Join Klimbosdag: Forest conservation meets fun in Rotterdam

Join Klimbosdag: Forest conservation meets fun in Rotterdam

Amidst fluctuating weather conditions and environmental concerns, the first edition of Nationale Klimbosdag (National Climbing Forest Day) is set to take place on 13 September. The event aims to raise awareness about the importance of forests while offering a unique outdoor experience.

The initiative behind the event

The event was initiated by Klimbos Nederland and Fun Forest. The purpose is to encourage people to experience the benefits of nature in a unique and playful manner, while also drawing attention to forest conservation. “We are proud that so many climbing forests are participating in the first edition of the Nationale Klimbosdag. Together, we invite children, young people, and adults to celebrate the climbing forests and nature,” said Ciaran Barsema, director of Klimbos Nederland.

The impact on health and well-being

Being in a forested environment has been shown to reduce stress hormones and increase happiness hormones. Coupled with physical activities like climbing and zip lining, the benefits are amplified.

Aiding forest conservation

Twenty climbing forest locations across the Netherlands, including Fun Forest Rotterdam and Abel Klimbos in Poortugaal, are participating in the event. For every ticket sold, €1 will be donated to Trees for All, contributing to the planting of new trees in areas where they are needed. “The ambition is to attract 1,500 visitors so that we can collectively plant at least 300 new trees,” said David Balhuizen, general director at Fun Forest.

Event details and participation

Date: Wednesday, 13 September
Ticket price: €16, with €1 donation to Trees for All

How to get there

Both locations are easily accessible by public transport and offer ample parking spaces for those who prefer to drive. The areas are known for their scenic beauty, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Directions to Fun Forest Rotterdam

Directions to Abel. Klimbos in Poortugaal

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