Transforming spaces: WTC Rotterdam's green car park initiative

Transforming spaces: WTC Rotterdam's green car park initiative

ROTTERDAM, 31 July 2023 – The cityscape of Rotterdam is set to become greener with the World Trade Centre (WTC) Rotterdam's initiative to introduce a plant facade to its Beursplein car park. This move is part of a broader revitalisation project aimed at enhancing the sustainability of the building and its surroundings.

WTC Rotterdam's green initiative

The WTC Rotterdam has been actively engaged in a significant revitalisation project for several years, focusing on enhancing the sustainability of its building and surrounding area. The latest addition to this project is the transformation of the Beursplein car park, which will include the creation of a green facade on the Leeuwenstraat side. The green facade will add 400 square metres of plants and flowers to the city centre. The revitalisation of the car park and the greening of the facade are expected to be completed by mid-2024.

Benefits of urban greenery

Urban greenery plays a crucial role in combating climate change effects such as heat stress and waterlogging. It also improves the environment, promotes biodiversity, reduces air pollution, provides water storage, dampens noise pollution, and provides cooling during warm periods. In a city like Rotterdam, where horizontal square metres are scarce, vertical greenery is an ideal solution.

Revitalised car park

The car park's interior will also undergo significant changes, including a new floor coating, expanded parking spaces, and a refurbished and enlarged entrance. Additional parking spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles will be introduced. A bridge connecting the car park roof to AIR Offices will be constructed, accessible only to tenants of the office building. Plans are also underway to install solar panels on the car park roof.

Steps towards sustainability

Eveline Steenbergen, Managing Director of WTC Rotterdam & WTC The Hague, explained the ongoing efforts to make the building more sustainable. These include the installation of over 400 solar panels, replacement of all lighting with LED lamps, the introduction of an advanced climate system, two WKO installations, and a challenging facade renovation that saves 30 tons of CO2 emissions per year. The revitalisation and greening of the WTC-Beursplein car park are the latest additions to this list.

Directions to WTC Rotterdam

The WTC Rotterdam is located at Beursplein 37, 3011 AA Rotterdam, Netherlands. The area is easily accessible by public transport, with several tram and bus stops nearby. The Blaak train and metro station is also a short walk away. The area is known for its vibrant atmosphere, with numerous shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions nearby.

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