Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) - location, dates

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) - location, dates

An event that brings together stunning and impactful films about nature from around the globe, the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) showcases films both in-person at the cinema and online. The festival aims to raise awareness about our collective responsibility for conserving nature​.

Starting from October 31, 2023, you can enjoy a week of the most beautiful nature films in the heart of Rotterdam. The 9th edition of the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) kicks off with the premiere of 'Onze Natuur - Het Wilde België.' There's also a special photo exhibition, and the blockbuster 'The New Wilderness' celebrates its tenth anniversary at the festival with the entire crew. WFFR takes place in Rotterdam from 31 October to 5 November 2023.

About the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam

Established in 2015, the festival is gearing up for its 9th edition this year. Over the years, the WFFR has come to be known for screening some of the best and most recent films about nature from both within the Netherlands and beyond. The films that make it to the big screen at the WFFR are selected for their beauty and the powerful messages they convey about the natural world​.

What to expect at the festival

Attendees of the festival can expect a selection of beautiful and thought-provoking films about nature. These films are chosen with the aim of highlighting the importance of conservation and the role that each individual can play in preserving the natural world. The festival offers a unique opportunity for attendees to embark on a journey of discovery and experience the beauty of nature as seen through the eyes of talented filmmakers​.

Festival location

The event will take place at the Cinerama Filmtheater located on Westblaak 18, 3012 KL Rotterdam. The theatre is situated in the heart of Rotterdam and is easily accessible by public transportation. The general area is bustling with a variety of restaurants, cafés, and shops, providing plenty of options for attendees to explore before or after the festival.


Magical forest light show De Grote Schijn in Rotterdam

Magical forest light show De Grote Schijn in Rotterdam

The mesmerising display of nature and technology, De Grote Schijn, is returning to Rotterdam's Kralingse Bos for the autumn break. A sublime fusion of nature, music, and technology, the 2 km evening walk offers an immersive experience to its visitors.

The event is scheduled from 12 to 29 October 2023 with tickets available for purchase starting Friday, 23 June at 10:00.

Audiovisual spectacle

De Grote Schijn (The Great Shine) is a special evening walk for young and old. Nature plays the leading role in a special audiovisual spectacle and the forest and park are used as a natural backdrop, where visitors experience a light show that creates amazement. Supposedly, it is as if the forest has been put under a magic spell; trees seem to come alive, mushrooms have been plucked from a fairy tale and are given a luminous glow while a new surprise awaits behind every bush.
A unique audiovisual spectacle brings an innovative story without words, with innovative gadgets and luminous emotions. Through light, sound and scents, eyes, ears and noses go on an adventure. There are no fairy creatures or evil wizards who spread their magic and bring the forest to life, everything comes from a strong piece of technology.
De Grote Schijn 📷 Andreas TerlaakDe Grote Schijn 📷 Andreas Terlaak

Belgian songstress Isolde Lasoen as the soundtrack

The soundtrack for this year's event is provided by renowned Flemish singer and composer Isolde Lasoen, adding a melodic touch to the scenic experience.

A director's perspective

Director Christophe Van Hostauijen shares his vision for this year's event, “Each year, we aim to offer visitors a completely new experience, an engrossing walk filled with intense moments. We have given extra attention to the soundscape this year to provide a cinematic experience. All technology is subtly hidden, allowing visitors to fully indulge...”

Information about De Grote Schiijn

De Grote Schijn will be open every evening after sunset until 23:00. To ensure a pleasant walking experience and to avoid queues at the entrance, time slots have been implemented.

There are also special 'Schemertickets' (twilight tickets) for families with young children, offering extra early time slots during the twilight hour.

Tickets go on sale starting Friday, 23 June at 10:00.

Adult tickets are priced at €19.75, children under 12 and adults over 65 can attend for €14.75. Admission is free for children up to 3 years. Family tickets are also available.

For more information, please visit the official website at www.degroteschijn.nl
De Grote Schijn 📷 Andreas TerlaakDe Grote Schijn 📷 Andreas Terlaak

Directions to the event

Kralingse Bos is a well-known and easily accessible location in Rotterdam. Public transport and ample parking are available, making the event easily reachable for everyone. The area is picturesque, known for its tranquil surroundings and greenery.

Keti Koti Rotterdam - celebrating the end of Dutch slavery

Keti Koti Rotterdam - celebrating the end of Dutch slavery

A long, long time ago the Netherlands colonized many countries and was a major player in the slave trade. Since 1993, every year, the abolition of slavery by the Netherlands is observed and celebrated on July 1st.

Keti Koti Festival Rotterdam 2023

In 2023, Keti Koti celebrations mark 150 years since the abolishment of slavery by the Netherlands. The festivities kick off with the Bigi Spikri march, which departs from Mathenesserplein at 11:00 and ends at Wijkpark Oude Westen. The actual festival starts at 12:00 when the Bigi Spikri procession arrives at the park and ends at 22:00. There will be live music, entertainment, spoken word, speeches and lots of food. Entrance is 100% free. For more information on the events and activities, check out ketikotirotterdam.nl.

Additionally, this year, from 13:00 to 23:00, there's also a Black Vibes Stage at Schouwburgplein, where you can enjoy live performances.


What is Keti Koti?

Keti Koti literally means 'Breaking the Chains' in Surinamese. Slavery was a fact of life in the former Dutch colonies. The practice was widespread, from Brazil, Suriname, Curaçao, Aruba, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba in the Caribbean all the way to Indonesia.

The Netherlands officially abolished slavery in the Caribbean on July 1st, 1863. A move that saw approximately 55,000 slaves in Suriname and the former Dutch Antilles gain their freedom. That same year, slavery was also abolished in the Dutch colony of Indonesia. Currently, close to 100,000 of Rotterdam's citizens are descendants of former slaves.

On (June 30th and) July 1st, memorial services and celebrations are held either officially or unofficially across the Netherlands.

Keti Koti Rotterdam - celebrating the end of Dutch slaveryKeti Koti Rotterdam - celebrating the end of Dutch slavery


What is the Bigi Spikri march?

On July 1st, 1863, the former slaves of Suriname, having gained their freedom, marched to the centre of the country's capital city of Paramaribo. They were all wearing new clothes and shoes that day. So, upon their arrival in the city, they made use of the shop windows as a means to admire their own reflections. The shop windows served as big mirrors (Bigi Spikri).

This was the very first time that the freed slaves had the opportunity to truly enjoy themselves in freedom. In a parade, together they marched to the churches and meeting places of Paramaribo. The Bigi Spikri parade in Rotterdam aims to relive the proud moment of newfound freedom and the march of that day in 1863. Expect to see proud people in traditional dress.


Location: Wijkpark Oude Westen

Worldwide, it is estimated that 45.8 million people are still living as slaves. This, according to the 2016 global slavery index.
Metropolis Festival Rotterdam - location, dates, line-up

Metropolis Festival Rotterdam - location, dates, line-up

The Metropolis Festival (Het Metropolis Festival), a unique one-day event, offers a platform for emerging bands and performers, attracting an average of around 30,000 visitors annually on the first Sunday of July. The festival is held in the Zuiderpark, located on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas river in Rotterdam​.

About Metropolis Festival

The Metropolis Festival is known for its forward-thinking programming, showcasing acts that have subsequently gained widespread recognition. Both local and international talents have graced its stages, solidifying the festival's reputation as a must-visit destination for original pop music enthusiasts​.

The festival not only showcases talented acts, but also scouts and supports them from the grassroots level. It also collaborates with various educational institutions, suggesting a broadening of focus towards other disciplines in the future​.

At the festival grounds, visitors can indulge in a variety of food and drink options, with transactions being carried out using tokens. The festival has a strict policy against bringing glass or cans into the festival grounds for safety and environmental reasons​.

Pets are not explicitly forbidden at the festival, but attendees are strongly advised to leave their pets at home or in someone else's care to avoid causing discomfort to other visitors​.

Metropolis Festival 2014Metropolis Festival 2014


The best bands you've never heard of

The festival aims to showcase established performers and works diligently to scout unheard-of acts and give them a chance to develop their talents further on stage. The festival has helped launch the careers of many now-established artists, and is regarded as a significant part of festival offerings within the city, having earned a national reputation as an essential stage for up-and-coming music talent​.

Now famous performers such as Smashing Pumpkins, Prodigy, The Killers, The XX and The Black Keys all took the stage at Metropolis in Rotterdam before becoming household names worldwide.

The festival also collaborates with various educational institutions, suggesting a broadening of focus towards other disciplines in the future​.

Twenty One Pilots @ Metropolis Festival 2014Twenty One Pilots @ Metropolis Festival 2014


Metropolis Festival line-up 2023

For the 2023 edition, new acts from both Ghana and Rotterdam have been announced. These include Florence Adooni, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley & His Sekondi Band, Brintex Collective, Library Card, and Ruwhel & De Bigi Blues Band​.

Another feature of the festival is the market hosted by Swan Market, where festival-goers can shop for various items including jewellery, clothes, vinyl, sunglasses, and phone accessories​.

The festival also features three stages, namely Metroville, New Garden, and Future Stage, where acts like Deijuvhs, Kymara, MIKE, Militarie Gun, Nusantara Beat, and PUP will perform​.

You can find the official festival line-up on the Metropolis website.


What Metropolis Festival sounds like

Check out the Spotify playlist below and have a listen.


Location: Zuiderpark

Please note that Zuiderpark is huge, so be sure to enter the park near the Rotterdam Ahoy parking lot. That's where you'll find the entrance to the festival. Be sure to check out the directions to Zuiderpark.

Parking at Metropolis Festival Rotterdam

There are parking options available nearby at Ahoy (P2), which costs €15 for the entire day, and at the parking garages of Zuidplein. In the past, the parking lot was open from 12:00 in the afternoon, and you were able to drive out at any time.

You can also make use of the parking garages in Zuidplein. Note: space is limited. Luckily, Rotterdam has Park and Ride facilities (parking in combination with public transport) at 15 metro stations, such as P+R Alexander, P+R Slinge and P+R Kralingse Zoom.

Baroeg Open Air festival Rotterdam - date, location, lineup

Baroeg Open Air festival Rotterdam - date, location, lineup

Fan of rock, metal, punk or drum & bass? Baroeg Open Air is an annual festival that is organized by pop venue Baroeg. The festival is characterized by broad, underground programming and a very relaxed atmosphere.

The next Baroeg Open Air festival takes place on Saturday, 14 September 2024 in the Zuiderpark Rotterdam. This will be 15th edition of the popular festival.

At BOA, you'll find various stages and tents. The Main Stage, located in the first tent, is reserved for the biggest names in punk, metal or rock. The Talent Stage presents young and talented bands in the afternoon, after which the stage is converted to the Electronic Stage. Here you'll find underground electronic music such as drum and bass, industrial or breakcore.

Baroeg Open Air lineup 2023

The programme included headliners Katatonia (Main Stage) and Infected Mushroom (Electronic Stage), and the Belgian sensation Brutus, who has already wowed at festivals such as Roadburn and Paaspop. She Past Away and NanowaR of Steel both sold out the Baroeg pop venue this year and will also be at the festival.

There was also a collaboration with the Popunie presenting Rotterdam bands Iguana Death Cult and Smudged at the festival. Twenty-seven acts can be heard and seen on five different stages. Other stages such as the Talent Stage, Puppi’s Plee Sessies and Stroomstoot will return. The organization plans to set up the festival with over 250 volunteers.

New this edition was the Voltmeester contest, with the main prize being a spot on the Stroomstoot stage at Baroeg Open Air. This mini-stage near the Electronic Stage is a cosy and intimate sound system. The eventual winner and the very first Voltmeester of Baroeg Open Air is Divain.

Managing Director / programmer Leon van Rijnsbergen: “Our ambition this year is to beat last year's visitor count. Last year our festival attracted as many as 8500 visitors. This year we have invested extra in the programme and have set up a line-up that is as diverse as possible. We are also very proud that the site was so clean afterwards, and we want to match that again this year.”

Full line-up 2023

Main Stage:
Katatonia (SE progressive rock / gothic / doom metal)
Brutus (BE post-hardcore)
Demented Are Go (EU psychobilly)
NanowaR Of Steel (IT parody metal)
Ploegendienst (NL punk)
Iguana Death Cult (NL garagerock - Popunie Live)
Bark (BE death ‘n roll / groove metal)

Electronic Stage:
Infected Mushroom (IL psychedelic trance; DJ set)
Russian Village Boys (RU hardbass)
She Past Away (TR post-punk) Pythius (NL drum ‘n bass)
Ultra Sunn (BE coldwave / EBM) Henge (UK space rock)

Talent Stage:
Smudged (NL electro / fuzz / krautrock - Popunie Live)
Baardvader (NL fuzzrock / stoner)
Loyalty Ends Here (NL metalcore; winner Metal Battle)

Puppi’s Plee Sessies:
Skapiche?! (NL ska)
Buried (NL death metal)
Asbest Boys (NL punk)
From The Heart (NL hardcore)
Ivyvox (NL powerpop / emo)

DJ Scotch Egg (JP/DE breakcore / 8bit)
20 years PRSPCT: Thrashmachine (Deathmachine vs Thrasher) & MC Dart (UK/NL drum ‘n bass / crossbreed / industrial hardcore; 20 Years PRSPCT set)
Legion (UK/NL psy-trance) Staatseinde (NL robo-punk)
Divain (NL techno; winner Voltmeester)
Alina Valentina (NL EBM / electro / post-punk)


Last year, the organization left the festival grounds as the most tidy spot in Rotterdam. Baroeg Open Air is striving for this again this year. The catering works again with recyclable PET plastic. When visitors hand in one meter of cups at the cup return point, they receive a consumption token that can be handed in at the catering tents. This way, the site is kept clean. In the context of sustainability, Baroeg Open Air has also chosen to sell merchandise made from environmentally friendly materials this year.

You can find more event details as well as the official festival line-up on the
Baroeg Open Air festival website


Location: Zuiderpark Rotterdam

Check out our directions to Zuiderpark for a more detailed description of the location and how to get there.

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