Rotterdam Pride week - general information, locations, dates

Rotterdam Pride House of ColoursRotterdam Pride House of ColoursEvery September, the streets of Rotterdam transform into all colours of the rainbow in a celebration of sexual freedom, gender, gender identity and cultural diversity. Rotterdam Pride week boasts a diverse and colourful programme brimful of art, culture, talk shows, debates, entertainment and of course, more than 130 parties and events for all ages.

2019 theme: House of Colours. 

The theme of the sixth edition is: HOUSE OF COLOURS. House of Colours symbolizes the fact that Rotterdam is a colourful and diverse city. In other words, Rotterdam as a house, is a safe space where people meet and build an inclusive society. At the House of Colours, the doors are wide open to everyone.

This year, Rotterdam Pride build a 'real' House of Colours on Kruisplein. The compelling two-storey art installation, allows visitors to discover the story behind the most sustainable symbol of the LGBTQIA+ rights movement; the original rainbow flag, designed by Gilbert Baker. "The colours in the Pride flag have a meaning. Many people don't know this and there is so much to tell about it!" (Nico Musebrink, artistic manager, Rotterdam Pride).

Rotterdam Pride officially launched inside House of ColoursRotterdam Pride officially launched inside House of Colours
What makes this installation extra special is its interactive character. Anyone can take part in designing the world's first crowd-sourced rainbow flag. Visitors can hang a ribbon in a colour of their choice. In a film or as text on the ribbon, they can argue the choice of colour. In this way, the Rotterdam Pride flag can be put together in an inclusive manner as it allows all participants to give an opinion about the flag.

The crowdsourced flag will be put on display during Rotterdam Pride 2020.

Rotterdam Pride Walk 2018 📷 Jordy BradaRotterdam Pride Walk 2018 📷 Jordy Brada

Rotterdam Pride Walk 2019 - 28 September

This year, the Rotterdam Pride Walk takes place on Saturday, 28 September. The 2019 Rotterdam Pride Walk leaves from Leuvehoofdpark at 11:00. The event ends at 13:00. Everyone is welcome to participate in the Pride Walk through the centre of Rotterdam.

Before the Pride Walk begins, there will be a moment of silence. Nico Musebrink, artistic manager Rotterdam Pride: "we want to hold a minute of silence for all LGBTQIA+ victims all over the world and pay attention to people who are still are excluded and do not feel safe because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender or cultural background."

The 'Parade of Love' will be accompanied by this year's winners of the Battle of Drums contest at Rotterdam Unlimited: Ritmo Percussion. The Rotterdam Pride Ambassadors will lead the way. For security reasons, the exact route of the Pride Walk is never disclosed beforehand.

As an individual you don't have to register for the Pride Walk. If you want to join as a group consisting of more than 10 people, you're expected to sign up for the Pride Walk. For organizations, companies and institutions, registration is mandatory. You will find the registration form on the Rotterdam Pride website.

Tickets: Admission is free and everyone is welcome.
Date: Leuvehoofdpark, 28 September, 11:00 - 13:00


In addition to the House of Colours on Kruisplein, this year there are 'open houses': House of Pride in Theater Rotterdam and The Ferry Pride House will be the official venues for the Pride week.

Rotterdam Pride Festival 2018 📷 Jordy BradaRotterdam Pride Festival 2018 📷 Jordy Brada


The Pride Festival starts with an exuberant reception of all participants of the Pride Walk in the biggest Pop Up Park in the world. The programme of the Pride Festival is a mix of Urban, Pop, Dance and Techno very diverse with different performances by Diva MayDay, D'allessandro (IT), Vieze Poezendek (Milkshake Festival), Lucien Foort, House of Vineyard and House of Holographic Hoes.

In addition to the musical performances there are various activities such as the Hang-out 010. During Rotterdam Pride, the 'hang-out' will offer free HIV tests, hold a silent disco karaoke event and a set up a Transpoline.

Tickets: Admission is free and everyone is welcome.
Date: Schouwburgplein, 28 September, 13:00 - 22:30

Rotterdam Pride is jam-packed with events that take place all over the city. For the full Rotterdam Pride programme and timetable, be sure to check out the Rotterdam Pride website.


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