility: sustainable production

In the field of clothing production, OCFS wants to meet its social responsibility. Operations Manager Robert Spijkers Suwarni: "We are aware that we only have one Earth to deal with responsibly. That's why we take a critical look at our suppliers. More and more producers work with ecologically sound raw materials. In addition, we try to keep the journey between production and final destination short, so that we don't have to transport unnecessarily much from far away."

OCFS has also joined forces with the Feyenoord Foundation, which does everything it can to get the youth of Rotterdam moving. Sander Lusink: "The winners of last season's Feyenoord Street League were invited to attend the presentation of the suits. Each child was given a signed ball and there was an opportunity to meet the players briefly."
Catch these pop-up performances from July through October

Catch these pop-up performances from July through October

ROTTERDAM,  24 July 2019 - After organising a successful 10th edition of the Eendracht Festival last Thursday, De Nieuwe Lichting have announced their planning for the rest upcoming months featuring local talent. 

On Thursday, July 18th we saw the 10th edition of Eendracht Festival with multiple stages around the Eendrachtsplein. The celebration of the anniversary was a great party which put many local talents in the spotlight. Moreover, In the next weeks, you can still visit the Santa Clause statue by Paul McCarthy (known locally as kabouter buttplug) at Eendrachtsplein and appreciate the 3D-street art drawing made by Franky Sticks during the festival.

De Nieuwe Lichting will continue to present Rotterdam's talents at pop-up events all over the city. Every Saturday, their trolley will make a stop at a different, freely accessible spot in town where a cool local artist will perform.

These are the artists performing at DeNieuwe Lichting's pop-up events:
• 27/7/19 Maask
• 03/8/19 Willemijn de Boer
• 10/8/19 Young PACO & Zachery V
• 17/8/19 Alison Jutta
• 24/8/19 HardHeaderz
• 31/8/19 WARD
• 7/9/19 The Asses
• 14/9/19 Bourbon Avenue
• 21/9/19 Anemone
• 28/9/19 Froukje
• 05/10/19 Beau Black & The Company

Locations include Nieuwe Binnenweg, Black Widow,  Sevenply, Wunderbar, Dudok, Holy Smoke, Lilith coffee, Ben & Jerry's and Plaatboef.

In addition to the pop-ups, De Nieuwe Lichting is also organising Jam Sessions, Homegrown evenings at Bird and A Festival Downtown. The latter will take place on Saturday, 5 October. As for Eendracht Festival, the 11th edition is taking place on Thursday, July 16, 2020.
Rotterdam's ambitious plan to get everybody on bicycles

Rotterdam's ambitious plan to get everybody on bicycles

The bicycle has an important role in the growing city of Rotterdam. In order to keep the city accessible, a mobility transition is needed and the bicycle plays a major role in this. A 'cycling plan,' titled 'Fietskoers 2025,' sets out the ambitions and plans for getting even more people on board.

Fietskoers 2025 Rotterdam

Although the car seems dominant in Rotterdam, the majority of all trips are not made by car, but on foot, by bike or by public transport. Everyday cyclists in Rotterdam cover 1 million kilometres, which is 27 times around the world. All the more reason to take cyclists in Rotterdam seriously.

In 'Fietskoers 2025,' all activities to improve facilities for fast and slow cyclists are discussed, as well as attention for new cyclists and safe cycling. The city also wants to encourage as many Rotterdammers as possible to use their bicycles (more often). For example, city-wide cooperation with employers and organisations that attach great importance to cycling and the expansion of the network of cycle paths in and around the city.
Knowledge and experience will also be shared in a regional cooperative, extra enforcement of bicycle parking will be deployed and bicycle data and innovation will be an important theme.

The Fietskoers 2025 was presented by alderman Judith Bokhove of Mobility, Youth and Language. "More cycling is healthy and with fewer cars, we have more space for the green in the city. In addition, in the city you can often reach your destination faster if you take your bike" says Bokhove.

Ambitious plans for bicycle parking in RotterdamAmbitious plans for bicycle parking in Rotterdam

Concrete plans for the coming years

In the coming period, the municipality of Rotterdam will be constructing wide, safe cycle paths. The city will focus on creating safe school environments and traffic lights will be adjusted to improve the flow of cyclists. In addition, the municipality of Rotterdam is constructing extra bicycle parking spaces at Rotterdam central station, Alexander station, Blijdorp, Coolhaven and the Noordereiland. Rotterdam will also pay attention to cycling and traffic safety in schools. Rotterdam aims to ensure that by 2022 all children in group 7 take their cycling exams.

Lev electric vehicle sharing now available in Rotterdam

Lev electric vehicle sharing now available in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, we've seen and shared bicycles and electric scooters. Now, a trial has started with sharing small electric vehicles. Lev electric vehicles offer a new way to move around the city easily and comfortably.

Rotterdam is looking for smart solutions that contribute to a healthy and accessible city for Rotterdam residents and visitors. With the use of shared mobility, more people from Rotterdam can move around the city with fewer vehicles.

On Monday, July 15th 2019, Alderman Judith Bokhove blessed the official launch for the new sustainable service.
Alderman Bokhove is enthusiastic about the new sharing mobility: “We want to keep Rotterdam accessible. That is why we give new sharing services a chance. Lev's cars can easily replace city journeys by car. For example, fewer people in Rotterdam need a car that is only parked in the city centre or residential areas for much of the time. At those parking places, I prefer green or space to park your bike. Lev's electric vehicles help because one such Lev can be used by many people. And they are also electric, so they produce less noise, CO2 emissions and air pollution in the city. "

Small in size, big in convenience

The Lev takes up considerably less space than a car. There is enough space for 2 people and a little bit of luggage. The 100% electric cars run at a maximum of 45 km/hour. At your destination, you park the Lev for free in a parking space. The Lev is then ready for your next ride or the next user.

“Lev strives for a livable city with less air pollution, fewer traffic jams, and more greenery. We are starting this pilot in Rotterdam as our concept fits in well with the direction the municipality has chosen to tackle challenges in the city. This puts Rotterdam at the forefront of creating a green and sustainable city ”- Ytzen Zeilstra - Managing Director Lev.

Lev - How does it work?

Lev is a network of small electric vehicles that are accessible to anyone from the age of 18 with a valid driver's license. With the Lev app, users can book, unlock and start the Lev. You only pay for the ride and parking is free within the service area. The Lev is officially regarded as a car and can therefore only drive on the road and park in a car parking space.



About Lev

Lev aims to make cities more livable and accessible by making comfortable, emission-free vehicles available to all residents.
Lev is part of Getaround, one of the world's leading car-sharing platforms.

The Lev app is available for iOs and Android.
For more information, visit www.getlev.nl
Wild Romance and Hatari to perform at Baroeg Open Air 2019

Wild Romance and Hatari to perform at Baroeg Open Air 2019

Icelandic sensation Hatari and Herman Brood's band Wild Romance among new names announced for Baroeg Open Air 2019. Also expect to see Komatsu, Cabaret Nocture and BOSKAT at this year's festival. 

ROTTERDAM, 28 June 2019 - Today, Baroeg Open Air announced no fewer than five new names for the Baroeg Open Air festival taking place on Saturday, September 14th in Rotterdam's Zuiderpark. The programme now includes Wild Romance and the Icelandic Songfestival sensation Hatari. Other names are Komatsu, Cabaret Nocturne and BOSKAT.

Hatari to perform at Baroeg Open Air

The Icelandic band Hatari plays in the Netherlands for the first time since its participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Hatari 's (political) sources of inspiration include Theresa May, Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Die Antwoord, Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein. In the run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest, the controversial band's BDSM outfits, anti-capitalist electro-punk and political statements received a lot of attention and made the band the odd man out.

It's probably the first time that a Eurovision finalist performs at an alternative festival. The combination is nevertheless quite logical, says director and chief programmer of the Baroeg Open Air festival Leon van Rijnsbergen: “Our festival focuses on a lot of different hard and alternative genres, such as metal, gothic, hardcore, punk, rock ('n roll), EBM, industrial and breakcore. This act fits perfectly in between. ”

Wild Romance 📷 Alex de GrootWild Romance 📷 Alex de Groot

Also performing are Wild Romance, the legendary accompaniment band of Dutch rockstar Herman Brood. Expect to hear killer songs like 'Saturday Night.'

Line-up Baroeg Open Air 2019

Bands that have already been confirmed for Baroeg Open Air include Dark Tranquility, Samael, Agent Fresco, PRSPCT Assault (Thrasher, DJ Hidden, The Satan, MC Mike Redman), The Prototypes and many more.

Check out our always-up-to-date article on Baroeg Open Air for the latest festival information. 

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