CityLab010 2023 underway! Apply now with a good idea

CityLab010 2023 underway! Apply now with a good idea

ROTTERDAM, 16 March 2023 - Rotterdammers with initiatives to make the city greener, more social or safer can apply again for Citylab010. For the ninth time, Rotterdammers have a chance to win a start-up budget of up to €50,000. Applications are now open.


CityLab010 is looking for people with an innovative idea for the city, and who really want to work on it. If they wish, they will receive advice through a support program and a network of partners in the city to help realize their idea. The support program starts now. There is time until September 1 to develop and submit the project plan. This is followed by an application for a start-up budget at the subsidy desk of the Municipality of Rotterdam. Ultimately, a City Jury of twelve committed Rotterdammers will judge all applications and award the start-up budgets.


Alderman Robert Simons (Economy, among other things) calls on Rotterdammers with a good idea to apply: “In recent years, hundreds of good ideas have already been implemented thanks to CityLab010's start-up budget. And I still see so many Rotterdammers with new ideas to help others and make the city even better. Sign up!”


In the past year, funds went to such projects as:

• Solar Carpet: with roll-up solar panels, sports fields can be used to generate energy when there are no matches or training sessions.
• Fabulous Fungi: textile paint based on fungi instead of harmful synthetics.

You can find more initiatives at:


Participate in the city or neighbourhood

Rotterdam offers many opportunities to participate in the city or neighbourhood. Not only through CityLab010 but also, for example, by submitting a residents' initiative or taking up a Right 2 Challenge. In all cases, residents get to work on an idea themselves, with the municipality providing assistance in the form of subsidies or a network, for example.

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