AAAFRESH123 present Everything in the Cloud at Dock Gallery

AAAFRESH123 present Everything in the Cloud at Dock Gallery

Rotterdam-based art collective AAAFRESH123, present a series of paintings reflecting their ‘maniacism’ art movement. The exhibition, boasting a collection of colourful, larger than life works, is on view at Dock Gallery from the 12th of September until the end of October 2020. 
The artist trio recognized a particular phenomenon of the information overload era we live in today and translated it to a new art movement, popularly known as ‘maniacism’. AAA compared the behaviour to a ‘mania’; an excessively intense enthusiasm, interest and desire to do something.
‘Everything in the cloud’ captures this restless phenomenon in a collection of energetic, colourful and truly impressive works. Through the chaotic self-portraits and cracked skulls spewing data, rings the underlying message that what is real still remains physical.


It does not happen often: three art egos coming together to develop a singular style, which only exists with all three of them participating. Hans Kleinjan (1958), Maikel Kleinjan (1984) and Roderik Faasen (1990) started to paint together in 2009 in Rotterdam. After having multiple exhibitions around Europe, they started their own combined gallery and atelier concept, named AAA Gallery, which later became AAAFRESH123. Nowadays, the gallery has grown out to be somewhat of a cult living room in Rotterdam, regularly holding live paintings, exhibitions and shows.

Dock Gallery

The authentic building in the Veerhaven in Rotterdam in which Dock Gallery is located has two floors where artists from all over the world exhibit their work. In the raw, modern space with only concrete and glass elements, the artworks are able to receive the undivided attention they deserve. Gallery owners Brigitte and Raymond Wanders create a diverse collection ranging from paintings to sculpture, photography, and even virtual art. They are known to select artworks based on quality, originality and personal taste.

More information about ‘Everything in the cloud’

Official opening: September 12th 16.00
Location: Dock Gallery, Veerhaven 4, 3016CJ Rotterdam
Visit: until October, from Friday to Sunday from 13.00-18.00
Website Dock Gallery:
Website AAAFRESH123:

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