Festive restaurant Grace opens its doors in Rotterdam

Festive restaurant Grace opens its doors in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 16 February 2023 – Star chef Marco Prins brings worldly flavors to the Coolsingel in Rotterdam with new festive restaurant Grace.

For months now, it has been buzzing through the streets of Rotterdam. The gigantic corner building on Coolsingel, opposite the stately City Hall, was thoroughly renovated after years of vacancy by seasoned hospitality entrepreneur Herman Hell. Inspired by the world-famous restaurants of Paris, London, Barcelona and Madrid, Hell decided to create something that did not yet exist in Rotterdam. With star chef Marco Prins as captain of the kitchen staff, a benevolent and flamboyant interior and an A-location right in the centre, he more than succeeded with his new “festive restaurant” Grace. 

“With Grace, we want to give Rotterdam something beautiful. A place where being yourself is welcomed and where we celebrate life together.” Tells Hell about the new addition. “Whether it's a Parisian breakfast, a relaxed lunch, Arabic tea or a sumptuous dinner with champagne, cocktails and dancing until we can't take it any more. Everything happens at Grace with style. Or, as we say ourselves, It's about how.”


Festive restaurant Grace opens its doors in RotterdamFestive restaurant Grace opens its doors in Rotterdam


Chef de Cuisine Marco Prins

The Chef de Cuisine of the revamped catering concept on Rotterdam's Coolsingel is star chef Marco Prins. Prins has worked for leading restaurants such as Parkheuvel and Oud Sluis before deciding to try his luck overseas. In New York, he managed to secure a star for his work at restaurant Ukiyo, where Japanese-Korean dishes made up the menu. Now it is time for Prins to conquer Rotterdam with his culinary talent. 

Still, the menu for Grace will take a different approach than the typical star restaurants: “At Grace, we serve quality dishes from all over the world. And although the dishes are sophisticated and extremely thoughtful, we think it's important to be there for everyone. So, our menu is designed with that in mind. Not only a dinner with many courses is possible, also for a small celebration you are at the right place at Grace.” says Prins. 


Festive restaurant Grace opens its doors in RotterdamFestive restaurant Grace opens its doors in Rotterdam


The worldly taste of Grace

Grace's menu takes guests on a journey through the best dishes of different parts of the world. Think Colombian empanadas with aji dip, Peruvian yellowtail ceviche or the classic Caesar salad with a surprising Japanese twist. For those who want to go big, there is also an Italian version of lobster on the menu with sage, green asparagus and Parmesan cheese. Or start a dinner in style with Perle Imperial caviar with blinis. Yet, a more subdued moment of enjoyment is also perfectly possible. For a cocktail at the bar or a small snack with your loved one, you are also welcome at Grace. 


Festive restaurant Grace opens its doors in RotterdamFestive restaurant Grace opens its doors in Rotterdam


A place with allure

Hell is known for his daring concepts and stimulating interiors. With the Salmon House, he won the prestigious Entree award for “Best New Bar and Restaurant” last year. This distinct identity also characterizes Grace's interior. For example, worldly elements come together in the stylish patterns of the floors. Colors are warm and boldly brought together, and the observant viewer can discover many 1920s elements here. 

Responsible for the interior design is Liselore Holman, who has already managed to give several large hospitality projects a surprising metamorphosis: “a few months ago the enormous building on the Coolsingel was still completely shell, 910 m2 of concrete. Together with the best parties in the country, we turned it into a warm and surprisingly flamboyant place where you can escape the day for a while. The interior brings together everything that has inspired us in recent years. I can't wait to see the place filled with guests and fully up and running,” Holman said.


Festive restaurant Grace opens its doors in RotterdamFestive restaurant Grace opens its doors in Rotterdam

The Iron Lady - meat & vegan restaurant in Rotterdam

The Iron Lady - meat & vegan restaurant in Rotterdam

The Iron Lady in Rotterdam is a meat and vegan restaurant located on the Pannekoekstraat in Rotterdam. The restaurant, inspired by the original iron lady Margaret Thatcher, aims to serve exceptional, minimalistic dishes in a warm interior.
At the end of February 2020, The Iron Lady opened its doors in the Pannekoekstraat in Rotterdam. Everything here revolved around the 'flat iron steak': at that time relatively unknown in the Netherlands, yet highly coveted in the UK and the US. Since then, The Iron Lady has continued to innovate and expand its menu to include various vegan options. 

Comfort food

The creators of The Iron Lady say they have one mission: to serve the best steak in Rotterdam, affordable for everyone and without frills. They aim to deliver on this promise by offering a minimalist, affordable menu that focuses on doing a few things in the best possible way. Besides the signature dish - the Flat Iron Steak - guests at The Iron Lady can also enjoy a tender Bavette, steak sandwiches and (veggie) burgers as well as varied side dishes, dessert, cocktails, craft beers and wines.

Plant-based meat from a 3D-printer

In April 2022 The Iron Lady went on to become the first in Rotterdam to introduce 3D-printed plant-based meat. The 'Redefine Burger' - as the latest offering on the menu is called - is the result of a collaboration between The Iron Lady and the Israeli start-up Redefine Meat. The Redefine Burger is made up of soya, peas and chickpeas. According to The Iron Lady, the environmental impact of its 3D-printed meat is 95% lower than that of real meat. 
The Iron Lady Rotterdam introduces 3D-printed vegan Redefine BurgerThe Iron Lady Rotterdam introduces 3D-printed vegan Redefine Burger

Ode to the woman

The Iron Lady is an ode to strong, independent women. The inspiration for the new restaurant is Margaret Thatcher, also known as the Iron Lady. According to the owners, the atmosphere at The Iron Lady will be intimate, with warm tones, soft fabrics and round shapes. It is said to be a cross between a 1920s whisky bar and an English pub.
The Iron Lady will be open for lunch and dinner every day of the week. On Fridays and Saturdays, the kitchen will be open until midnight. The Iron Lady's grand opening is at the end of February 2020. Until then, check out their Instagram profile.

Location: The Iron Lady

Cannibale Royale - French brasserie with a touch of mystery

Cannibale Royale - French brasserie with a touch of mystery

Restaurant Cannibale Royale can best be described as a chic French brasserie with a touch of mystery. The restaurant is the sixth Cannibale Royale establishment in the Netherlands, and the first in Rotterdam. 

Rotterdam realness

The Rotterdam branch of Cannibale Royale is located on the Westblaak in the city centre. A place familiar to all Rotterdammers, as it is also home to one of the largest outdoor skate parks in Europe. In coming to Rotterdam, Cannibale Royale has tried to stay true to the essence and the unpolished character of the city. The interior of the restaurant, with wood and old mechanical objects used as decorations, has a raw feel to it. All this, fits in well with what Cannibale Royale stands for: realness.
Everyone is welcome in the restaurant, the atmosphere is approachable, the food is tasty and good vibes are guaranteed. The patrons here tend to be very diverse, from friends and families with kids, to skaters and businessmen. Everyone is welcome to be themselves and let loose. Especially with its Rotterdam location, Cannibale Royale wants to show that a raw atmosphere and a chic touch can go hand in hand, and they're pulling it off quite successfully.
Cannibale Royale Rotterdam 📷 Pathos StudiosCannibale Royale Rotterdam 📷 Pathos Studios

Late-night dining experience

At Cannibale Royale you can dine extensively seven days a week. However, the unique and truly awesome thing about the restaurant is that the kitchen is open until late 23:00. In other words, you can arrive at 22:30, order a proper meal with all the bells and whistles and enjoy the good service until midnight. Don't feel like going home afterwards? Then just stay put, because the restaurant has a permit to keep its doors open until late at night. 

Food at Cannibale Royale

Cannibale Royale serves fresh food with quality ingredients. The options range from grilled meats and vegetarian options to creative cocktails and local craft beer. Together with Kaapse Brouwers, Cannibale Royale has developed its own beer, Le Rouge, which is on tap here. For the true carnivores, there is the wide choice of, for example, a Le Modeste (300gr) Flat Iron Steak, Le Sympathique (200gr) Bavette or a Le Classique 180gr Burger.
Cannibale Royale RotterdamCannibale Royale Rotterdam
Cannibale Royale Rotterdam Cannibale Royale Rotterdam

Vegetarian options at Cannibale Royale

Vegetarians are also catered to at Cannibale Royale. The most popular vegetarian course is the Le Possible Vega burger (120gr). It looks like the real deal, and my friend, who happens to be a vegetarian, tried it and said it tasted fantastic. 
Cannibale Royale Rotterdam offers a vegetarian Le Possible Vega BurgerCannibale Royale Rotterdam offers a vegetarian Le Possible Vega Burger
P.S. If you've got a sweet tooth, you won't be disappointed when it comes to dessert. The cheesecake is highly recommended.
Cannibale Royale Rotterdam 001Cannibale Royale Rotterdam 001 

Cannibale Royale

Cannibale Royale is located at Westblaak 86 in Rotterdam's city centre. Visit the Cannibale Royale website for more information.
Sijf - A fun bar restaurant and a good place for beer

Sijf - A fun bar restaurant and a good place for beer

Sijf, a cosy restaurant located in the heart of Rotterdam, is a good choice for a beer with friends or refreshment after a day of shopping. The place is open all day and serves breakfast, lunch as well as dinner and snacks. 


Sijf is a bar restaurant. You can have good fun in the bar area, or grab a seat in one of two main dining areas, downstairs or upstairs. The restaurant has a warm and cosy art-deco interior and the staff is friendly. At the bar, you'll find 70 different bottled beers. Some of which are quite special.
The distinctive building on the Oude Binnenweg is filled daily with a mix of people in their thirties, young professionals and businessmen. When I visited, there was a particularly chatty waiter who kept on cracking jokes. It's always nice to see staff actually love what they do!
Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf
Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf


Sijf serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and a whole lotta beer. The entrees are very varied, but mostly sandwich-based. There's the carpaccio sandwich, club sandwich, croque monsieur, falafel burger etc. Sijf also offers salads and soups as well as spare ribs.
If you're coming with friends or co-workers and just want some snacks to go with the beer, you have all sorts of platters with typical Dutch snacks such as bitterballen, cheese cookies, cheese soufflés etc.  
I had the Black Angus beef burger. The bun was a bit cold and hard (not fresh), while the burger didn't come with cheese. The latter being an oversight on my part. In total, I paid €21 for the burger, fries and beer.
Sijf introduced a new menu in the autumn of 2019 with vegan options like the Poké Bowl Tempeh and street food dishes like Bao Bun and hot dogs.
Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf
Sijf is well known for the wide variety of speciality beers on the menu.
Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf
I had the Seven Hops Double Pale Ale.
Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf
Sijf is conveniently located on Oude Binnenweg, a very popular street in the heart of the city.

Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf

Location: Sijf

Oude Binnenweg 115
3012 JP Rotterdam
Website: http://www.sijf.nl/
Phone: 010 433 2610
GaleriAAA by Mangiaire - Italian restaurant and art gallery

GaleriAAA by Mangiaire - Italian restaurant and art gallery

GaleriAAA by Mangiare is an Italian restaurant located in the Rotterdam Noord district. To dine here, in this spacious restaurant, is to enjoy a rich culinary experience while literally surrounded by beautiful works of art. Some of which might still be wet!
If you're a 'foodie,' then you probably know about Mangiare. With their two other locations in the city (Van Oldenbarneveltstraat and Pannekoekstraat), Mangiare has garnered a reputation as one of the top Italian restaurants in Rotterdam. 
So, what's with the name change? GaleriAAA is an art gallery and restaurant in one. The restaurant is a collaboration between Mangiare and AAAFRESH123, a well-known art collective. The restaurant and the art studio are joined together by a pretty awesome looking hole in the wall. This is actually quite cool; you could make a trip to GaleriAAA for the food and waltz right into the gallery or vice versa.
At GaleriAAA by Mangiare there's art all over the placeAt GaleriAAA by Mangiare there's art all over the place
GaleriAAA by MangiareGaleriAAA by Mangiare
GaleriAAA by Mangiare and AAAFRESH123 studio are connected by a hole in the wallGaleriAAA by Mangiare and AAAFRESH123 studio are connected by a hole in the wall

Dinner and a movie gallery?

The collaboration between the AAAFRESH123 artist trio and Mangiare makes for a visually pleasing aesthetic. The combination of gastronomy and art may not sound unique. But what makes this experience different, is the fact that the artists are actually in the house. The art is produced next door, and all the pieces you see are coveted by both local and international collectors.
Moreover, every last Sunday of the month, the AAAFRESH123 artists, Hans Kleinjan, Maikel Kleinjan and Roderik Faasen, venture into the restaurant and do a live painting session accompanied by live jazz music.
GaleriAAA by Mangiare - the painting in the top left was created in a live painting session inside the restaurantGaleriAAA by Mangiare - the painting in the top left was created in a live painting session inside the restaurant

Try the melanzane!

The food doesn't just look delicious, it really does taste amazing. The melanzane alla parmigiana (a.k.a. 'eggplant lasagna') is probably the best I ever had. The restaurant is open for late breakfast (10:00), lunch and dinner.
At GaleriAAA by Mangiare they try to keep up with the seasons and only use fresh ingredients. The upshot is that they don't work with a fixed menu. When you visit, they come to the table and tell you what's on the menu for that evening. This also means, that the next time you visit, that particular meal you loved may not be available. But given their track record, I'd say bring it on!
GaleriAAA by MangiareGaleriAAA by Mangiare
Lasagna with pumpkin and spicy spianataLasagna with pumpkin and spicy spianata
GaleriAAA by Mangiare - melanzane alla parmigianaGaleriAAA by Mangiare - melanzane alla parmigiana
Vitello tonnatoVitello tonnato
Didn't get to try these Deviled eggs, but they sure look tastyDidn't get to try these Deviled eggs, but they sure look tasty

Location: GaleriAAA by Mangiare

GaleriAAA by Mangiare is located on the Zaagmolenkade, in Rotterdam Noord. You can get there easily by taking tram 8. Get off at Zwaanshals and it'll be around the corner.
GaleriAAA by Mangiare
Website: https://www.galeriaaabymangiare.com/
Address: Zaagmolenkade 124 3035 KD Rotterdam
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GaleriAAAbyMangiare/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/galeriaaabymangiare/

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