EAT.PEASY introduces home delivery for its vegan meals

EAT.PEASY introduces home delivery for its vegan meals

Umami noodles with green asparagus, Sri Lankan curries and an oriental aubergine stew with lentil falafel. These are just a few of the varied dishes on offer at EAT.PEASY. The company sees itself as an accessible way to order vegan meals.
After the successful launch of the concept in July 2019, EAT.PEASY is now taking the next step. As of Tuesday 5 January 2021, the Rotterdam-based meal service has started offering ready-to-heat meals via its own website, as well as hot meals via delivery service Thuisbezorgd.

Founder story: Maaike Stift

The brain behind the concept is Maaike Stift, an enterprising Rotterdam woman with a great passion for nutrition and health. A few years ago, Stift heard from her colleagues at the time that they would like to change their eating habits, but lacked the time or inspiration to do so. Stift therefore decided to cook for them. She borrowed a cargo bike from her uncle and started preparing and delivering her own vegan ready-to-heat meals. At first, only for her employer Coolblue, but later also for companies such as GreenChoice, CIC, DEPT and DVDW Advocaten. Stift later quit her job to pursue her dream. After completed study in Plant-Based Nutrition and countless rides on the cargo bike, EAT.PEASY became a reality in July 2019.
EAT.PEASY founder Maaike Stift with her cargo bikeEAT.PEASY founder Maaike Stift with her cargo bike
EAT.PEASY by Maaike Stift EAT.PEASY by Maaike Stift

On a mission

EAT.PEASY proved to be a success formula and is now expanding from the business market to the private market. This brings Stift another step closer to her mission: to inspire as many people as possible to eat plant-based food more often. She does this by not preparing vegan junk food, but truly nutritious meals that give you energy. Stift: "With this, I hope to support people in a positive and accessible way with achieving a healthy lifestyle. From busy, young families and athletes to elderly people who don't want to or can't cook for themselves."
EAT.PEASY by Maaike Stift EAT.PEASY by Maaike Stift
Ter Marsch & Co. wins prize for best burger in the Benelux

Ter Marsch & Co. wins prize for best burger in the Benelux

The tastiest burger in all the Benelux is found at Ter Marsch & Co in Rotterdam. The burger known as 'The Gojira' took home the grand prize at the 2020 Best Burger Benelux competition.
The best burger of the Benelux can be found at Ter Marsch & Co. The burger specialist won the final of the Best Burger Benelux on October 13th 2020 at the BBB in the MECC Maastricht. Ter Marsch & Co left a hundred contenders in its wake with 'The Gojira.' The burger was judged the best by the international jury.

The Gojira

The Gojira is served on two small steam buns with a patty of Dutch dry aged rib eye and Japanese Wagyu. The burger is topped with a crumble of purple tortillas and nori, in yuzu pickled red onion, sweet and sour cucumber and mini bok choy and bulgogi pulled pork. The pulled pork is stewed in a bulgogi marinade with smoked belly bacon pieces cooked in Mexican red pepper sauce. Next there are two sauces: the white sauce made from Jarritos lime juice and manuka honey with Japanese pink ginger and lime zest. The red sauce is made from Gochujang pasta, a Korean fermented soybean paste made with a home-made spicy ketchup.

Jury report

The jury included Pierre Wind (television chef), Alexandra Dirand (export manager Ballymaloe), Kevin Ross (Ellis Gourmet Burgers), Ron Simpson (Avocado Show) and Yossi Eliyahoo (The Entourage Group). According to the five members of the jury the presentation of The Gojira was executed to perfection. In addition, they thought about a perfect overall picture down to the smallest details. The jury described the burger as a true taste explosion, original, surprising and very balanced with an amazing presentation in an Asian steam basket.
By the way, if you're expecting a huge towering heap of meat, the Gojira is actually a pair of 'smaller sized' burgers, this makes them very convenient to eat.

National and international prizes

Ter Marsch & Co's hamburgers have been in the spotlight since its opening in 2014. After winning many national and international titles, it's now fair to say that Ter Marsch & Co can be labelled as an iconic foodie destination. By winning this new prize Ter Marsch & Co proves once again to be one of the best burger specialists in the Netherlands and beyond. Last January, the burger bar won the award for best burger and the most delicious fries in the Netherlands during the Horecava. The award-winning 'The Gojira' is on the menu in the Rotterdam and Amsterdam branches of Ter Marsch & Co.

Location: Ter Marsch & Co.

New Rotterdam dining concept roasts guests as well as food

New Rotterdam dining concept roasts guests as well as food

Looking for a special (read: bizarre) night out during which you are made fun of and insulted throughout? In that case Roasted by Beurs may be what you've been missing in your life. Rude staff and zero etiquette, Roasted by Beurs aims to be the most scandalous restaurant in the Netherlands.
Whatever floats your boat, right? While some people like their food roasted, others prefer to feel the burn themselves. A new restaurant is opening in Rotterdam. Roasted by Beurs aims to garner the worst reviews ever, on purpose. The self-proclaimed 'most outrageous restaurant in the Netherlands' offers a brand new and unique concept which basically comes down to a total disregard of etiquette. Visiting Roasted by Beurs is at your own peril as "guests can count on gross insults from the staff."
From the moment you set foot inside the restaurant until the bill appears on the table, you are the victim of the rude staff. The witty theatre students of art centre SKVR, together with the employees of De Beurs ensure that you are hilariously insulted all night long.
Insulting someone as creatively, destructively and funny as possible: that's what a roast is all about. The phenomenon has come over from the United States and De Beurs is now introducing it to the Dutch hospitality industry. According to Roasted by Beurs, catering etiquette does not exist inside the restaurant. It's a place where the guest is 'you' and the staff must be addressed with 'sir'. Drinking water is served in a drinking bowl for dogs and you'll find an empty tip bucket placed pontifically on the table. The cheekiest curses are shouted at and guests are judged on their intelligence, appearance and attitude.
Roasted by BeursRoasted by Beurs

About Roasted by Beurs

Roasted by Beurs was to open officially on October 23rd, however this is now probably delayed due to COVID-19 prevention measures. Once restrictions are lifted, reservations can be made by phone and/or email.
The Beurs is located in the Lijnbaankwartier on the Kruiskade in Rotterdam. It is a bar, restaurant and entertainment venue in one, located in the former foyer of a cinema. During the day De Beurs is a nice place for a good lunch and a cosy social drink. In the evening there's dining in any price range. In the wee hours, De Beurs turns into nightclub frequented by Dutch youngsters.

Location: De Beurs

5 awesome sustainability initiatives in Rotterdam

5 awesome sustainability initiatives in Rotterdam

Conscious of the environment and looking to enjoy the city sustainably? Check out this list of 5 sustainability initiatives in Rotterdam, compiled by Facebook group Duurzame Rotterdammers (Sustainable Rotterdammers).
Rotterdam is more than a harbour city, it's Erasmus bridge, the Euromast and the place where next year’s Eurovision Song Contest takes place. The bustling city is chock-full of hidden gems: eateries and restaurants, (second-hand) shops, creative initiatives, green walkways, and great co-working spaces. But how to find those hidden gems? Well, other than the Rotterdam Style website, checking out local Facebook Groups or the official Facebook Community City Guide are a good place to start.

Five sustainability initiatives in Rotterdam

Below you will find the five best tips in the field of sustainability in Rotterdam, created by the Facebook group Duurzame Rotterdammers (Sustainable Rotterdammers). P.S. this list is in random order!

#1 Groente zonder grenzen (Veggies without borders)

Collect all leftover food! “Veggies without borders” collects leftover foodstuffs to turn them weekly into socially inclusive free and healthy feasts for everyone. So, the initiative does not only help limit food waste but also contributes to society.

#2 The Rotterdamse Oogstmarkt (The Rotterdam Harvest market)

For super fresh and tasty produce to cook your own lovely, homemade meals there is only one place: The Rotterdamse Oogstmarkt (The Rotterdam Harvest market). At this weekly farmers’ market on Noordplein (North square), you can score the tastiest products for a fair price directly from the producers. The stories from the sellers are a free bonus.

#3 STEK de Stadstuinwinkel (STEK the city garden shop)

Do you have green fingers? Then STEK de Stadstuinwinkel is the place to be. A garden shop in the middle of the city with a broad range of organic seeds, plants, pots, and sustainable products. With its products, you can transform every city garden, balcony, roof terrace or home into your urban jungle. Because you can never have enough plants. Address? Nieuwe Binnenweg 195B.

#4 Buurman Rotterdam (Neighbour Rotterdam)

Whether you have two left hands or not, go to Buurman for recycled building materials, circular construction advise, a furniture-making class, sustainable workshops, and team building activities. Want to start building something with your materials directly? You can! During the Open Workshop days (Open Werkplaatsdagen).  Find this hotspot at Vierhavensstraat 56, close to Keilehaven.

#5 Rotterdamse Munt (Rotterdam mint)

For everyone without a garden, balcony or roof terrace, or people who simply enjoy the greenery, there are the Rotterdam stadstuinen (Rotterdam city gardens).  At Rosestraat 200 you are given all freedom to discover, taste and experience the gardens. And that in the middle of the city!

With a little help from local Facebook communities

More than eight million (!) Dutch people are members of a Facebook group. These are online communities where, for example, hobbies are shared, or help is offered. For the Community City Guide, 13 administrators of Rotterdam-based online communities have been asked to share their local recommendation for hidden gems – from typical Rotterdam topics such as architecture and the world-famous harbour to special green walking routes and the most sustainable shops. Hotspots that you might never have found yourself.
New junk food concept THE GOAT opens in Rotterdam

New junk food concept THE GOAT opens in Rotterdam

New in Rotterdam: THE GOAT presents a junk food concept inspired by American cuisine. The menu features classics as well as interesting twists; from fried chicken, loaded fries and burgers to slushies, smashed burgers and more.
Rotterdam, 9 October 2020 - In Rotterdam, THE GOAT has opened its doors: a new junk food concept where you can go for fried chicken, loaded fries and burgers. THE GOAT claims to offer special dishes inspired by American cuisine. The menu features classics such as Chicken & Waffles, but also special dishes such as smashed burgers and the Legendairy: fried chicken with a ball of ice cream and syrup. THE GOAT will offer slushies in various flavours, to which a shot of alcohol can also be added.
At THE GOAT, the dishes are inspired by the American dinner scene and these influences are reflected with a modern twist in the interior. Fresh colours are used everywhere, there are wooden dining booths as well as a real arcade corner, complete with a pinball and gripper machines.
THE GOAT RotterdamTHE GOAT RotterdamTHE GOAT Rotterdam arcade machinesTHE GOAT Rotterdam arcade machines


THE GOAT was founded by entrepreneurs Rolf Leliveld and Rob van den Broek. Rolf is one of the first real food truck entrepreneurs, who helped put the tortilla on the map in the Netherlands. He has served his dishes at all major festivals for many years. Rob is a creative entrepreneur and has several companies in which his feel for food, concepts and styling has been a calling card. Together they have been looking for high quality junk food, in combination with a unique concept.
The founders say about THE GOAT: "In the Netherlands there are still few restaurants that serve good quality junk food. That's why THE GOAT offers unique dishes made of high quality and prepared with fresh ingredients. Rotterdam is the perfect place for this because a lot is happening here in terms of food and progressive concepts."

Location: THE GOAT

THE GOAT is at Schiedamse Vest 14.

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