NRC's culture wall tribute to Keilewerf entrepreneurs

NRC's culture wall tribute to Keilewerf entrepreneurs

ROTTERDAM, 13 July 2023 – In a heartfelt gesture, the Nieuw Rotterdams Café (NRC) has dedicated its renowned culture wall and exhibition space to the victims of the devastating Keilewerf fire. This initiative aims to support the creative entrepreneurs who tragically lost their life's work in the blaze.

NRC's initiative for Keilewerf victims

The NRC, a popular spot among locals, has decided to dedicate its culture wall to the fundraising campaign for the fire victims. “We believe we speak for all Rotterdammers when we say that our hearts ache for the entrepreneurs of the Keilewerf,” said Jasper Slikkerveer, manager at NRC.

The café is also offering artists the opportunity to display their works, providing a much-needed exhibition space. Lana Mesic from Place Based, the spokesperson for the crowdfunding campaign, expressed gratitude for the initiative, “NRC has designed a beautiful culture wall for us, depicting a powerful phoenix rising from the ashes. This is exactly how the restart of the Keilewerf should be, a 2.0 version, that has a permanent place here in our Rotterdam.”

Culture wall for a cause

The well-known culture wall, measuring 7x3 meters and usually showcasing cultural initiatives and events, will now share the crowdfunding page. Supporters can easily donate via a QR code. “NRC has always had a strong connection with Rotterdam's cultural sector, so we wanted to act as quickly as possible,” Jasper added.

About Keilewerf

Keilewerf, which started in 2014 as an empty warehouse, has grown into a breeding ground for furniture makers, artists, food truck builders, and musicians. They have built their own workshop and established beautiful collaborations. The existence of Keilewerf was celebrated annually with the Keilewerf festival, where everyone was welcome to get acquainted with the entrepreneurs and this wonderful place.

Directions to Nieuw Rotterdams Café

Nieuw Rotterdams Café is situated on the lively Witte de Withstraat, a street known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse culinary offerings. The café is easily accessible by public transport, with several tram and bus stops nearby.

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