Angel Delight: A Night of Embroidery at Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

Angel Delight: A Night of Embroidery at Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

The Wereldmuseum Rotterdam is set to host a unique event on Friday, 18 August, inspired by the embroidery exhibition “Geen woorden maar draden” (No Words but Threads).

Event highlights

The event, named “Angel Delight: Talking Threads”, has been curated by textile artist Yamuna Forzani. The evening will feature embroidery workshops, a panel discussion, a fashion show, and a celebration with vogue performers. Forzani's latest collection, which blends fashion, photography, performance, installation, and design, will be showcased.

The significance of embroidery

Embroidery, traditionally associated with gender-specific crafts like weaving, knitting, and sewing, was often overlooked as an art form. The exhibition “Geen woorden maar draden” highlights the anonymous artists who have crafted and continue to craft these intricate works. “Angel Delight: Talking Threads” celebrates these creators.

Fashion and identity

Forzani's work delves into themes of identity, body, and femininity. The internationally renowned Rotterdam-based Kiki House of Angels' dancers will present Forzani's latest collection amidst vibrant art installations of wall tapestries.

Following the show, attendees can enjoy music by DJs AMIR & Seven Angels and performances by vogue artists.


Visitors interested in Forzani's work can join the Yamuna Forzani embroidery station and adorn their clothing with her distinctive laser-cut applique designs. Under artist Desirée Hammen's guidance, attendees can also explore freestyle embroidery to personalize their textiles. Hammen, an ArtEZ fashion design graduate who studied at the Ecole Lesage embroidery school in Paris, merges haute couture embroidery techniques with DIY skills in her work.

Panel discussion: embroidery as language

Embroidery has been a powerful medium for communities worldwide to convey political messages. This panel discussion will see artists Ada M. Patterson, Desirée Hammen, Yamuna Forzani, and Suela Robinson share the stories behind their creations, exploring the role of embroidery in their work and its influence by gender and cultural backgrounds.

About Yamuna Forzani

Identifying as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Forzani describes her entire art practice as a love letter to her community. She gained recognition for organizing events like the annual Utopia Ball x Fashion Show, which merges catwalk shows with ballroom culture and performance.

Directions to the event

How to get there

The Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, where the event will take place, is easily accessible by public transport and is located in a vibrant part of the city.

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