Lev electric vehicle sharing now available in Rotterdam

Lev electric vehicle sharing now available in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, we've seen and shared bicycles and electric scooters. Now, a trial has started with sharing small electric vehicles. Lev electric vehicles offer a new way to move around the city easily and comfortably.

Rotterdam is looking for smart solutions that contribute to a healthy and accessible city for Rotterdam residents and visitors. With the use of shared mobility, more people from Rotterdam can move around the city with fewer vehicles.

On Monday, July 15th 2019, Alderman Judith Bokhove blessed the official launch for the new sustainable service.
Alderman Bokhove is enthusiastic about the new sharing mobility: “We want to keep Rotterdam accessible. That is why we give new sharing services a chance. Lev's cars can easily replace city journeys by car. For example, fewer people in Rotterdam need a car that is only parked in the city centre or residential areas for much of the time. At those parking places, I prefer green or space to park your bike. Lev's electric vehicles help because one such Lev can be used by many people. And they are also electric, so they produce less noise, CO2 emissions and air pollution in the city. "

Small in size, big in convenience

The Lev takes up considerably less space than a car. There is enough space for 2 people and a little bit of luggage. The 100% electric cars run at a maximum of 45 km/hour. At your destination, you park the Lev for free in a parking space. The Lev is then ready for your next ride or the next user.

“Lev strives for a livable city with less air pollution, fewer traffic jams, and more greenery. We are starting this pilot in Rotterdam as our concept fits in well with the direction the municipality has chosen to tackle challenges in the city. This puts Rotterdam at the forefront of creating a green and sustainable city ”- Ytzen Zeilstra - Managing Director Lev.

Lev - How does it work?

Lev is a network of small electric vehicles that are accessible to anyone from the age of 18 with a valid driver's license. With the Lev app, users can book, unlock and start the Lev. You only pay for the ride and parking is free within the service area. The Lev is officially regarded as a car and can therefore only drive on the road and park in a car parking space.



About Lev

Lev aims to make cities more livable and accessible by making comfortable, emission-free vehicles available to all residents.
Lev is part of Getaround, one of the world's leading car-sharing platforms.

The Lev app is available for iOs and Android.
For more information, visit www.getlev.nl

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