Baby starter kit reduces stress for parents with money worries

Baby starter kit reduces stress for parents with money worries

ROTTERDAM, 23 February 2023 – Rotterdam children born into a family affected by poverty will receive a package of baby gear this year to ensure a good start to their new life. Together with the Babyspullen Foundation, Rotterdam is distributing 550 baby starter kits. Alderman Ronald Buijt of Care, Elderly and Youth Care handed the first package to a mother on Wednesday, Feb. 22. The package contains basic items that many families cannot afford.


Baby kit

In Rotterdam, 1 in 5 children are born into poverty. Rotterdam wants babies to grow up safe, healthy and full of opportunities. A solid start in life is decisive. This year, the municipality is funding baby starter kits for expectant and new parents living around the social minimum. A kit consists of 120 to 130 items, such as baby clothes, care products, diapers, jugs and sheets. The Babyspullen Foundation assembles the packages from donated and new items. Together, the items cost about 750 to 1,250 euros in the store. There is a package for the maternity period and a package for children up to about 2 years of age.


Impact of money worries

Money worries in families with young children create a lot of stress. Long-term stress has a major impact on the mental and physical health of children and adults. In the first 1,000 days of life, stress can cause significant problems in brain development, stress hormone development, immune system and metabolism. As a result, children can develop learning and behavioural problems. Highly stressed expectant mothers are at greater risk of having a premature baby or a low birth weight child.


Baby starter kit reduces stress for parents with money worriesBaby starter kit reduces stress for parents with money worries


Solid Start

The baby starter kits match the ambition of the Stevige Start program to give all children born in Rotterdam a solid start in life. Alderman Ronald Buijt: “With such a kit, a child receives solid support in the first phase. This is important because a little help can carry on throughout a whole childhood. In this way, a child gets a better chance for a good future.”

Mary Kearney, general manager of the Babyspullen Foundation, is pleased with the partnership. “Our baby starter kits now only reach a small portion of babies in Rotterdam. Thanks to this cooperation, we can reach even more families in Rotterdam at an early stage and support them with a baby starter kit.”

Alderman Buijt handed the baby starter kit for the period up to 2 years to a mother. She also received a package before the birth of her daughter. “The first kit helped me so much. I had a lot of stress because I didn't know how to get all the baby stuff together. My baby was not growing well as a result. When I got the package, I felt the stress slip away from me. My baby then grew three ounces in one week and was finally born at a healthy weight.”



Caregivers and social workers can apply for a baby start package for parents and their child they are assisting. This can be done starting at 20 weeks of pregnancy. The baby start packages are intended for parents with an income up to 130 percent of the social minimum and/or parents without a social network. Babyspullen Foundation does not do an income test, but relies on the integrity of the applicant.
Pregnant women who need extra support with pregnancy and preparation for parenthood can contact the Application Point of Mothers of Rotterdam. The Admissions Office can also arrange financial support.

For more information on financial support, also visit

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