Rotterdam primary school recycles and donates proceeds

Rotterdam primary school recycles and donates proceeds

Primary school Kindcentrum De Heijberg collected discarded appliances for recycling and Stichting Jarige Job.

Old appliances have value. That is the message of Wecycle. Over 170 primary schools, including primary school Kindcentrum De Heijberg, participated in the annual Wecycle schools collection campaign for small discarded electrical appliances last autumn. 

Donation to Stichting Jarige Job

On behalf of each school, Wecycle donates birthday gifts via Stichting Jarige Job to children growing up in families that are currently struggling financially. With a donation to Stichting Jarige Job on behalf of the participating schools, the old appliances collected, in addition to providing a reward for the school, literally provide new presents. 

This donation helps Stichting Jarige Job to give even more children from underprivileged families an unforgettable birthday. Huib Lloyd, director of Stichting Jarige Job: “This collaboration shows that the circular and social economy go very well together. Extra support for many families, but also sustainability and education. That's a future-proof combination.”


The Wecycle schools campaign is organised by the OPEN Foundation, responsible for the collection and recycling of discarded electrical appliances and energy-efficient light bulbs in the Netherlands. The Wecycle certificate the school receives therefore mentions the contribution to a better environment and new raw materials, as well as the social contribution to Stichting Jarige Job.

Giving children an unforgettable birthday

The Wecycle schools campaign also involves the distribution of around 90,000 free teaching newspapers every year. Jan Vlak, general director of the OPEN Foundation: “The commitment of schools is great. Children learn how to deal sustainably with their appliances, sometimes recycling them, sometimes giving them a second chance. We call this wecycling. This becomes a normal verb for them.”

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