These are the winners of the 2019 Flamingo Awards at WFFR

These are the winners of the 2019 Flamingo Awards at WFFR

Wildlife Film Festival (WFFR) closes jubilee edition successfully with again more visitors. Festival director Raymond Lagerwaard and his team can look back on a beautiful anniversary edition.
The Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam has successfully completed its fifth edition on Sunday 3 November. For five days this year, more than 10,000 nature lovers enjoyed a hundred screenings of the most extraordinary, high-profile and beautiful nature films from home and abroad.
With 2,500 more visitors than last year, the festival proves once again that the interest in wildlife films continues to grow. At the festive presentation of the Flamingo Awards on 2 November, the German nature film Norway's Magical Fjords by Jan Haft was declared Best Film 2019. Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan (UK) by Rowan Musgrave was most appreciated by the public.
Raymond Lagerwaard, festival director WFFR: "It was a great anniversary and I think it's fantastic that more and more nature lovers come to visit the festival every year. Once again it becomes clear that there is a need for nature documentaries on the big screen."

Opening night

The opening film of WFFR this year was the Dutch film Galapagos: Hope for the Future by the Dutch filmmaker Evert van den Bos. The festival was festively opened by Esther Wienese in the presence of three hundred guests and visitors. Programmer Floortje Dessing was a special guest and talked about the importance of paying attention to wildlife and nature conservation.

School programme

During this fifth edition, WFFR organised an extensive school programme for the first time. The free film programme for primary and secondary schools was fully booked in a short period of time. Some 1,200 pupils from fifteen schools in the Rotterdam region enjoyed short films with current themes such as climate change, sustainability and meat consumption, after which they could ask the filmmakers questions.
Evert van den Bos and WFFR's Raymond LagerwaardEvert van den Bos and WFFR's Raymond Lagerwaard
Esther Wienese in conversation with Floortje DessingEsther Wienese in conversation with Floortje Dessing

And the winners are...

On Saturday 2 November the coveted Flamingo Awards were presented in Cinerama, presented by Eldridge Labinjo. The new Van Lawick Conservation Award - in honour of filmmaker Hugo van Lawick - was presented to Nicolas Brown for the first time this year with The Serengeti Rules (USA). Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan (UK) by Rowan Musgrave was declared a public favourite.


  • Best Movie: Norway's Magical Fjords
  • Best Short: M6NTHS
  • Green Impact Award: Living in the Future's Past
  • Animal Behaviour Award: Whale Wisdom
  • Awareness Award: Sharkwater Extinction
  • Van Lawick Conservation Award: The Serengeti Rules
  • PZH People & Nature Award: Tigerland
  • Children's Award: Wild Canada - Great Bear Rainforest
  • Newcomer Award: The Last Male on Earth
  • Virtual Reality Award: Cat Flight


1. Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan
2. Realm of the Robber - Christmas Island
3. Sharkwater Extinction

About WFFR

The Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) is the only film festival for nature documentaries in the Netherlands and shows the most recent films from home and abroad. Since its first edition in 2015, WFFR has been taking place in the Rotterdam film theatre Cinerama, which was also the vibrant heart of the festival this year. The programme consists of beautiful documentaries showing the beauty of nature, as well as films showing the relationship between man and nature. During WFFR, visitors can talk to the many filmmakers present, attend special lectures and take part in interesting activities related to nature conservation.

Save the date!

WFFR 2020 will be held in Cinerama from Tuesday 27 October to Sunday 1 November 2020.
JUMP electric bicycle sharing is now available in Rotterdam

JUMP electric bicycle sharing is now available in Rotterdam

Uber has officially launched its JUMP bikes in Rotterdam. Besides ordering a taxi ride or a meal, Rotterdammers are now the first in the Netherlands to be able to order an electric bicycle via the Uber app.


Important update: JUMP electric bicycles are no longer part of the UBER app. They are now part of Lime. Download the Lime app to rent these bicycles. The rest of this article is outdated. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2019, marks the launch of Uber's electric bicycle sharing service in Rotterdam. The red bikes and scooters with the white JUMP logo are now available for rent via the Uber app. A total of 500 electric bikes have been spread out in the centre of Rotterdam and the immediate vicinity such as Kralingen, Kop van Zuid and the Willemsbrug area.

To hop on a JUMP, all you need is the Uber app. Some ridesharing services require people to submit quite a lot of information before being approved. The JUMP bikes are accessible to anyone with the Uber app. So it doesn't matter if you're on vacation or living here temporarily.

Personal experience with JUMP

I actually got to try the bicycle at the launch event on October 23rd. I rode from Kop van Zuid, over the Erasmus bridge and back. I admit it was quite effortless. I have never ridden across the bridge in an actual bike, but it's something everybody complains about. It's a long stretch and when the wind is blowing in your face, it's "supposedly" very difficult to get across without dying inside.

However, with the JUMP, I was going so fast, I felt like I was riding a scooter. Well, until two actual scooters passed me by, that is. On flat stretches, pedalling is a breeze. Push the pedal down just once and you cover an insane distance. Best of all, unlike a scooter, you feel as though you're actually doing something. It's not a passive experience and given it's a bicycle, you also have a lot more manoeuvrability. Lastly, it's built to last; it feels very sturdy and safe. 

JUMP electric bicycles are now available in RotterdamJUMP electric bicycles are now available in Rotterdam

About JUMP bicycles

JUMP electric bikes are pedal-assist. This means the harder you pedal, the more power you generate and thus the quicker you go. The JUMP bicycle has a top speed of 25km/h, which is practically the same as a Felyx scooter (I achieved 29 km/h going downhill on a Felyx). The bicycles have three speeds, but who would ever want to go slow? And feel more resistance? Yikes!

JUMP electric bicycles are now available in RotterdamJUMP electric bicycles are now available in Rotterdam

The seat is adjustable. There's also a bicycle basket and a very useful phone holder; after all, in Rotterdam, riding your bike while handling your phone is illegal and will result in a fine.

JUMP electric bicycles are equipped with phone holdersJUMP electric bicycles are equipped with phone holders

Moreover, the bicycles are available 24/7 and a ride costs €0.20/minute after a €1,- fee for unlocking.

How JUMP works

To use a JUMP bike, you'll need to install the Uber app and follow these steps: 

• Click on the bike icon at the bottom of your screen on the homepage of the Uber app and select 'bike'.
• You will immediately see the available JUMP bikes in your area, after which you can select one and make a reservation.

JUMP electric bicycles are now available in Rotterdam 20 of 20JUMP electric bicycles are now available in Rotterdam 20 of 20

• Find your bike, you'll be able to identify it by the number on the rear fender.

JUMP electric bicycles are now available in Rotterdam 12 of 20JUMP electric bicycles are now available in Rotterdam 12 of 20

• Scan the QR code, detach the lock.

JUMP electric bicycles are now available in RotterdamJUMP electric bicycles are now available in RotterdamJUMP electric bicycles are now available in RotterdamJUMP electric bicycles are now available in Rotterdam
• Finished cycling? Park your bike wherever you want within the JUMP zone and take into account the usual parking rules for bikes in Rotterdam.

Zone of operation for JUMP electric bicycles in RotterdamZone of operation for JUMP electric bicycles in Rotterdam

Will Uber's JUMP stick the landing Rotterdam?

According to Uber, JUMP's arrival in Rotterdam is part of their mission to offer various sustainable and affordable transport options to users of the app, for both short and long distances within the city.

"Our mission with JUMP is to make transport in the city centre of Rotterdam even easier and thus reduce car ownership and traffic congestion," says Nikolaas Van de Loock, General Manager at JUMP Benelux. "Our aim is to improve the quality of life in the city and contribute to efficient and environmentally friendly transport."

With that in mind, we asked van de Loock how JUMP will make sure the bicycles don't become a nuisance. After all, Rotterdam has seen its share of failed 'ridesharing bicycle platforms' in the past. Van de Loock is positive:

"We have a responsibility towards the city of Rotterdam and its people, to make sure that it goes well. For me, the responsibility is more around parking and making sure the bikes aren't littering the streets everywhere. As with any new product, it's about education. Yes, in the beginning, some people will not attach the bike or leave it on the sidewalks, but it's up to us to educate them and say please, next time attach it to something, this is how you can do it, here are good places to store your bike for example."

JUMP Benelux General Manager Nikolaas van de LoockJUMP Benelux General Manager Nikolaas van de Loock
"But, on top of that, we also have our own team that goes along the streets and that maintains the bikes. That means swapping the batteries and checking if the bike is in good shape. They also keep an eye on the road. If a bike is wrongly parked, they park it correctly and attach it. So it's really important for us that we do this the right way."

JUMP is available worldwide in 31 cities. In Europe, you'll find JUMP electric bicycles in major cities like Lisbon, Paris, Madrid, Malaga, Brussels, London, Berlin, Rome and Munich.

The Uber app is available in Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

Rotterdam Zoo opens new Shark Hall

Rotterdam Zoo opens new Shark Hall

On Tuesday, October 8th, Rotterdam Zoo reopened the completely renovated Shark Hall in the Oceanium. Clearly visible through the spectacular, 7.5-metre-long glass wall, two professional divers ventured among the countless sharks, barracudas and sea turtles in the Atlantic Sea Basin to festively cut the ribbon after a few months of renovation.

Special event location

In 2001, the Oceanium of Blijdorp Zoo was opened. Next to beautiful aquariums housed within a cavern-like structure, the Oceanium also features congress and event halls.

The Shark's Hall is the most popular event location in Blijdorp. Around 250 events are hosted here each year; from meetings to weddings and from festive Christmas dinners to complete congresses. During the intensive renovation, everything was renewed and upgraded. The Shark Hall has been given an attractive, modern look and is ready for a wide range of new and innovative events.

Erik Zevenbergen, Director of Rotterdam Zoo, explains: "We are very happy to be able to open the pearl in our crown again. What makes the Shark Hall unique is the 7.5-metre-long window that provides a spectacular view of the turtles, barracudas and sharks in the Atlantic Sea basin. Because of this unique view, an event in the Shark Hall is always a special event."
Wine consumption in the Netherlands - research & statistics

Wine consumption in the Netherlands - research & statistics

If you ask us, there's no such thing as the right time for wine. Around here it's always wine o'clock. Though the Netherlands might be the famous home of beer brands like Heineken, people here do love wine as well.

In the Netherlands, the cities that drink the most wine are Amsterdam (157,472 litres), The Hague (107,455 litres) and Rotterdam (86,758 litres), respectively. People in The Hague sure love their wine. The result is remarkable because Rotterdam has more around one hundred thousand more inhabitants than The Hague.

Den Bosch drinks the most wine

But the city that has the most fun with wine is actually Den Bosch. In the past year, inhabitants of Den Bosch ordered the most bottles of wine per thousand inhabitants. With a total of 41,280 bottles ordered compared to The Hague's 143,273, Den Bosch is well behind. But if the population were the same as in The Hague, the capital of Noord-Brabant would have stood head and shoulders above the rest with 201,079 bottles.

The statistics are the result of large-scale research conducted in the Netherlands by and that focused on sales and consumption in the provincial capitals.

Wine consumption in Netherlands' provincial capitals (x 1000 inhabitants)

Wait, before you ask why Amsterdam and Rotterdam aren't in the list. Haarlem is the capital of North Holland while The Hague is the capital of South-Holland. That's right, Amsterdam and Rotterdam aren't capitals in their respective provinces.

• Den Bosch = 374 bottles
• Maastricht = 365 bottles
• Middelburg = 360 bottles
• Haarlem = 335 bottles
• Lelystad = 279 bottles
• Assen = 277 bottles
• Den Haag = 266 bottles
• Zwolle = 252 bottles
• Groningen = 243 bottles
• Arnhem = 242 bottles
• Utrecht = 221 bottles
• Leeuwarden = 134 bottles

Maastricht and Middelburg

If you're a true wine lover, you should be making friends with folks down south. Residents of Maastricht (Limburg) and Middelburg (Zeeland) ordered  365 and 360 bottles of wine respectively per thousand inhabitants. That is well above the national average.

Another remarkable stat is the large gap with Leeuwarden. It seems that wine is less popular in the far north. In Leeuwarden, only 134 bottles per 1000 inhabitants were ordered in the past year.

Red wine takes the crown

Of the wine lovers who bought wine online at the Wijnbeurs in the Netherlands in the past twelve months, 74.75 per cent ordered red wine. Only 38.45 per cent opted for white and 31.04 per cent of the fans went for a mixed package with different wines. Rosé (7.26 per cent) and sparkling wines (2.20 per cent) were much less popular among wine lovers.

Classic wine countries continue to be popular

Wine from the classic countries, also known in the wine world as the old world, remains the most popular. Over the past twelve months, France has stood out from the crowd. Of online wine buyers, no less than 66.56 per cent went for French wines, followed by Italian wines (39.07 per cent) and wines from Spain (38.25 per cent). The United States is the most popular wine country outside of Europe. However, only 7.84 per cent were North American, followed by New Zealand (4.28 per cent) and Austria (3.68 per cent).

Digital car rental service UFODRIVE available in Rotterdam

Digital car rental service UFODRIVE available in Rotterdam

Car sharing app UFODRIVE is now officially available in Rotterdam. UFODRIVE is a fully digital electric car rental service that aims to simplify the car rental process, making long queues and paperwork a thing of the past.


The UFODRIVE fleet consists only of high-end electric cars such as the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S and the Audi e-tron. All the cars are available for pickup in the Interparking parking garage located beneath the Markthal. The prices are fixed and vary per car. Renting a Tesla Model 3 is already possible from €99 per day. The more luxurious Tesla Model S is available from €149 per day. The costs for charging are included in the price. The cars can be rented 24/7.



You can book a car via the website or though the free app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). UFODRIVE makes car rental accessible by using the UFODRIVE app. After you look up and rent your desired car, the vehicle is charged and washed. This allows you to start your journey, in a fully charged and clean car, without delay. Returning the car also goes very smoothly. All you'd need to do is connect the car at the charging point.

UFODRIVE launches in RotterdamUFODRIVE launches in Rotterdam

Zero emissions and green energy

By using UFODRIVE, city residents, (business) travellers and car enthusiasts can avoid the cost of car ownership. In addition, the service contributes to a clean, quiet city with no emissions. Each car is equipped with an Eneco charging card and is therefore powered by 100% green electricity. In addition, UFODRIVE donates €1 per 100kg of CO2 savings to green energy projects, thereby contributing to a sustainable and emission-free world.

UFODRIVE expansion

With the expansion in Rotterdam, UFODRIVE is adding another new city to its list of European locations. A year ago, the service opened its first location, a so-called UFOBay, at the airport in Luxembourg. Since then, UFODRIVE has rolled out in Brussels, Dublin, Hamburg, Cologne, Amsterdam and The Hague.

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