Got a Rotterdam idea? Pitch it and win funding from Volkskracht

Rotterdam, 4 August 2023 – Volkskracht, Rotterdam's premier wealth fund, marks its centennial this year. In celebration, local organizations have until August 31 to submit their dream projects for a chance to win prizes ranging from a hundred to 250,000 euros. The winners will be announced at the special “100 Years of Volkskracht Awards” ceremony on October 4.

A legacy of supporting local initiatives

Throughout its near-century-long history, Volkskracht has supported a myriad of initiatives in collaboration with the people of Rotterdam. From heavy metal concerts and circus festivals to community gardens for children and renovations of sports clubs and cultural institutions, the fund has been instrumental in bringing dreams to life.

Three million euros up for grabs

The “100 Years of Volkskracht Awards” offers a whopping three million euros in prizes. Submitted projects will be categorized into three areas: Cultural, Future, and Social Rotterdam. The prize money will be distributed among multiple winners, with amounts varying from a hundred to 250,000 euros.

How to participate

Jacqueline Frima, Chairperson of the Foundation for the Promotion of Volkskracht, encourages potential applicants, stating, “Applying is simple. Just share your dream with us. It doesn't have to be a polished proposal; even a video will do. If your idea benefits Rotterdam, you stand a good chance of winning.”

The fund emphasizes the importance of dreaming big. For a project to be considered, it should be something that cannot be realized without financial support. Volkskracht is particularly interested in projects that have lasting impacts, rather than one-off events. Examples include musical instruments for the disabled, dental care for the homeless, a new van for the food bank, a new dance floor for a club, or neighborhood square greening projects.

Registration and pitching details

Those interested in participating should register by August 31 through the official Volkskracht website. An independent jury, chaired by columnist and writer Carrie Jansen, will review all submissions. Volkskracht will then invite 75 applicants to pitch their ideas to the jury on September 22, 23, and 30. The grand award ceremony, an evening event, will be held on October 4 at the Doelen, hosted by Carrie Jansen and Harry-Jan Bus, Director of Theater Walhalla.   

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