Step into a Sundae Pint: Ben & Jerry's Pop-Up in Rotterdam

Step into a sundae pint: Ben & Jerry's pop-up in Rotterdam

For two weekends this September, one of the arches in Rotterdam's Hofbogen will be transformed into an interactive pop-up experience. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a Ben & Jerry's Sundae pint and embark on a sensory expedition.

The Ben & Jerry's Chunky Experience

The pop-up, open for the last two weekends of September, offers a unique journey through the layers of a Ben & Jerry's Sundae pint. The experience includes a 360° photo booth and an immersive audiovisual presentation, among other features. Ice cream, naturally, will also be a part of the event.

New Sundae Flavours

Earlier this year, new Sundae flavours were introduced, featuring a variety of textures and tastes. These ice creams are made with fair trade ingredients, such as vanilla and Open Chain cocoa. The ice cream is produced in Hellendoorn, where Ben & Jerry's cows are located.

Practical Information

How to get there

The Ben & Jerry's Chunky Experience is located at Raampoortstraat 16 in the Hofbogen area of Rotterdam. The venue will be open on Friday, 15 September from 16:00-21:00, Saturday, 16 and Sunday, 17 September from 12:00-21:00, and again on Friday, 22 September from 16:00-21:00, Saturday, 23 and Sunday, 24 September from 12:00-21:00. Admission is free.


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