An evening of cultural exploration and artistic dialogue in Rotterdam

An evening full of Afro Caribbean healing in Rotterdam

Discover the richness of Afro-Caribbean culture through film, music, and artist talks at the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam on November 8, 2023. Join us for an evening of cultural exploration and artistic dialogue. 

As Rotterdam continues to be a hub for cultural diversity and artistic innovation, an upcoming event aims to celebrate Afro-Caribbean heritage through film, music, and conversation. Hosted by Wereldmuseum and Roffa Mon Amour, the event titled “An Evening Full of Afro Caribbean Healing” will take place on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam. The evening is part of the ongoing exhibition Kruispunt (Crossroads), which delves into the cultural dynamics, influences, and encounters in the city.

Film screening offers a glimpse into Curaçao culture

The event will feature the screening of the film “La Última Ascensión” directed by Kevin Osepa. The 2021 film follows the life of Rowin, a 22-year-old fisherman from Banda Abou in Curaçao, who experiences a transformative encounter with a mysterious young man. The film explores themes of identity, tradition, and the human condition.

Artist talk aims to deepen cultural understanding

Following the film, an artist talk will be led by Nychenda Fecunda, featuring Kevin Osepa and musician Vernon Chatlein. Osepa, an award-winning director and visual artist, will discuss his works, which are also part of the Kruispunt exhibition. Vernon Chatlein, a musician and percussionist, will share insights into the traditional Curaçao music style known as Tambú.

Tambú music performance celebrates Curaçao heritage

The evening will culminate in a live Tambú music performance by Vernon Chatlein. Tambú (Tambú) is more than just a musical genre; it encapsulates dance, singing, and the life spirit of the people from Curaçao. Chatlein's newest music project, Grupo Kimina, will make its debut on the ballroom stage of the Wereldmuseum.

Practical information

Date: Wednesday, November 8
Location: Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, Willemskade 25

Tickets: €15 (via Roffa Mon Amour)

Doors open: 19:30
Start film: 20:00
Start talk: 20:30
Start music: 21:00
Note that the museum is open until 19:30.

The Wereldmuseum is located at Willemskade 25 in Rotterdam. The area is easily accessible by public transport and offers ample parking facilities.

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