Art collective AAAFRESH123 brings colour back to Rotterdam

Art collective AAAFRESH123 brings colour back to Rotterdam

Rotterdam art collective AAAFRESH123 open exhibition titled 'De Kleur is Terug' (The Colour is Back). The exhibition reflects on the 1940 nazi bombing of Rotterdam by emphasizing the resilience of humankind in the face of devastation and adversity.
On 9 November 2019 AAAFRESH123 opened the exhibition 'De Kleur is Terug' (The Colour is Back) in their studio at the Zaagmolenkade in Rotterdam. De Kleur is Terug' (The Colour is Back) tells a positive story that opposes the darkness of war: the realisation that after a war, humankind will eventually be able to bring back the colour of life, anywhere in the world.
The artists, Hans Kleinjan (1958), Maikel Kleinjan (1984) and Roderik Faasen (1990) are very involved with Rotterdam and feel part of the strong growth that the city has experienced in recent years. This feeling is reflected in various paintings, a wide range of which was on display at the opening.

A future artwork is revealed

In May 2020 it will be eighty years since Rotterdam was bombed by the Germans. During the bombing and the firestorm that followed, many beautiful buildings in the city centre were razed to the ground. To mark the anniversary of the bombing, AAAFRESH123 revealed details regarding a new commemorative art object that will be placed in the outdoor space in 2020.
On stage, speaking to a packed room, it was revealed that the artwork in question would be a lifesize replica of the Heinkel He 111 bombers that were responsible for the destruction of the city. The aeroplane will be created in collaboration with Spanish steel artist Toni Mari. Once Mari has made the construction, the artist trio of AAAFRESH123 will colour it in their unique style.
The Heinkel He 111 medium bomber is a symbol of the 1940 bombing of RotterdamThe Heinkel He 111 medium bomber is a symbol of the 1940 bombing of Rotterdam 
The aim of this work of art is to reflect the harsh reality of the violence with which the old Rotterdam was destroyed. The artists believe it will function as a symbol of the perseverance that it took for a city, that has been laid waste, to regain its full radiance.

AAAFRESH123 know how to have a good time

On this particular Saturday night, the best club in town wasn't a club at all. The best fun to be had was the opening of the exhibition. AAAFEESH123 and the next-door restaurant GaleriAAA by Mangiare are joined together by a hole in the wall. Both rooms had their own bar and entertainment.
Tropical vibes at AAAFRESH123Tropical vibes at AAAFRESH123
Huge turnout at opening De Kleur is Terug The Colour is Back exhibitionHuge turnout at opening De Kleur is Terug The Colour is Back exhibition
DJ performing in GaleriAAA by MangiareDJ performing in GaleriAAA by Mangiare
DJ performing in the AAAFRESH123 studioDJ performing in the AAAFRESH123 studio
Lauded Cuban pianist “Peruchín” Rodolfo Argudín Justiz, creator of the 'piano on timba' playing style, was also at the event and gave an impromptu live performance, accompanied by percussionists.
Peruchín performing at GaleriAAA by MangiarePeruchín performing at GaleriAAA by Mangiare
Peruchín performing with percussionists at GaleriAAA by MangiarePeruchín performing with percussionists at GaleriAAA by Mangiare
There were plenty of freshly made snacks, courtesy of Mangiare.
Plenty of fresh snacksPlenty of fresh snacks 

Location: AAAFRESH123 / GaleriAAA by Mangiare

To check out the exhibition, you should visit the AAAFRESH123 studio. The best way to experience the art gallery, is by combining it with lunch or dinner at GaleriAAA by Mangiare next door. The artworks are displayed in both areas, and thanks to the hole in the wall, you can hop easily between the restaurant and the studio.

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