Rotterdam landlords' platform tackling housing crisis

Rotterdam landlords' platform tackling housing crisis

ROTTERDAM, 14 June 2023 – A noteworthy initiative aims to improve the rental sector in Rotterdam, with a platform established by landlords. With 77,000 private rental homes in the city, it focuses on eradicating housing discrimination, reducing the housing shortage, and promoting sustainability.

Landlords initiative to bolster rental sector

Landlords of Rotterdam, a city historically rich in the private rental sector, are driving changes for the betterment of the industry. To this end, a collaboration has been formed between five significant private landlords and Chantal Zeegers (Alderman for Climate, Construction and Living) in the presence of Mayor Aboutaleb. Together, they have signed an intention agreement concerning the rental market.

“Rotterdam's housing shortage needs tackling, homes require sustainability, and renters protection,” remarked Alderman Chantal Zeegers, “This collaboration is unique and crucial because we need the private landlords for these tasks.”

Good landlordship and the role of PPVR

A new platform, the Rotterdam Private Landlords Platform (Platform Particuliere Verhuurders Rotterdam - PPVR), is created as a sounding board for established landlords and a discussion partner for the city government to resolve questions and needs. Besides, PPVR also participates in a pilot aimed at combating discrimination in the housing market. Furthermore, it will play a crucial role in implementing the 'Good Landlordship Law' in practice.

Sustainable goals and unburdening package

Rotterdam's government ensures a point of contact for landlords and rental brokers to address their sustainability concerns. Concurrently, the Ministry is developing an unburdening package (ontzorgingspakket) to assist private landlords in greening their properties. This package comprises knowledge, information, advice, and financing for sustainability measures, in which the municipality and PPVR will actively participate.

Optimal utilization of existing housing stock

Addressing Rotterdam's housing challenge requires not just new constructions and office conversions but also optimal utilization of the existing housing stock. The municipality, in cooperation with the PPVR, will investigate the most effective ways to ensure that every resident resides in the most suitable dwelling.    

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