Reducing food waste: Hoogvliet and SharEaty partnership

Reducing food waste: Hoogvliet and SharEaty partnership

ROTTERDAM, 28 May 2024 – Hoogvliet supermarket has commenced the donation of surplus goods from its e-commerce distribution centre to the Rotterdam-based organisation, SharEaty. The donated items will be distributed across various community kitchens in the city.

Hoogvliet supermarket begins donation of surplus food to SharEaty

On Monday, 27 May 2024, Hoogvliet supermarket handed over the first surplus goods from its e-commerce distribution centre to SharEaty. This collaboration aims to combat food waste and poverty in Rotterdam. SharEaty will now collect surplus products daily and distribute them to social kitchens in community centres, primary schools, and homeless shelters in Rotterdam.

SharEaty's mission to reduce food waste and poverty

SharEaty is a Rotterdam-based organisation dedicated to reducing food waste and fighting poverty by collecting surplus food from producers and supermarkets. These ingredients are then delivered to social kitchens in the Rotterdam area, where they are used to prepare meals for those in need. Petra Vennegoor, an ambassador for SharEaty who facilitated the partnership with Hoogvliet, expressed her gratitude: "Thanks to Hoogvliet for donating surplus food. This collaboration once again proves that wasting food is completely unnecessary. Hoogvliet recognises that by working together, we can make a greater impact, whether it's reducing food waste or helping someone in need; together, we achieve more."

Shared vision for nutritious meals

Hoogvliet shares SharEaty's belief that everyone deserves a nutritious, healthy meal. The supermarket is keen to support SharEaty's goal of providing 1 million meals and reducing CO2 emissions by 1.5 million kilos. The initiative ensures that food products, which can no longer be sold online, are now directed to people in the immediate vicinity of Hoogvliet's Rotterdam branches, rather than being discarded.

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