Picnic grocery launches sustainable food forest in Rotterdam

Picnic grocery launches sustainable food forest in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 21 February 2022 - More than two hundred Picnic customers, colleagues and partners kicked off the online supermarket's food forest in the Schiebroekse Polder by planting 1,500 trees. In the coming years, thousands more trees will be planted on the two-hectare site. The food forest is the first to be planted by the coalition Rotterdam de boer op!, in which Picnic and Natuurmonumenten are partners. 

Food production

The Picnic food forest will offer space for meeting, education and participation in the field of nature and food. The forest will be a natural ecosystem, but focused on the production of food. In the coming period, a combination of nut trees, fruit bushes and other edible plants will be planted, with education for colleagues, customers, children and suppliers as a starting point. In addition, increasing biodiversity is central; small mammals, birds and insects find their home in the forest.
The online supermarket's food forest combines food production, ecological richness and a high experiential value. When sufficient experience is gained, the initiative can be expanded. Michiel Muller, co-founder of Picnic: "We are the modern milkman who delivers sustainably. We are also trying to make the food supply itself more sustainable by shortening the path from farmer to plate. A food forest gives new inspiration and is in line with the whole Picnic team's commitment to sustainable business."
Planting and maintenance will be done by Picnic employees for the next six years.

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