Reopening of Dirk supermarket Bentinckplein Rotterdam

Reopening of Dirk supermarket Bentinckplein Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 1 February 2023 – Balloons, music and a queue of customers. Schepenstraat in Rotterdam was privy to the reopening of the revamped Dirk supermarket. Amid loud applause, supermarket manager Fernando Barbaro and his colleagues cut the ribbon and welcomed everyone to the new supermarket. 

The shop underwent a major metamorphosis. First, a whole new section was built behind the old shop, after which the supermarket moved into this new section. Next, the old building was demolished and a completely new one was built. The two new sections together now form the new Dirk, which is three times the size of the old shop.

Familiar low price

“How beautiful and spacious it has become, isn't it?" said supermarket manager Fernando Barbaro. "We were happy to welcome our customers in part of the new shop for several weeks already, but now that the supermarket is completely finished, we hope to make even more customers happy. New additions include self-scan, safepay and a SuperDirck3 liquor store, but what I am personally most happy about is the extra space for fruit and vegetables. And of course everything still at the familiar lowest price.”

Festive opening

During the reopening on Wednesday 1 February, several festivities took place around the supermarket on Schepenstraat. From a food truck, waiting customers were provided with coffee and tea. Children enjoyed lemonade and a healthy Dirk apple. Raffle tickets were handed out that allowed customers to win great prizes before the opening. Furthermore, Dirk bags and flyers were handed out so that everyone is aware of the revamped shop.

Dirk invests

Dirk van den Broeck has the ambition to grow significantly in the coming years. In 2022, the discounter opened no less than five new supermarkets and is also working hard to increase its shop offering in 2023. In addition, Dirk is investing heavily in its existing shops with self-scan and safepay to increase shopping convenience.

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