Prins Alexanderplein to get green makeover

Prins Alexanderplein to get green makeover

ROTTERDAM, 27 June 2024 – The Prins Alexanderplein in Prins Alexander is set to become a green, lively, and atmospheric city square, following the approval of its final design by the city council. The renovation will begin in early 2025, with completion expected a year later.

Definitive design for Prins Alexanderplein approved

The Prins Alexanderplein in Prins Alexander will be transformed into a green and lively urban square. The new design includes spaces for relaxation, walking, water play, and small cultural events. The transformation will create a healthier living environment with cleaner air, more comfortable temperatures, and increased biodiversity.

Alderman Maarten Struijvenberg, responsible for the Prins Alexanderplein city project, stated, “A greener square ensures a healthy living environment, with cleaner air and pleasant temperatures. I am pleased that the currently stony Alexanderplein will soon be a thing of the past. The square will become a place people want to visit, to relax, meet each other, drink coffee, or enjoy the water fountains.”

Green spaces and biodiversity

The final design includes nearly 2,500 m² of new green space and around 50 new trees, including alders, elms, and birches. Existing trees, such as the large chestnut tree, will be preserved. The design, created in collaboration with MORE Landscape, incorporates diverse plant species to attract birds, butterflies, bees, and other insects, enhancing biodiversity.

The planting beds will also function as rainwater reservoirs, helping to reduce waterlogging. Excess rainwater will be directed to open water, thereby decreasing the risk of flooding.

Prins Alexanderplein to get green makeoverPrins Alexanderplein to get green makeover

Features for children

The new square will include playful elements for children, such as trick fountains (bedriegertjes) and a water tap. A play structure will also be installed, though the specific type is yet to be determined. To accommodate local businesses, loading and unloading zones will be relocated to reduce truck traffic around the square. Additional bicycle and scooter parking will be provided nearby.

Prins Alexanderplein to get green makeoverPrins Alexanderplein to get green makeover

Conversion of offices to residential buildings

Office buildings around the square will be converted into residential units. The former office building De Ster will become a residential building with 169 rental apartments, a rooftop bar with a garden, and ground-floor hospitality venues with terraces. The building will be available for rent this summer. Future plans also include converting the Saturnus office building into residential units, bringing more life to the square.

Community involvement

Local residents and visitors have contributed ideas and wishes for the new design through various engagement activities, including square discussions and the Gemeentepeiler app. The final design reflects their desires for a green square with ample trees and plants, play equipment, and spaces for small events. Discussions with property owners, developers, and tenants are ongoing to finalise placemaking and programming around the square.

The Alexanderknoop, heart of Rotterdam-East

The municipality aims to develop the Alexanderknoop area, around the Rotterdam Alexander transport hub, into the centre of Rotterdam-East. The green transformation of the Prins Alexanderplein sets the stage for further development in the Alexanderknoop, with plans for residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

City projects for a greener Rotterdam

The Prins Alexanderplein project is part of Rotterdam's broader initiative to green the city through various urban projects. These projects aim to make living environments more attractive, mitigate heat stress, manage heavy rainfall, and boost biodiversity. While other projects focus on greening the city centre and Rotterdam-South, the Prins Alexanderplein project invests in creating a green living environment in Rotterdam-East.

The East Flank development

Prins Alexanderplein in the Alexanderknoop is part of Rotterdam's East Flank development, which spans the area between Prins Alexander and Zuidplein. The city plans to build 30,000 new homes here to meet the growing demand for housing. The development will include a new city bridge between IJsselmonde and Kralingen and rapid public transport links, ensuring good accessibility for the new homes. The construction will also bring additional amenities such as shops, health centres, sports facilities, community gardens, and green spaces.

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Directions to Prins Alexanderplein

Prins Alexanderplein is located in the Alexanderknoop area, near the Rotterdam Alexander transport hub. The square is easily accessible via public transport, including trains, trams, and buses, making it convenient for visitors from across the city.

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