Local entrepreneurs take up fight against vitamin deficiency

Local entrepreneurs take up fight against vitamin deficiency

ROTTERDAM, 16 December 2022 – Rotterdam entrepreneurs open clinic for personalized vitamin infusions through IV Booster Therapy. Infusion Clinics, located on Bergse Dorpsstraat in Rotterdam's Hillegersberg-Schiebroek district, is the first branch to open. The entrepreneurs hope to expand to Amsterdam in 2023. 
More and more people are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We exercise, eat a varied diet, and we are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of consuming alcohol and tobacco. But when it comes to vitamins, people still seem to have difficulty determining the right needs and supplementing them. Vague symptoms such as fatigue, a deteriorated immune system, troubled skin or sudden hair loss can be consequences of vitamin deficiencies.
Rotterdam entrepreneurs Herman de Haas, Robert Logger, Bart Timmers and Kevin van der Hor therefore started Infusion Clinics earlier this year. The infusion specialist works with an innovative approach: personalized vitamin infusions, in which the infusion is formulated based on blood tests according to vitamin needs. Infusion Clinics is part of IDBB group, an organization that focuses on developing concepts and investing in the elderly care, health, and fitness sectors. 

Prevention is the future

The government is committed to the participation society, extended home living, e-health and more self-direction and individual responsibility of citizens in their healthcare needs. It is becoming less natural for citizens to be cared for and for problems to be identified in time. Own responsibility and own contributions are becoming more important. The Rotterdam entrepreneurs behind Infusion Clinics are convinced that the private sector will be making inroads into the healthcare chain. Herman de Haas says: “we mainly believe in a preventive approach. This matches the developments we expect to see in this industry in the near future. Infusion Clinics fits in perfectly with that. After all, we enable clients to take an active role in this themselves.”
Infusion Clinics RotterdamInfusion Clinics Rotterdam

Need for a boost

In a big city like Rotterdam, many people have a busy existence; a demanding job, household, family, extensive social life and many stimuli in the environment. A healthy lifestyle with healthy food and sufficient exercise sometimes falls by the wayside. This then takes its toll and shows itself in the form of fatigue, insomnia and skin or hair problems. Robert Logger says: “the need for people to recharge once in a while is certainly there, but it is not always possible to take time off or keep the agenda free of appointments. IV Booster Therapy, as our treatment is called, is a new solution in the fight against these symptoms and vitamin deficiency in general. The effects of a vitamin infusion are sometimes noticeable the very same day, but above all, we help our clients shape a conscious lifestyle so that they feel better and more energetic in the long term.” 
Infusion Clinics RotterdamInfusion Clinics Rotterdam

More treatment options

Infusion Clinics does not work with health insurance companies, which brings benefits given the enormous pressure on regular care. Where general practitioners get an average of 9 minutes for an intake, doctors at Infusion Clinics take an hour and a half. Robert Logger says: “many people within the regular healthcare system feel not taken seriously or even brushed off, while the complaints remain. We can spend more time with our client and have more opportunities to treat our clients because our way of working is not framed by outside parties. Blood tests are used to determine which treatment is the best approach for the particular complaint. This is never a standard procedure.”
Infusion Clinics Rotterdam provides IV Booster TherapyInfusion Clinics Rotterdam provides IV Booster Therapy

Effect of vitamin infusions

Vitamin infusions work by delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. According to Infusion Clinics, this ensures increased absorption and 100% bioavailability of vitamins and antioxidants after the infusion. Infusion Clinics also claims that with oral supplements, only 20% absorption is achieved after filtering through the digestive system.
The clinic on Bergse Dorpsstraat in Hillegersberg-Rotterdam is the first branch of Infusion Clinics. A second clinic in The Valley in Amsterdam is expected to open in January 2023.

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