Baggi returns to Rotterdam with monthly gigs at The Grit

Baggi returns to Rotterdam with monthly gigs at The Grit

A monthly residency at The Grit has been established, featuring DJ and producer Baggi as the main act, starting this September. The series, known as Off The Grit, will feature both emerging talents and established names in the electronic music industry. Among the first to join him will be Benny Rodriguez on 9 September.

Club manager Ali Can Sert stated, “Both Baggi and The Grit enjoy pushing boundaries, making this a perfect match.” He added that Baggi's unique style has garnered a loyal following worldwide, making his residency a special treat for The Grit's patrons.

A new chapter in Baggi's career

Having built a strong reputation on international stages and leading music festivals, Baggi is now returning to Rotterdam to host Off The Grit at The Grit monthly. This marks a significant milestone in his career and offers a unique opportunity for music enthusiasts and fans in the region.

“Rotterdam has always been my home. My monthly residency is a way to show my appreciation and share my love for music with the people who have supported me from the beginning,” Baggi said about his new venture.

Upcoming events at The Grit

LIMBO – Every Friday

Enter the club and get lost in time with a mix of 70's classics, today's hits, R&B, hip-hop, Latin, afro, and more.

WAISTLINE – Every Two Months

Expect a blend of afro and Caribbean sounds like dancehall, soca, and amapiano, curated by Nems.

MONDAY AT THE GRIT – Every Last Monday

Designed for those who work weekends. The music will be a mix of R&B, house, Latin, and afro.

PURPLE – Every Two Months

Featuring Afropop, Electronic, Funk, Hip-Hop, Hip-House, Nu-soul & RnB, curated by Feurich.

INFERNO– Every Two Months

Groovy, Funky, Boogie, Disco, House.

How to get to The Grit

The Grit is located in the heart of Rotterdam, easily accessible by public transport and just a short walk from key landmarks. The area is vibrant, filled with other nightlife options, making it a perfect spot for an evening out.

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