Shimmy Shake Festival Rotterdam - dates, locations, artists

Shimmy Shake Festival Rotterdam - dates, locations, artists

The Shimmy Shake Festival in Rotterdam brings together the cream of the crop of the international fusion world. Expect a varied programme with dance workshops for all levels, shows, demonstrations as well as a cosy bazaar with tasty snacks and free dance performances.

Shimmy Shake is the premiere international belly dance festival in the Netherlands. Every year, the festival draws great international star dancers. They don't only come to perform. They also come to teach! There are classes for beginners as well as workshops for improvers and professionals.

The event also features an Oriental bazaar. Here you'll be able to enjoy live music, stage performances, shop and good food. Admission to the bazaar is free.

Shimmy Shake Festival RotterdamShimmy Shake Festival Rotterdam

About Shimmy Shake Festival 2019

The 6th edition of the International Shimmy Shake Festival will take place on 8, 9 and 10 November 2019 in Rotterdam. In 2019, expect to see the following headliners: Piny Orchidaceae, Kira Habibi Lal, Patricia Zarnovican, Leo Orchidaceae & Tjarda van Straten.

This year, different styles will be mixed, including Polynesian and African dances and the American 'LGBT dance style' Waacking.

For more information and the official festival programme, visit the Shimmy Shake Festival website.

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Shimmy Shake Festival Rotterdam event details

Shimmy Shake Festival 2019


Sint-Jobsweg 3, 3024 EH Rotterdam

Date(s) & Time(s):
8 - 10 November 2019

Piny Orchidaceae, Kira Habibi Lal, Patricia Zarnovican among others

Different prices per workshop/event

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Event type:
Dance Festival


Location: Maaspodium

Rotterdam Popweek - 10 days of music events and live shows

Rotterdam Popweek - 10 days of music events and live shows

The Rotterdam Popweek is all about popular music. It's also the only week that lasts 10 days! That's 10 days to truly experience the vibrancy and versatility of the Rotterdam pop scene through hundreds of diverse performances at over 100 locations.

The Rotterdam Popweek was first set up by the Popunie in 2013 to bring together existing and new pop-related activities and to put them in the spotlight. The 10-day event shows that much Rotterdam has a lot more local talent and activities than people often think. The Popweek is therefore also a good time to encourage new initiatives and bring them to the attention of the general audience.

What to expect at Rotterdam Popweek 2019?

The seventh edition of the Rotterdam Popweek will take place from Friday 1 to Sunday 10 November 2019. This year, there is an added focus on actively stimulating diversity in the line-up by focusing more on partnerships with other parties in Rotterdam's cultural field. This results in many special events that otherwise would not have existed without the Rotterdam Popweek.

Popweek Specials

Popweek Specials are "special events" that are definitely worth checking out:
Friday 1 November:
• Opening Popweek with expo and Rotterdam Popquiz @ Rotown

Saturday, November 2:
• Popronde Rotterdam at over 40 locations in the city centre

Sunday 3 November:
• IFFR Popweek Special @ WORM

Monday 4 November:
• Meet The Pro session #35: Publishing & Syncs @ Popunie office

Tuesday 5 November:
• Healthy Minds Create Alike theme evening in collaboration with Erasmus University @ Roodkapje

Wednesday, November 6:
• Open Jamsession @ Music Production Academy

Thursday, November 7th:
• Eggs & Marrowbone - The art of the Murder Ballad @ Rotown

Friday, November 8th:
• COLT NIGHTS (Winner Open Call) @ Superdisco
• Famous Karaoke with Wei Not Sing @ De Doelen studio

Saturday, November 9th:
• Wavefest Presents... @ Baroeg

Sunday 10 November:
• Popweek Special: Jackfest @ Bar3

Rotterdam PopweekRotterdam Popweek

Rotterdam Popweek full schedule and tickets

For the full programme and additional details, check out the official website: Here you can filter on genre, date and location. You'll also be able to see which events are free and which require tickets.

Rotterdam Popweek event details

Rotterdam Popweek 2019

All over Rotterdam

Date(s) & Time(s):
1 - 10 November 2019

Popquiz, live concerts, jam sessions, workshops and more

Most events are free, some are paid

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Event type:
Music Week

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival - date, location, tickets

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival - date, location, tickets

Release your inner monster and dance between zombies & skeletons at the Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival in Zuiderpark Rotterdam. Expect spooky performances, freaky decorations and terrifying horror. 

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival Rotterdam

At the Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival, the Zuiderpark is be transformed into your biggest nightmare. All the hungry zombies, sexy vampires and terrifying werewolves come out of the shadows to party at this outdoor Halloween festival.

Come to the festival dressed up! Dress up as a crazy clown, sexy vampire or cool skeleton. Face-covering make-up is allowed, masks must be able to be removed for identification purposes.

The terrain is partly outdoor and partly covered. All stages (tents) have floors. The performances take place in heated, covered festival tents which also serve as safe zones. Safe zones you ask? Yes, outside the tents, chances are you might run into scare actors. To move from tent to tent, you'll have to walk through the park, doing so along paved paths and grass.

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween FestivalCrazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival

Do you have nerves of steel? Then wander through the different scare zones during the festival. Terrifying scare actors come out of the darkness to scare the living daylights out of you. Good to know: the scare zones are free!

P.S. There's a minimum age requirement. To visit the festival, you need to be 18 or older. Make sure you bring an ID card and/or driver's licence to identify yourself.

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival Line-up 2019

• Jebroer • Freddy Moreira • Afro Bros • The Partysquad • Yung Felix • Dopebwoy • Jayh • Snelle • Rolf Sanchez • Caza • D-Rashid • Numidia • Girls love DJs • Stefan Vilijn • Charmes • Wessel S • Vaiks L & Rowses • Rudy Lima • Benn & Paul • DJ Dylvn • Kifu Lifestyle • Luvano • MC Patrick Brown • Presly Delgado • Ricky Breaker • Rowan Pierot

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween FestivalCrazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival event details

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival

Zuiderpark Rotterdam

Date(s) & Time(s):
26 October 2019 | 14:00 - 23:00
(you can enter until 21:00)

JeBroer, Afro Bros, Numidia, Dopebwoy among others

Regular: €22,50 - €37.85

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Event type:
Music Festival

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween FestivalCrazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival 

Location: Zuiderpark Rotterdam

Zuiderpark is easy to reach by public transport. Are you coming by metro? Then get off at the Zuidplein or Slinge stop. For the tram, take tram 2 at the Boergoensevliet and tram 25 at the Groene Hilledijk.

Coming by car? You can park at the Rotterdam Ahoy parking lot. You can pay at the parking meter after the festival. Use Ahoyweg 10, Rotterdam as your navigation address.

Festival Jazz International Rotterdam - dates, locations

Festival Jazz International Rotterdam - dates, locations

For two decades, Festival Jazz International Rotterdam has been all about discovering fresh sounds, socializing and the enjoyment of music. Jazz International brings great and promising jazz artists together for a weekend full of performances.

This year's focus will be on the Rotterdam scene and sound. Jazz, hip-hop, electronics, improvisation and many crossovers characterize the program, all with Rotterdam character.

About Festival Jazz International Rotterdam

Since 2001 Rotterdam has had a successful jazz festival with topical, adventurous and high quality jazz. Festival Jazz International Rotterdam offers a multi-day jazz programme with national and international allure, with plenty of attention for young talent, new projects and a more in-depth peripheral programme.

The festival offers visitors (and artists) an adventurous and intense music experience. As a result, it has acquired its own signature and place within the  local and international jazz scene.

As of 2019, the festival has started to focus more on local talent. At Festival Jazz International Rotterdam 2019 there will be plenty of room for Rotterdam musicians and new projects, in which (cultural) diversity is a spearhead. Festival Jazz International Rotterdam aims to enrich and deepen what the Rotterdam makers present by programming select (inter)national artists around it.

Festival Jazz International Rotterdam aftermovie


Festival Jazz International Rotterdam line-up and locations

Friday 25 October
Locations: LantarenVenster, Nederlands Fotomuseum.

• The New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra feat. Jason Lindner
• The Pack Project with Efe Erdem
• Greg Ward's Rogue Parade
• Melissa Aldana

Saturday 26 October
Locations: LantarenVenster, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Walhalla, Verhalenhuis Belvédère and Fenix Music Factory.

• Re:Freshed Orchestra
• Arp Frique & Family
• Sarathy Korwar
• Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio feat. Benjamin Herman
• Doppler Trio
• ALEXANDER and Yannick Hiwat Quintet.

Acts performing at Kaap Special:
• Crime Jazz
• NuMoonLab
• Erasmus Jazz Prize winners
• Eric Vloeimans Carte Blanche
• Ghasem Batamuntu & The Nu Nova Compound.

You can find the official festival line-up on the Jazz International Rotterdam website.

Festival Jazz International event details

Festival Jazz International 2019

LantarenVenster, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Walhalla, Verhalenhuis Belvédère and Fenix Music Factory.

Date(s) & Time(s):
25 - 26 October 2019

Re:Freshed Orchestra, Sarathy Korwar, Melissa Aldana among others

Regular: €33.50 - 39.50

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Event type:
Music Festival


Location: LantarenVenster

Location: Nederlands Fotomuseum

Location: Walhalla

Location: Verhalenhuis Belvédère

Location: Fenix Music Factory

Left of the Dial festival Rotterdam - dates, locations, acts

Left of the Dial festival Rotterdam - dates, locations, acts

Left of the Dial festival offers an exciting cross-section of the best (post)punk, garage, shoegaze and noiserock of this moment.

Left of the Dial has been expanding considerably. In 2019, there's Bands on a Boat. You sail on the river for about two hours while bands play on the boat. On Saturday afternoon you can also join Bowling with Bands.

Left of the Dial Line-up 2019

bààn (BE) • Birthday Girl (SE) • Black Leather Jacket (BE) • Blue Crime (NL) • BRONT (BE) • BUDGET TRASH (BE) • Cassels (UK) • Cry (BE) • Dancehall (UK) • Death Hags (USA) • Deeper (US) • Deliluh (CA) • dirk. (BE) • DITZ (UK) • Do Nothing (UK) • Dominic Wolf (UK) • Dumb (CA) • Forbidden Wizards (NL) • Gaygirl (UK) • Global Charming (NL) • Gnoomes (RU) • The Goa Express (UK) • Haze (UK) • HEISA (BE) • Holiday Ghosts (UK) • Hot Flash Heat Wave (US) • Ilgen-Nur (DE) • Imperial Wax (UK) • Japanese Television (UK) • Jealous (DE) • Jelly Boy (UK) • LIFE (UK) • Lumer (UK) • Manisdron (JP) • Micah Erenberg (CA) • Mind Rays (BE) • MOLLY (AT) • The Mystery Lights (US) • One Sentence. Supervisor (CH) • Pabst (DE) • Paracetamøl (NL) • Peeping Drexels (UK) • Pet Shimmers (UK) • The Pier (IT) • Pynch (UK) • Rats on Rafts (NL)  • Sasha and the Shades (UK) • The Shuks (UK) • Sinead O’Brien (IE) • Sleep Eaters (UK) • Slumb Party (UK) • SONNDR (NL) • Stef Chura (US) • The Sweet Release of Death (NL) • TnT Radio • Fuzzy Aad

What Left of the Dial sounds like:

Check out the Spotify playlist below and have a listen.


Left of the Dial event details

Left of the Dial

Various: Rotown, Worm, V2_, Vibes, V11, NSR

Date(s) & Time(s):
18 - 19 October 2019

Cassels (UK), Black Leather Jacket (BE), Stef Chura (US) among others

€35 - €100

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Event type:
Music Festival


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