Urban development in Crooswijk with biobased wood construction

Urban development in Crooswijk with biobased wood construction

ROTTERDAM, 24 May 2023 – An innovative housing concept is set to transform Crooswijk, a district of Rotterdam. Led by KAW architects, this initiative aims to develop biobased wooden homes that are both affordable and sustainable, providing a solution to the complex urban challenges of our time.

A vision for a sustainable Crooswijk

In the near future, multiple sites within Crooswijk are to be filled with these biobased wooden homes. KAW's novel wooden housing concept promises to yield significantly less CO2 emissions, offering a sustainable and affordable alternative for residents. The plan also includes various measures to alleviate heat stress, create buffers for rainwater, enhance biodiversity, and improve public spaces.

To ensure minimal disruption to residents during the construction phase, a tailored approach is being implemented.

KERN by KAW: A sustainable housing concept

The ideas behind this ambitious project were initially conceptualized for biobased developer Boombuilds. The principle, known as KERN by KAW, comprises a ready-made core or supporting 3D module for modular wooden construction. This module houses all installations, wet rooms, and facilities, thus creating a flexible and cost-effective foundation for home layout. The approach enables an open, loft-like interior design.

Urban development in Crooswijk with biobased wood constructionUrban development in Crooswijk with biobased wood construction

Partnering for a greener future

KAW, in collaboration with the Slokker Bouwgroep, is applying the innovative 'Natuurlijk Crooswijk' wood building concept to create an aesthetically pleasing living environment that contributes to a healthy indoor climate. This concept offers numerous environmental benefits, including less harmful emissions during the construction process due to the reduced need for transport movements.

Enriching the community

The housing concept is designed to optimally utilize the capacity of the district, thereby providing affordable homes for both current and future Crooswijk residents. The additional living space created will also serve to cater to different segments and broaden the housing offer.

Urban development in Crooswijk with biobased wood constructionUrban development in Crooswijk with biobased wood construction

A tailored approach

Drawing from previous successful projects, KAW is planning to approach this renovation as a series of subprojects, allowing for the step-by-step development of processes and construction techniques. This approach ensures that the needs of the residents are prioritized while also providing opportunities for learning and adaptation.

Preserving character and embracing change

Where possible, existing homes will be renovated. For locations where this is not feasible, KAW aims to restore the street pattern and align with the existing character of the district. The current dominance of parking in public spaces will be addressed, with an integrated urban development plan being drawn up in cooperation with the Rotterdam municipality.

Urban development in Crooswijk with biobased wood constructionUrban development in Crooswijk with biobased wood construction


Crooswijk, a historic district in Rotterdam, is easily accessible by public transport. Rotterdam Centraal Station is a mere 10-minute drive away, while several bus and tram lines service the area. Crooswijk is a vibrant community filled with a mix of modern and historic architecture. The district boasts a variety of local shops, cafes, and green spaces, providing a quaint charm amidst the bustling city of Rotterdam.

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